Lord He is very angry

Translated by Coke
Edited by Ren


Can I send you a gift?

Undressed Myna was a frequent visitor to Tianfu Forum, where he spent the majority of his time partaking in the merriments.
A post piqued his interest a few days ago, and he decided to share it on the Tianfu Forum to alert his comrades of the worst of the worst therapists, who they would have never known if it hadn’t been for the said post.
However, as soon as the post was shared, the expected plot over the post reversed in an astonishing 180-degree turn.


Myna felt as if an arrow had pierced itself clean into his forehead and his plasma had spurted for three kilometers by that point.
He was buried deep in embarrassment after learning the truth and would rather hide in the pit than show his face.
When battling, the key information was clearly more convincing than the others’ speculations and brainstorming.


Mister A’s life had been difficult, but he still had a pure heart.
He possessed neither exceptional talents nor sufficient savings, let alone exaggerated strokes of luck.
With only 25W in his pocket, he studied abroad alone for three years and graduated a year ahead of schedule, all thanks to his own hard work.
When he finally returned to his country, he got caught in a plane crash.
It was through luck he survived and did not hesitate to donate his compensation to the orphanage.


For insulting and tainting such a kind and simple soul, Myna looked like an idiot, along with the people who ran their mouths without knowing the truth.


“Why am I so stupid?!” Myan hugged his head and wailed.


After some self-loathing, he decided to make amends and try his best to help Mister A clarify the truth.


Right at that moment, several comments within the post caught his attention.


[Do you think… Lord A looks familiar?]


If he resembles someone, could it be a flower?]


[I also think I’ve seen his face somewhere…]


[Ah, just who is it? Can’t remember who.]


[Lord A’s facial features were delicately refined, and looked striking if you look closely.]


[Any other photos? A bigshot without technical content, even a male god can become a passerby.]


Roy disliked taking pictures.
The photos of him that could be found on the internet were group photos or ID photos.
There was not even a high-resolution whole-body photo or a candid shot.


[Ah? Adonis? I seem to feel something familiar about it.]


[The answer is on the tip of my thing, but it won’t come out.]


[Ah, really.
Lord A has an uncanny resemblance to Lord Alos, who flew live not long ago.]




[It’s him!]


Everyone raced against the clock until they found the live broadcast video and fast-forwarded to the scene where the figure showed their face.
Netizens switched their eyes between the two faces and discovered that the resemblance was over 85 percent! Lord A’s photos on the internet were a 16-year-old ID photo or cropped screenshots of a group photo from when he was in college.
The person in the video only recently revealed himself.
Knowing this, it was only natural for the appearance to change a little as the years passed.


[Lord A is a therapist.
I don’t know if Also is either.]


[The flight video was distributed under the name “Huahua World,” and Huahua World first emerged about a year ago.
The business’s owner is a Level 3 certified therapist.
Do you think there’s some sort of connection going on between the time of the crash and the emergence of the shop, though? ]


[Be patient.
Allow me to smooth out my inference.
Lord A, allegedly Roy, graduated from Bellevue Medical School and obtained the credentials to become a Level 3 certified therapist.
He was caught in a plane crash on his way to his homeland and miraculously survived.
Then he received 70W in compensation, 50W of which he donated to an orphanage and the rest of which he used to open an online store called “Huahua World.” Don’t you think this reasoning is very logical!]


[It’s so logical, lah! I almost believed it!]


[I am convinced that this may be the case.]


[Me too…]


[So, the Leader of Huahua World is Roy?]


The wisdom of the netizens was terrifyingly unbound that they uncovered An Xian’s true body in mere minutes.


[Ah ah ah ah ah! No, what have I done!]


Undressed Myna groaned in the comment sections.


[I’m the leader’s NC fan! I even painted him black with a gang of scumbags! What face do I would I have to face him now! Will he put me on his blacklist? I don’t know how I can apologize to him!!! ]


[Offer your chrysanthemum, there is no other way….]


[My condolences, Myna.]


[Oh dear, I, too, chastised the Leader in this post, like Myna.]


[I’ve recently started taking the Leader’s Rumeng Pill, and my sleep is getting better by the day.
I should obviously thank him, but in the end, I became complicit in his slander.]


[If the Leader is Roy, I can see how he could graduate from Bellevue so quickly.
When compared to other similar medications, the drugs he refines are several times better in terms of quality and efficacy.]


[I concur.
As a seasoned buyer who spends the entire year perusing major online retailers, I developed a powerful impression of his store and products.
The Leader is an unquestionably excellent therapist with a thorough understanding of alchemy.]


Meanwhile, on the other side, the atmosphere was gloomy and pensive.
One could probably see the person’s character missing no major beats based on his rigor in medicine refining.
The drugs sold by the Leader never foisted backlash on the user nor were they defective, and more notable is the pricing is affordable.


They may not harbor an intuitive understanding of Lord A based on the story, but they approved of the Leader who provided them with high-quality medicines.


[Do not say anymore.] Undressed Myna left a message.
[I decided to donate all my pocket money for a year to the Gongji Orphanage.
And do volunteer work when I have time on holidays.]


[I happened to live in Canggu City, and when that time comes, I will set an appointment to go with you.]


[Add me one.]


[Me as well.]


Harmony had descended the land here, but the original post turned into a Shura field.


The poster “Angry Stone” was sprayed and drowned with dog blood by netizens who discovered the truth, and since then, he never appeared again, even anonymously or casually.
Others’ curses had no effect on him after some dusting, but Roy had received an overwhelming impact on his reputation.
Even though the false issue was clarified, the orphanage may not be peaceful for a long time because of the incident.


He Lin walked out of bed in good spirits after waking up from a good night’s sleep.
It was unusual to take a vacation while also recuperating at home.
There was no major concern on Tikaman’s side, so he just delegated the other matters to follow.


He boarded on Starnet, where the only website he became acquainted with was Huahua World.
He was about to contact An Xian when he noticed a comment in the comment area and his eyes did not move for a few seconds.


He followed the visual cues that everyone was exchanging passionately about some post.
He Lin’s face darkened as he read deeper and deeper.


He Lin contacted Fei Tuo a short time later.
“Please assist me in locating the owner of the post.”


With that, he forwarded Angry Stone’s post to Fei Tuo.


Fei Tuo sensed He Lin’s fiery rage and opened the post with trepidation.
After reading it, his entire persona became dazed. ‘This Angry Stone is indeed infuriating and that Lord A of the post was truly sympathetic, but what does it have to do with Lord He?’


‘This majestic Chief Lord, who dealt with national affairs every day, when did you have the leisure to care for such trivial matters?’


After Fei Tuo dispatched someone to investigate, he understood why He Lin was upset.


The person involved in the post was a survivor who experienced the same crash with He Lin.
He was also the one who provided the medicine that abated He Lin’s chaotic mental power and resolved a major crisis for him.


He Lin remained attentive to the progress of this matter.
He had previously asked Fei Tuo to investigate Roy, but their information was far less detailed than that revealed on the internet.
Roy’s parents’ sacrifices, the entire process of his admission to Bellevue, his life at school, and so on… were absent.


He Lin was enraged as he saw Roy’s privacy being violated constantly everywhere.


Just when he wanted to order someone to clean up these posts, the flower buds of Huahua World Leader suddenly blossomed, and soon a message popped out.
[Are you there?]


Your Excellency H: [Here.]


Huahua Leader: [Have you used the medicines? How did they feel?]


Your Excellency H: [I just took the Huyuan Pill yesterday, and its effect is really excellent.]


Huahua World Leader: [Turns out you just started using it, so please give me a test report after you use them all up.]


Your Excellency H: […..]


Huahua Leader: [… Is there anything you want to say?]


Your Excellency H: [… None.]


On An Xian’s screen, the buzzing fat bee just flew in circles, yet remained silent.


Huahua Leader: [Did you change your avatar? So cute.]


Your Excellency H: [Thank you.
You are also lovely.]


Huahua Leader: [… If there is nothing else, I’ll go now.]


Your Excellency H: [Wait.
Have you shipped the Feixing Dose I bid for yesterday?] (Actually.
I want to ask him how he is now and if there is anything he needs help with.)


Huahua Leader: [Already did.
If there is no accidental delay, you should receive it by this afternoon.
To thank you for your support of our story, I sent you a gift along with.]


He liked gifts.


Your Excellency H: [What gift?]


Huahua Leader: [A pot of flowers.
I hope you like it.]


Your Excellency H: [I like everything you send.]


Dazzled by the sudden teasing, An Xian: “….”


Your Excellency H: [I also want to send you a gift.]


Huahua Leader: [Why do you want to send me a gift?]


Your Excellency H: [… You are a good person.] (Actually, I want to thank him, encourage him without batting an eyelid, console him not to be afraid, and reassure him he has a thigh to hug.)


Unable to solve the enigma of being issued a good person card, An Xian: “….”


Your Excellency H: [Can I send you a gift?]


Huahua Leader: [Very well, looking forward to your gift.]


On the screen, the little bee representing “Your Excellency H” pounced on the flowers and happily began to harvest honey.


An Xian: “……”


He Lin’s face went black; he merely shook his fingers moments before, and he had not expected this outcome at all.


Your Excellency H: [… Let’s leave it like this.
Talk to you next time.]


Huahua Leader: [Okay, see you later.]


Flowers erupted, and carefree as they sailed with the wind.


The little bee buzzed back and forth on the screen before transforming into bubbles and disappearing.


He Lin walked out of the room, summoned Elsa, and led her to the storage room.


The valuable collections in the storeroom were piled up like a mountain, exuding a majestic, ineffable atmosphere and surrounded by a low-key brilliant halo.
Elsa’s heartbeat sped up, and her breathing became audibly rapid.


“Which one do you prefer?” Lin inquired, folding his arms.


Lord He asked her what she fancied? Did Lord He really ask her what she liked?



Elsa’s eyes widened with eagerness as she stared at He Lin.
She felt like she was going to pass out from happiness right then and there.

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