His world was very simple 

The person who shared the post was Undressed Myna.
An Xian remembered he was one of the flower friends who got a Deformation Pill for free, which became a patron of Huahua World afterward.
The reason he forwarded the post to the Tianfu forum was none other than to attract everyone to boycott a therapist named “Roy.”


He apparently believed the presumption of this post, and thus regarded Roy as a person of an inferior character.
Not only him but many other netizens who read the post were naturally beguiled and expressed their displeasure one after the other.


An Xian tracked down the reprint address and discovered the original post.
The post reached over two thousand comments, which divulged additional information about Roy, such as his life experience, appearance, character traits, occupation, and school transcripts, to name a few.
Every piece of information was unearthed, exposing the person to those who acted like sharks, pounced whenever something fishy was unearthed.
They ganged up and attacked, and conscientiously used harsh and vicious language to express their displeasure with someone they only got to know through a post.


The post only disclosed Roy’s personal information and there was no hard evidence to support the doubts of many, nor the post itself.
However, most people would never waste time seeking verification.
They would only believe in the truth that their knowledge could perceive.
As some people in the shadows sneakily fanned the flames, soon all the netizens torched Roy in unison.


These people did not know the “Mister A” they tried to slander and curse with every ounce of their energy was no longer in the living.
What’s popping was that the post actually accumulated hundreds of thousands of shares.
If Roy was still alive, given his character, An Xian could not imagine how difficult it would be for him to handle. 


An Xian suppressed the rage building up in her heart.
She created an account with the username “This is the truth.” Losing no minute, she made a post in the forum — [Do you know Roy? Are you familiar with his persona? I’ll tell you who he truly is.]

[Roy’s basic information has already been brought to light thanks to Angry Stone’s post titled “818 The Orphan Who Gained Others’ Sympathy by Selling Tragedy, Swindled the Legacy of the Old Man’s Orphanage, Paid his Way Through a Prestigious School Diploma, and Finally Walked on the Pinnacle of Life as an Orphan.” You all know Roy is an orphan, but do you know how his parents died? Over ten years ago, a devastating flood struck the city of Qishan.
Given that Roy’s father was a soldier and his mother was a therapist, both hurried to the front lines to aid their comrades.
As a result, both lost their lives and became part of the disaster’s many casualties.
Roy was only five years old when he was orphaned.
Because Roy lacked relatives, the ZF grant-in-aid he received was given to the Gongji Orphanage, which took him in, for 20W.]

[Roy is a hero’s orphan; since the heroes were ordinary people, their sacrifices were only worth 20W.
Fortunately, Roy was taken in by a kind-hearted dean who looked after him well.]


[The old dean died of illness when Roy was seventeen, but he did not pass away “suddenly.” Everyone in the orphanage knew the old dean’s health wasn’t good, but no one could tell him to rest easy after he persisted for so long with the child he cared for.
He gave Roy his inheritance, which was only 25W, as you know.
This figure included Roy’s ZF allowance over the years as well.
Shao Ming, a lawyer, is in charge of this case.
If you don’t believe me, go to his website and ask him for confirmation yourself.]

[Most of the orphanage’s adopted children are disabled.
Despite receiving funding from a variety of sources each year, the orphanage struggled to make ends meet because of high medical and educational costs.
So, how could you believe that a selfless elderly man who dedicated the rest of his life to charity would amass millions of dollars in assets? Instantly believing what others spout, do you still have a bit of IQ left?! ]


Netizens who uttered righteous words in the comment section became deafeningly silent.


“Heroic Orphan,” “25 inheritance,” these words were like pots of chili water, pouring all over their faces and making them feel hot and ashamed.


Some hurried to Lawyer Shao Ming for authentication, not wasting any time.
When the lawyer became aware of the situation, they immediately located the inheritance document and intercepted the matter of the document, proving to everyone the authenticity of the matter.
He added that 11W of the 25W ZF grant served as Roy’s educational funding and annual living allowances, which the dean kept until Roy became an adult.


When the verifiability of the news was brought to light, all netizens who paid close attention were gobsmacked.
Among the small amount of 25W, 11W is still owned by Roy himself.
There was no deception, neither melodramatic nor dog blooded, and no great luck, only complete melancholia.
Whether it was Roy’s life experience or the old dean’s selflessness, it made people feel embarrassed to sigh.


However, some were quick to raise concerns.
“How did Roy get into the Bellevue School of Medicine if there is only 25W? Even if he was admitted by chance, how could he cover his tuition and living expenses for three years abroad with nothing more than 25W savings?”


[Allow me to answer your concern.]


This message was sent by “Gongji Orphanage,” a middle-aged woman who activated the live broadcast mode.


“My name is Yi Qiu, and I am the current dean of the orphanage.
Regarding Roy’s situation, I believe I must assist him in clarifying.”


An Xian was taken aback.
She never expected the dean of Gongji Orphanage to fight back.
Previously, she donated the money to the orphanage and left a piece of contact information.
She communicated little after that, except to send money regularly.


“At first, I was oblivious to what was going on.
Until recently, several reporters had discovered the orphanage and wanted to interview Roy.
I felt browned off after inspecting Angry Stone’s post.
I’m not sure why anyone wanted to slander Roy.


“Roy’s talent is not exceptional, and admission to Bellevue Medical School would indeed be impossible under normal circumstances.” Going abroad was never an option for him at first.
He simply wanted to stay and look after the orphanage for the old dean.
It just so happened that year that a professor visited Canggu City.
For some reason, he issued a mission to the public to assist him in processing 3,000 medicinal drugs in three days, with a 3W reward for completion.
Many people faced the challenge, but no one could complete it.
Because those 3,000 medicinal ingredients were of awful quality, the process was cumbersome.
Moreover, it can only be completed by one person and cannot be mixed with another person’s spiritual qi.


“In order to win the 3W reward, Roy also took on this task and began processing medicinal materials day in and night.
He didn’t leave the studio for three days.
You should know this spiritual level was only D, and let alone three days, which meant ten hours of continuous work, was an enormous strain for him.
But, in the end, he completed the mission at the cost of two days of sleep and nearly exhausted mental power.


“The professor who assigned the assignment was overjoyed with the medicinal materials Roy processed.
He not only paid 3W credits, but he also wrote a recommendation letter for Roy.
Roy could gain an extra 30 points when applying to Bellevue College with this letter of recommendation.”


In the comments section, there were several astonishing exclamations, and most of them envied Roy’s good fortune.


‘Good luck?’


Dean Yu Qiu’s eyes turned bright red.
“The letter of recommendation made little sense to Roy.
All he cared about was the 3W credits.
However, the money he earned with all his might was eventually consumed.
He also required more than 2W credits to treat the mental damage he had sustained.”


One could hear a pin drop in a comment section.
The three days and three nights of strenuous work not only unrewarded him; but also ripped him off of 20,000.
Netizens were torn between calling him stupid and admiring his unyielding tenacity.


It was no surprise no one could complete the task because the effort and the reward were wildly out of proportion.
Roy’s steadfast determination would likely be the most effective.


Yu Qiu said, “Because of this recommendation, the old dean gave Roy the entire inheritance he had planned to leave to the orphanage before his death.” He hoped Roy could apply to Bellevue Medical School and become a certified therapist in the future.
Roy agreed and worked hard to prepare for it.
Besides his tremendous efforts, the 30 points played a significant role in his later admission to Bellevue, which I do not deny.


“When Roy flew abroad, he only had about 25W credit points, which was barely enough to cover Bellevue’s tuition for a year.
He had to rely solely on himself to cover his living expenses, too.
His difficulties were beyond ordinary people’s imagination.
Isn’t studying abroad a wonderful experience? For Roy, it represented a burden, a responsibility, and a promise.
How could he not want to return after being away for three years? It’s just that he was short of money to travel back and forth, and the round-trip airfare is the equivalent of two months’ living expenses, although I’m not sure how he returned here in the last few years.
Because of his qualifications, however, he must have worked several times harder than the average person to graduate one year early.


“His world is very simple, and he will invest in anything for the orphanage.
I hope you don’t listen to idle rumors and inadvertently harm this ill-fated child.”


Yu Qin took a brief pause.
“One more thing, you may not know, but just a few months ago, Roy donated 50W to the orphanage.”


[Wait, 50W?]


[Where did he get so much money?]


[Didn’t you say he had a hard time? Did you feed the dog with so much quilt in front of you?]


Some guys who got slapped in the face appeared to be grasping something, and they became ecstatic.


“That’s the compensation he received.” Yu Qui’s tone was slow, full of compassion.
“A few months ago, a plane crash occurred.
He was one of the eight survivors at the time and received a 70W compensation.
The day after he received the compensation, he transferred 50W of it to the orphanage.”


[The crash of a few months ago wasn’t that one, right?]


[How many crashes can there be every year? And the amount of 70W is too obvious.]


[Oh my God.
He turned out to be a survivor of the plane crash with Lord Wei Xu.]


[For the 70W compensation for his life and even transferred 50W of it, I don’t know what to say now.]


[It’s truly a major reversal.
Should everyone who denigrated Roy come out and apologize on their knees now?]


[MD, being used as a spear by that Angry Stone.
I, your father, will spray him to death!]


[Count me in.]




Because of Dean Yu Qiu’s intervention, the rhetoric against Roy swerved in the opposite direction, eventually shifting in Roy’s favor.


After that, everyone was curiously engorged about Roy’s life abroad in the previous few years, though it was more of a genuine curiosity than malicious gossip.

[I’m looking for someone who can tell me about Roy’s experiences at Bellevue College.
I’m just curious how he graduated so quickly.]


[How did he earn his 25W, which was only enough for one year of tuition and the remaining two years of tuition and living expenses?]


[I’m intrigued if Roy has any extraordinary learning techniques.
My metal level is also D, so I’m hoping to learn from it.]


‘Learn from it?’ An Xian sighed.


She reckoned no one could use Roy’s experience in college as a reference, because it was just plain… too draining. 

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