Strange physique with unknown gender.

Standing on an island with such a tranquil and leisurely atmosphere, gazing out at the endless turquoise waters as far as the eye could see, a look of doubt and concern emerged on An Xian’s face. 


Wasn’t she cultivating in Cangquan Mountain? Why did she end up on a barren island the moment she opened her eyes? More importantly, the spiritual force that had once flowed abundantly between heaven and Earth had thinned dramatically.
Could it be that she crossed again? 


It’s no mystery that An Xian had this conjecture because she had already experienced it once.
Back in the day, there was an unusual air disaster that suddenly occurred out of nowhere which sucked her in and connected the worlds of the 21st-century Earth to the Tianyao star.
The world she ended up in revolved around a civilization where cultivation was practiced.
Then, she was brought into a Spiritual Sect by her revered master and taught her the processes of making medicine along with other small disciples.
After hundreds of years of bitter hard work, she finally became an accomplished pill refining master. 


However, it’s a shame that she inadvertently swallowed a high-grade traceability pill during the final minute of the crossing, causing her spiritual power to reverse and return to its original state.
Then, she stumbled into the disaster and fell into a deep slumber. 


When she regained consciousness, the world had changed, things had changed, and stars had shifted.


Not only had the environment changed, but her cultivation base had also plummeted drastically.
Her body’s spiritual power had been depleted to the point where even the most basic spells were complex for her to cast.




An Xian lifted her arms and groped her chest, which laid a wide expanse of flatness.
The distinctive features that women should have had vanished, and they had been replaced by a strange physique of unknown gender.
She almost believed she had changed bodies if it hadn’t been for the presence of the storage ring on her finger. 


As she pondered her situation, a faint whistling sound could be heard reverberating from the horizons.
When she cocked her head back, she noticed…an aeroplane surfacing from the clouds in the distance?


‘How could such a technological invention appear on Tianyao Star, which is a bustling civilization of cultivation?’ Of course, the Tianyao Star was not without technological advancements.
However, based on mechanical principles, it falls way short of that plane’s metallic materials.
Its design was strikingly similar to that of Earth’s airplanes, but it appeared more advanced.
The plane’s wings, which were shaped in a semi-arc curve, coupled by a pale golden halo on their tips, made it look like a sharp, blazing arrow flying through the skies.




‘The flight trajectory seems a bit weird?


It wasn’t just a little strange, but it was genuinely weird! The plane was actually crashing into the sea!


An Xian stood motionless as the plane’s nose smashed into the sea surface, followed by its entire body collapsing in the deep blue waters, causing a loud bang that shook its surroundings.
The powerful explosion caused by the disturbed air stream, combined with the plane’s airframe fragments, exploded immediately in its wake.
It was so devastatingly powerful that even if it was ten miles away, one could feel the heatwave and its terrifying force of impact.


Within the mark of ten seconds, the sea surface regained its tranquil, undisturbed state, as if the terrifying plane crash that had just occurred was merely a figment of one’s imagination.


It wasn’t until a faint cry of help was heard echoing from a distance did An Xian come back to her senses.
Without much forethought, she naturally leapt off and rushed to the crash site, fighting through the water waves.
But before she could go further than ten meters, she involuntarily plunged into the sea, generating a series of splashes against the waves.


An Xian emerged from the water after a while and slapped her dripping wet forehead glumly.
She had forgotten entirely that her cultivation had been significantly demoted to a depressingly elementary state and that she was no longer capable of performing the usual cultivation advantages such as flying in the air and riding waves.


After a while of soaking in the shallow water, An Xian had an epiphany and instinctively took a Shuilian pill from the storage ring.
When the host of this pill came into contact with water, it could transform and assimilate the hair follicles, forming an oxygen-absorbing layer on the skin’s surface and allowing people to adapt to the undersea environment, such as swimming naturally like a fish.


Her most outstanding achievement during her years of diligent cultivation in the Lingyuan Sect was successfully combining her earthly chemistry knowledge with the refining techniques to create various pill refining formulas.
The pills she had crafted contained a variety of fantastic oddities that proved valuable in a variety of situations.
Not only had she created the best pill for increasing one’s cultivation level, but she had also created a pill for back door life entertainment.


Despite her limited mana, the various bottles of elixirs and pills inside her storage ring were enough to help her solve many problems.


The moment she swallowed the Shuilin pill, a faint dazzling blue halo immediately surrounded An Xian’s body.
Its wisps and strands whirling smoothly around on air defied the gravitational principles as if she was wearing an almost transparent floating gauze.


Turning her body over gracefully, An Xian mobilized the scanty spiritual power through her whole body and quickly dived through the waters towards the crash site drawing a faint blue line of light within the depths of the dark sea. 


The Shuilin pill had a three-hour duration of action.
It could also go back and forth more than a dozen times if used at a leisurely pace.


At the moment, her spiritual sense detected less than ten survivors who were still alive.
Surprisingly, all of these survivors had abnormal and chaotic mental fluctuations, as if their entire crew had just experienced hallucinations that usually occur in misguided focus during meditations.
Despite the resemblance, An Xian found no evidence of cultivation in these survivors.


Temporarily suppressing the arising doubts in her heart, An Xian started to save the victims regularly and methodically.
Because of her current appearance, she’d knock the person down to lose consciousness for her to avoid unnecessary trouble before she saved them. 


Since she was in an environment where everything was entirely different from the last time, she hadn’t had a clue, nor even an inkling, of her current surroundings, so it’s better to stay vigilant and cautious this time…


He Lin’s body was floating in this deep blue sea, with its prickly ice-cold waters relentlessly pressing and attacking him.
were nearly on the brink of numbing from the unaccustomed chilliness, and his vision was becoming blurrier by the second.
Unsparingly, his brain was also in excruciating pain, rendering him unable to concentrate on his thoughts.


He Lin used to have his own private jet.
However, it was currently undergoing maintenance and could not be used, so he was forced to fly on this civil aircraft instead.
Who knew he’d run into a mentally powerful mutant? This mutant’s insane mental prowess pierced the metal protection of the plane, causing everyone, including the captain, to become blinded instantly (loss of vision and awareness).
As a result, the aircraft had lost its control and plummeted from the sky. 


He Lin was able to survive this accident due to his formidable mental strength and extraordinary physical ability, and he also saved the lives of many people.
However, this assisting and constant mental exertion took a significant tremendous toll on his brain, leaving him temporarily disoriented.
He was in such

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