818 that… orphan.

The minor mishap that occurred during Daomei’s live broadcast drew much attention to the flowers sold in Huahua World.
They discovered the flowers differ markedly from the others after careful comparisons.
Not only was the blooming period longer, the color more vibrant, and the vitality more fervent, but the fragrance was also revitalizing and lasted a long time.
Some flowers even have medical functions such as calming the nerves and aiding sleep.


A night of good, quality sleep had always been a problem that plagued most mental strength enhancers. Such inconspicuous disturbances could affect their sleep because their mental power was innately active and yielded immense acute perception.
The lighter the sleep, the greater the mental power.
Medication, however, seemed to have the potential to change this.
However, the effects of sleeping aids were complicated and too succinct to express.
Since then, no drug could solve this problem relatively until Dream Pill, and Jingxin Powder emerged.


Although they yielded no immediate effect, the flowers cultivated by An Xian had been catered around for a long time.
Thus, it’s only natural for them to have a proactive regulating effect on the mental power’s stability and strength.


Only that no one seemed to discover the actual values of these flowers; people just assumed that they were there to serve as an intellectual and emotional object of admiration.
That they smell refreshing, as opposed to those flowers that seemed to be the incarnations of coquettish bitches.


An Xian logged in to Huahua World, updated her inventory of products once again, and then classified the physical objects into the smart equipment warehouse.
As long as someone placed an order online, the warehouse would autocomplete the process of address proofreading, cargo assembly, application for express delivery, cargo shipping, and other procedures.    


An Xian spent the next minute refining the medicines Your Highness H was looking for, which she planned to finish within the next ten days.


While she went into seclusion, a particular post suddenly appeared on the internet, which gained rapid popularity from the ardent, nosy inquiries.
Its eye-catching headline naturally attracted the attention of the masses, like bees to honey. 


[818, The Orphan Who Gained Others’ Sympathy by Selling Tragedy, Swindled the Legacy of the Old Man’s Orphanage, Paid his Way Through a Prestigious School Diploma, and Finally Walked on the Pinnacle of Life as an Orphan]


The person who posted this literally stood by on his username—an indignant, ire-filled stone.


The title alone made netizens think it was gimmicky, and the content was exactly what they expected.
Very dog-blooded.


[We will name the protagonist of the story Mister A for the time being.
When he was a child, his parents died, and he had no relatives to house him.
Mister A was also talentless and grew with a poor physique, so he was admitted to a typical orphanage in the end.
This kind of life experience could be defined as not miserable, that it’s only foreseeable he’s destined to live as an ordinary person.
However, reality consistently exceeds people’s expectations.

The orphanage dean where Mister A was taken in was an amiable, widowed old man who devoted his life to charity.
Mister A had always been abnormally lacking when it came to expressing affection since childhood.
He spoke hardly ten words a day, but he was diligent in his work, so Mister A quickly won the sympathy of the dean and treated him as his own as the time breezed past.
Everything seemed so perfect, like a heart-warming drama of fate.

The plot took an unexpected turn when Mister A turned 17—only a year before the college entrance examination.
His school grades were only satisfactory, and he was unpopular.

In the ordinary course of events, he might be accepted to a third-rate university at most.
As if his life hadn’t already reached its apex, the healthy dean suddenly fell ill, and his condition deteriorated quickly enough for him to die after two months in the hospital.
Before his death, the dean generously left all of his legacies to Mister A and entrusted him with the care of the orphanage’s children.

Then, what happened?

It turned out Mister A, who was notable for having average grades, “unexpectedly” received an admission notice from a prestigious foreign school and went straight overseas.
He was befitting of the phrase “never to be heard again” as there was no news for several years.
The orphanage’s poor children, who had lost their beloved dean, were abandoned by Mister A, who was supposed to look after them.
The children had no choice but to rely on the state’s relief funds to keep their bodies alive.

I recently ran into Mister A, which prompted this author to write this post.
He’s now well-dressed and has a rosy complexion.
Mister A has returned home but has not ventured into the orphanage.
Enraging this author in this regard! How could he squander the dean’s legacy with such a clear conscience? And the old dean’s bequest on his deathbed.
Is he still remembering? Even if he couldn’t care for so many children, he still has to give it his all, ah!]


The author’s tone was tinged with indignation.
While chastising Mister A for kicking his benefactor in the teeth, he also mentioned the old dean’s condition as something to avoid.
And hinted that Mister A’s diploma might not have come from the right source.


Once he issued this post, as expected, it provoked thousands of condemnation from the netizens.
There are, of course, various conspiracy theories mixing in.


Besides lambasting Mister A, they unanimously requested the author reveal his identity.


325th floor: [Just want to know how much inheritance Mister A received from the old dean?]


327th floor: [To purchase an admission qualification for a prestigious school, you must have at least 200W (and strong connections.
From this point alone, Mister A had it good.
The annual expenditure for studying abroad isn’t less than 40W.
Calculating for four years, it comes to around 400W.]


330th floor: [My brother, this is fucking cool.]


332nd floor: [It’s plausible the money was the life savings of the dean.
Most of which should have gone as the education fund he saved for the children, but all went as cheap to the ingrate.]


349th floor: [Landlord, who is Mister A? Hurry and make his identity public! Do you let scum like this scourge other people, bah?]


Angry Stone: [This author was his classmate, and I don’t want to do too much staining.
I just hope he can repent and start afresh after seeing this post.]


355th floor: [Author, you are overly naïve.
Do you still believe that a post can make him change for the better after he hasn’t made an initiation in so many years?]


364th floor: [This may involve human life, so we must find out the truth!]


365th floor: [That’s right! I felt terrified when I ruminate about this.
There could be more scheming at the other end of this precipice.]


371st floor: [Owner, if it’s indeed inconvenient for you to say, then just give a few keywords.
That’ll appease those on our side.]


388th: [I seconded!]


Angry Stone: [Okay, I’ll say it briefly.
Mister A majored in medical therapy and a low mental level.
He studied at Bellevue Medical School.]


380th floor: [Shit.
He actually attended the same school as me! Most of the people admitted to Bellevue have at least a mental level C.
I can try to look within the C-level range.]


382nd floor: [Upstairs, C-level is not too low.
Since the author said his mental level was not high, then it’s most likely to be below C-level.]


384th floor: [Author, is it true? Does Mister A’s mental level not even reach C-level?!!]


Angry Stone: […….]


Although he remained confidential still, the string of ellipsis already gave way to everything.


381st floor: [Aren’t there rules? A guy who doesn’t even wield a C-level mental power could actually enter Bellevue Medical School? It’s too casual about this academy to accept people ah!]


395th floor: [Don’t talk ill of our school.
Like Mister A, this kind of situation is rare.
As far as I am aware, if a student with a mental ability below C-grade wishes to be admitted to our school, he must meet the criterion.
First, he possesses a unique talent or ability.
Second, he has made outstanding contributions in a specific field.
Third, at least one of his parents has been awarded the National Hero’s Medal.]


3296th floor: [The author said, Mister A held an average performance.
I reckoned he lacks innate skills and contributions as well.
His being a foreigner had likely ruled out the possibility of the third point.
Therefore, the odds of Mister A going through the back door are high.]


400th floor: [Listening to your analysis made me think of someone.
He has a mental level of D, a withdrawn personality, and he bore average grades.
He also never took part in club activities.
I remembered him because, to my surprise, he outperformed his seniors, finished his studies without making headlines, and graduated from Bellevue a year ahead of schedule.] 


401st floor: [The one upstairs mentioned is, without doubt, a top student ba…]


402nd floor: [No, no, no.
He’s really ordinary.
In the past three years, he did not exhibit superior performance.
Therefore, his early graduation caused quite a stir at the academy.
Many people claimed that if they would have forgotten about his existence, they hadn’t read the announcement.


405th floor: [Good mystery….]


417th floor: [Don’t dwell on the trivial.
Hurry the photo up.]


419th floor: [I looked for the post at that time and saw a recent photo of it.]


Followed soon was Roy’s photo uploaded, shared through the vast expanse of the Internet.
A half-length black hair rested upon his shoulders in tangles.
He bore such delicate facial features, but in the account of his detached expression, coupled with his downcast eyes, Roy seemed decadent and impersonal.


His name, age, and other identifying information were also shared one after the other. 


458th floor: [Ah, is it him? The author is correct.
He is indeed an orphan and has lived in Cangyan City before.
We hadn’t seen him graduating from high school.
So he went abroad after all?]


460th floor: [Cangyan City? That city is home to twelve orphanages.
Four or five years ago, only the dean of one orphanage passed away—that is the Gongji Orphanage.]


More and more information was unearthed.
Roy’s entire life was exposed to everyone without conscience. 


Meanwhile, An Xian exhaled a labored breath in the refining room, but her eyes glowed with vigor.
With a delighted smile on her face, she looked down at the fruit of her labor—a pill placed on a porcelain plate.


For nine days, she finally succeeded in refining the pill.
There were twelve in total; four were basic spirit level, and the rest were exceedingly good pills.
The four essential pills were specialized medicines used to treat mental illness.
These were Huyuan Pill1, Zhuoqing2 Pill, Meteorite Pill, and Nourishing Pill.
The other seven extraordinary Guben Peiyuan3 Pills would be used to consolidate the foundation and cultivate the user’s soul.
In addition, a Zhenling4 Pill, which was used to calm the mind in stressful situations temporarily, was given as a gift.
Although this may help alleviate the fluctuations in mental power, taking the pill may harm vital energy.


An Xian packed the medicines into the pre-prepared containers one by one, affixed the labels, and wrote the medication instructions and precautions one by one.


To refine a dozen of these pills, it would take at least two entire months to make up for the spiritual power An Xian lost.
The main reason she was reluctant to use spirit stones was that the small circle formation in the flower field had not taken shape yet, so she could only replenish it in a limited amount of time each day.


‘It seems I should take orders like his as little as possible in the future.
Although the benefits are substantial, the losses are simply too great.’ An Xian chewed on it.
With no trace of politeness, she affixed a high price for this set of pills she believed to be expensive—60W!


But in fact, Master An emphatically did not understand the market for rare high-grade drugs.


The author has something to say:

There is no need to entangle the problem of the female protagonist’s quotation being too low.
She’s now within the average range of popularity, has no grade, and sells cheap goods for around 1,000 points.
For the first time, she met someone who wished for custom-made spiritual drugs, and she prescribed 60W for it.
With her current fame, it’s already a high price. 

The cost of many customized medicines depends on the reputation and grade of the pharmacist.
The male lead ordered from her instead, not because of her medicine refining skills.
But because he had a good impression of her and was optimistic about her potential. 

An Xian is not a wise person adept at doing business but a more casual technical house. 

Sometimes it’s not wrong to reap such small profits, and it’s unnecessary to care about the small gain in front of you. 



[1] 护 元  means to protect and primary, respectively.

[2] 浊 清 zhuó qīng means turbid or muddy and clear/pure, respectively.

[3] 固本培元 gù běn péi yuán means to consolidate the foundation and cultivate the soul.

[4] 镇 灵 zhèn líng means to press down and quick, respectively.

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