Your thinking is dangerous, do you know?

“Lord He, the list of Yawa country’s ambassadors, was confirmed.
There are 42 people altogether.
Please take a look at it.” Fei Ta handed a document to He Lin. 


He Lin received the document, and as expected, the name “Tikaman” stood on the list.


“The diplomat will arrive in our country on the 27th of this month.
The Secretary-General has already begun preparations for the reception.
Your Highness, you….”


He Lin knew what Fei Ta was worried about.
The Secretary-General would hands down request an audience with him two days before the event to ask him whether to come out in person or find excuses to shirk.
Either way, it would be enough for Tikaman to seal his conjecture that He Lin sustained injuries. 


“What’s the progress on Zog’s side?” He Lin looked at his adjutant. 


“The medical team has developed several psychotropic drugs, but the efficacy was unsatisfactory.
Although the grade was high, they were unstable, ranging between 1 to 3 stars.”


He Lin retracted his gaze, a crease forming on his brow.
The two-star Jump drug was no different than failure among the specialized medicines.


“Fei Tuo, ask Zog to send me the information on the several drugs and conduct a drug test for me as soon as possible.
Choose the medications with the adaptability of over 75% and make relevant improvements to them.
Be sure to complete it before the diplomats arrive.”


‘What?’ Fei Tuo almost shouted this to his superior.
This was a dangerous game they were playing, and one wrong move could make things much worse.
“No, this would only aggravate your mental damage.
If we were to be a little incautious, it might lead to permanent damage.”


He Lin intertwined his fingers and sat on the sofa, his whole body taut, and a glimmer of light flashed in his deep, inky eyes. 


“As a matter of fact, I’m curious to know whether Tikaman can maintain his usual mental power when facing an S-level enhancer whose mental power is on the verge of destruction.”


Fei Tuo: “…….”


“If possible, I would like to make a ‘friendly’ return visit to Yava with the most ‘active’ mental state.” He Lin’s usual low timbered voice seemed to fringe with regret.
“It’s a pity that the chairman won’t probably give consent….”


Fei Tuo: ‘Don’t make it as if it’s the chairman’s fault for disagreeing.
Yava will not let you enter their country at all!’ 


But his misery did not stop when He Lin, who looked composed as ever, turned his head at Fei Tuo with his back ramrod straight and said thoughtfully, “If I can’t restrain my chaotic mental power, then find a way to make it more ‘active.’”


Fei Tuo: ‘Lord He, your current thinking is dangerous, do you know? Please calm down!’


In contrast to his adjutant’s worry, He Lin did not even feel the slightest agitation.
By ‘active,’ he referred to an active mental power only within a controllable range.
It was much simpler to release power than to suppress it continuously forcibly.
Rather than waiting for the opponent to make trouble, it was better to gain the initiative to strike the first blow.
Only this approach was too perilous and bold, and he reckoned no one would agree. 


In the evening, He Lin finished his routine treatment and returned to the bedroom. 


As soon as he finished showering, he heard a mechanical beep in his intellectual brain.
[Master, your account “Your Excellency H” received a message from the Huahua World Leader.]


He almost forgot that he had ordered medicine from a young man named “Roy” not too long ago.




[Huahua World Leader: “Your Excellency H, hello.
I am Huahua World’s shop owner.
The customized specialized drugs you ordered have been made.
The following texts contain information on the treatments.
If you have any queries, please message me at any time.]


He Lin clicked on the screen.
Dozens of holographic peripherals containing the information were unfolded one by one before him.


Huyuan Pill¹, Zhuqing Pill², Yunli Pill³, Nourishing Spirit Pill⁴ — the data was in three-dimensional texts and graphics, which presented a detailed introduction to the twelve pills.


At first glance, the spiritual nature of the pills instantly attracted him.
There was no trace of modification, yet it resembled the highest quality by its simpleness and impressive atmosphere.
Through only looking at the pictures, it gave people a sense of serenity and auspiciousness. 


Following this was He Lin, noticing their level of quality: 4-star middle grade!


Twelve pills and all of them are 4-star middle grades!


They were specialized medicine to treat an A-level mental power enhancer.
In ordinary times, it was a feat if it could reach 3-stars.
But now, what emerged before his eyes were twelve 4-stars medium grades! And a complete set of a course of treatment.


If He Lin had not investigated Roy beforehand and had some understanding of his character to some extent, he surmised he would be skeptical that the man provided him with fraudulent drugs.
It was indeed an arduous task to believe that a 21-year-old man could refine such a level of specialty medicine? Not to mention that his mental power was less than C.


In the beginning, he ordered medicine from Roy because of the intriguing, unique effects of the Ningxiang Pill.
After investigating his identity, he felt the youngster had a moral character; hence, he thought of giving him a hand.
But in fact, it did not cross his mind that the young man could make such high-grade specialized drugs.




He Lin thumbed over and over the data, inwardly apprehensive by the curative effects of this combination of specialized drugs.


As he was in deep contemplation, the display profile belonging to Huahua World Leader took him by surprise as it bloomed on the screen, revealing a radiant, smiling face, swinging happily side to side: [Are you there?]


Your Excellency H: [En.]


Huahua Leader: [Have you received the information?]


Your Excellency H: [Hmm.]


Huahua Leader: [I have only conducted a basic evaluation of this set of drugs, and the specific effects need to be tested by you.]


Specialized drugs and therapeutic drugs differed from ordinary conventional drugs.
They needed to undergo testing before releasing it into the market.
Unless the medications were a systematic treatment performed in a professional institution, the drug’s safety without testing could be guaranteed. 


Your Excellency H: [These medicines are all refined by you?]


Huahua Leader: [Yes.
Is there any problem?]


Your Excellency H: [Nothing…]


Huahua Leader: [Then, it’s good if there is none.
The price of this drug is relatively high, so you think about it more before deciding to purchase it.]


Your Excellency H: [How much is the cost?]


Huahua Leader: [Full price is 60W, minus the initial deposit, altogether you still have 53W to pay.]


‘60W? An A-level specialized drug just costs 60W? Twelve pieces of 4-star mid-grade products, which are merely equivalent to 5W in equal proportions! This is called expensive?’


He Lin hunched that the young man, without doubt, misunderstood the definition of “expensive.”


[Ding! “Your Excellency H” paid you 53W credit points.
Kindly note to check.] However, a particular person ensured to not surplus an extra penny for this. 


The honest An Xian noticed that “Your Excellency H” was utterly forthright; thus, she unhesitatingly upgraded him to a VIP customer—who would enjoy a 5% discount on future purchases—at once.


His Excellency He Lin who had received a privilege for discounts: “…” What’s the deal with this strange sense of guilt?


Huahua Leader: [Your Highness H, this set of medicine is only a dosage of treatment.
After you used it all up, I would have to trouble you to report your test results.
I will adjust the prescription according to your recovery.]


Your Excellency H: [Okay, thank you very much.]


Huahua Leader: [ (^_^)ノ ]


Watching the full-bloomed flowers representing the portrait of Huahua World Leader withered petal by petal and soon faded away, He Lin fell into still silence for a moment and then replaced his default hairball of a profile with a little bee.


After completing a bulk order, An Xian’s mood turned pleasant. 


At this moment, soft melodious music echoed, and a grandiose firework appeared on the virtual screen. 


『Huahua World’s worth of business transactions reached 500W and is officially promoted to a 2-starred store.
Congratulations to the owner, Huahua leader, and we wish you a prosperous business and a thriving financial resource.』




An unexpected event was revealed before An Xian’s eyes.
Before she knew it, she had reached a business transaction of 500W.
Although these gains were not all genuine profits, she still saved over ten thousand after deducting the production costs, taxes, and expenses, such as purchasing equipment warehouses.
And one-third of this was donated to Gongji Orphanage. 


The rest of the money may look a lot, but if she were to purchase high-quality medicinal materials and flowers, she still was a bit stretched.


Anyway, An Xian was not emphatically in a hurry.
She managed to cultivate to the stage of tribulation for four hundred arduous years because of her non-impatient and non-arrogant temperament, and perseverance through the vicissitudes of life.
What a pity that in the end, she took the wrong pill when resisting the heavenly tribulation, which spoiled her hard work to a shortfall. 


After Huahua World was upgraded to two stars many aesthetic and technical functions had been added.
The store’s appearance became more exquisite and a virtual space channel had been added. 


An Xian contemplated for a moment, and decided to set the channel as an independent space known as “Free New Products Every Month.”


With her current spiritual power, although she could not produce high-quality drugs in large quantities just yet, she could still provide a new product every month and sell it in limited quantities.
At the same time, 


The momentum slowed down, and she fell to the ground lithe and graceful, with long ebony hair brushed past behind her, bringing up pieces of petals. 


She stood with her hands clasped behind her back, looking up at the stars.
This tranquil world seemed to belong entirely to her alone.




‘Breathe in the qi, concentrate all in a flow, circulate it to the soul, and transport to the spirit.’


The next thing she would make was a drug that would allow humans to fly freely!


Early the following morning, Zog handed over to He Lin the date on the new drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical research team and at the same time assisted him to conduct a drug test.
According to his requirements, they screened out drugs with compatibility of no more than 75%.


“Lord He, I must seriously remind you that if you, without the least bit of careful consideration, take drugs with unstable properties, the consequences would be hard to predict.
I hope you do not use them as a last resort,” Zog warned with a stern face. 


“Heed no worry.
I won’t make fun of my life,” He Lin replied while flipping through the information. 


“I hope so.” Zog’s face was dark as the bottom of the ocean—worrying both about He Lin and fretful about the lack of progress in pharmaceutical research. 


The object of worry sensed his emotions and said unbothered, “Don’t push yourself too hard.
S-level specialized medicine is a difficult problem that has never been put to rest for hundreds of years.
Just do your utmost best and that will suffice.”


Zog pursed his mouth and said nothing. 


He Lin saw he looked to be under a lot of pressure and stayed silent as well.
He made a copy of the information and left the research institute with Fei Tuo. 


Entering the huge League of Nations Building, Elsa straightaway welcomed him. 


He Lin nodded and walked straight to his office.
Fei Tuo was about to keep up when the communicator on his wrist suddenly vibrated.
He clicked on it to see, and it turned out to be a delivery notice from the courier system. 


[Your Excellency H, your package has already been delivered to XX Road XX mansion.
Please come and sign it as soon as possible, or authorize someone to sign it on your behalf.]


‘Your Excellency H?’


Fei Tuo almost took a step back.
He looked at the message once more and then noticed the included address, and his gears soon turned.
‘That was the real estate he bought for He Lin by another identity as a temporary rest point and a secret transit station.
Few people knew the identity of the homeowner.
Thus, the only person who would use this address for express delivery was He Lin himself. 


Fei Tuo bolted into the office and reported the matter to He Lin. 


“En, you send someone to sign the delivery,” He Lin ordered. 


Fei Tuo deliberated for a few seconds and said, “Don’t you need your subordinates to go there in person? Even the secret address was used.
It must be a classified object.


“No, it’s something I bought online.
It’s nothing confidential.”


For a split second, Fei Tuo thought he had heard it wrong. 


‘Bought online? Lord He purchased something online?’


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