Chapter 7: Seizing the Initiative


“You've kept this news hidden for two days, and we still haven't found her,” Gu Zhaoli's face turned dark as he spoke with patience.


“The school hasn't provided any explanation about what happened to Qingning during the field trip?” Uncle Wan's head lowered even further as he replied, “The school claims that Miss Qingning deviated from the group without permission, violated the rules, and disappeared on her own accord.
They say it's not their responsibility.”


Gu Zhaoli's face turned even darker.
They dared to shirk their responsibility even when she had gone missing.


Gu Wanwan, who had just recovered from her injuries, couldn't help but interject, “Third Brother, it's not entirely the school's fault in this matter.
Sister Qingning is stubborn and refuses to listen to advice.
Perhaps she's just not accustomed to life here and wanted to be alone for a few days.
Don't be angry.
Let's send more people to search for her.
We'll find her eventually.”


Gu Zhaoli gave her a cold glance and turned away.


Damn it.


Gu Wanwan stomped her foot in frustration and chased after him, calling out, “Third Brother!”


She caught up to him in the courtyard, but Gu Zhaoli had already gotten into his car.


She grabbed the door handle, trying to please him, “Third Brother, you've only come back for a short visit.
Stay and have a meal before you leave.”


Gu Zhaoli fastened his seatbelt and his expression turned serious.
“No need.”


The engine roared to life, and reflexively, Gu Wanwan let go of the handle.


In the next moment, the blue sports car shot off like an arrow.


Frustrated by her failed attempt, Gu Wanwan glared at the disappearing car and became furious.


She had lowered herself so much, but he still wanted to treat her like this.


Qingning was his sister, but wasn't she her sister too?


Back in the living room, Cheng Yu leisurely descended the stairs.


She looked at Gu Wanwan, who had just come in, and casually asked, “Who was making all that noise just now?”


“Third Brother came back.”


Still angry, Gu Wanwan's tone was a little aggressive.


“He came back and immediately asked about Qingning.
What's wrong with me? He didn't even give me a friendly face.”


Hearing this, Cheng Yu's hand holding the coffee cup stiffened, and she looked up at Gu Wannian.
“Gu Zhaoli just came back?”


Gu Wanwan nodded and complained, “He went to find Qingning as soon as he arrived.
He made a big fuss and even scolded me.”


Cheng Yu fell into contemplation, and a calculating light flashed in her eyes.


“Mum, do you think Third Brother cares so much about Qingning? If Qingning really comes back, won't she take everything away from me?” Calming down, Gu Wanwan began to worry about her own position.


If Third Brother stands on Qingning's side, then Big Brother and Second Brother will definitely support Qingning.
She didn't want that.
She absolutely couldn't let that happen.


Qingning shouldn't even think about taking away what belongs to her.
There can only be one Miss Gu in the Gu family, and that's her, Gu Wanwan.


Cheng Yu looked at her impatient appearance and shook her head lightly.


She called out towards the kitchen, “Aunt Lin.”


In the next moment, a middle-aged woman hurriedly walked out of the kitchen.


She wore an apron around her waist, and the gloves


 on her hands were still wet, as she hadn't had time to take them off.


A flattering smile hung on her face.

“Clean up the room at the end of the third-floor corridor and arrange it according to the same specifications as Wanwan's room.
Make sure it's neat and beautiful,” Cheng Yu instructed.


“Then move Qingning's things into that room.
From now on, that room belongs to Qingning.
Make sure no one leaks any information about it.
Let them be cautious about what they say and make it conspicuous.”


Having followed Cheng Yu for many years, Aunt Lin wasn't foolish.
She quickly understood Cheng Yu's intention.


“Yes, I'll take care of it right away.”


As soon as Aunt Lin left, Gu Wanwan couldn't sit still.


“Mom, are you crazy? Why are you giving Qingning that brat the room on the third floor? And why are you arranging it to look like my room? Who does Qingning think she is? What right does she have?”


Cheng Yu picked up her cup and took a sip of coffee.


After Gu Wannian vented her frustration, Cheng Yu spoke, “How many times have I told you not to get worked up and simply resort to arguing? You never use your brain.”


“You know very well that the three brothers always stand together.
Now that Gu Zhaoli knows Qingning is missing, he'll definitely go and tell Gu Ying and Gu Yan.
When the three of them come back together, and they find out we've made Qingning stay in the warehouse, they won't let it slide,” she analyzed carefully.


“If this matter escalates and your grandfather and your father find out, we won't be able to explain ourselves.
Instead of that, we have to take the initiative.”


Gu Wanwan picked up on her point and said, “So, you arranged for Qingning to stay on the third floor to prevent them from finding fault with us for being strict with her?”


Cheng Yu nodded approvingly.
Gu Wanwan's cleverness was evident.


“All we need to do is maintain the illusion that we treat Qingning well, so they can't find any faults.
Treat Qingning well in front of them, be a good sister.
That way, they will also change their opinion of you and treat you better.”


Gu Wanwan understood her mother's intentions, and her face warmed slightly.


“Don't get angry over trivial matters.
Quickly practice your violin.
Winning the competition is the most important thing for you right now,” Cheng Yu reminded her.


“As your mother, I only have one daughter, so you have to make me proud.”


She couldn't change the fact that she wasn't pleased with the Gu family's three brothers.
They were all boys and had promising futures, winning the affection of their grandfather.
But she had given birth to a daughter, so she had to make more plans for the two of them.


Gu Wanwan pursed her lips.
“I understand.”


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