You won’t regret it.

Not all things inside the storeroom were invaluable treasures.
Besides the antique calligraphy and paintings, gold, jade, and silver artifacts, there were also out-of-print books, rare ores, weaponry, and limited-release commemorative coins, to name a few. 


He Lin was fond of weapons, ancient weapons of various shapes and lengths to be exact.
However, weaponry was clear as the day was not suitable for gifts, so he asked Elsa to come over for a consultation. 


“Which one caught your eye?” He Lin asked.


Elsa tried to suppress the bubbling excitement in her heart.
Her eyes swept across the room.
Only lingering on every treasure by a nanosecond.
Soon, her eyes stopped on a ruby placed in the middle of the glass cabinet.
If she was not mistaken, this gemstone was part of the natural crystalline marrow the He family extracted from an orebody ten years ago.
After cutting and processing, they found it contained an impressive 97.6% of purity.
The gem also exhibited a crisp, uncontaminated texture, the surface was of transparent color, and dazzling in brilliance.
Its initial value appraisal was around 500 million, and supposedly, it was reserved for the future wife of He Lin.
At that time, a hubbub of various noises broke all over the country, yet the matter soon waned as it was left unsettled. 


Elsa could not tear her eyes away when she first saw it.
Not because of its beauty, but because of the implicit meaning it symbolized. 


He Lin followed her line of sight and saw the gem—Blazing Heart of Love. 


He walked over, opened the glass cabinet, and took out Blazing Heart of Love.
He still harbored quite the impression of this gem.
His grandfather gave it to him as an adulting present.
The latter even joked that it could be passed on to his wife’s car in the future.
Only that he never took it to heart, because every time his grandfather gave him a present, he would always quip in the “granddaughter-in-law” who they knew both nothing of. 


In the eyes of outsiders, the Blazing Heart of Love may hold extraordinary value.
In contrast, for him, the greatest significance was that it was a gift from the elderly.
When such “gifts” accumulated far too much for one to count in a sitting, no matter how precious those objects were, they became no different from toys.


‘This gemstone looked really pleasing.
But isn’t it too irreverent to give such an expensive gift without careful consideration?’


However, considering Roy’s origin and personality, he probably held no appreciation for gems.
Even if he gave this 500 million gemstone to him, He Lin reckoned Roy would only regard it as a 500 million gem he picked up from a ground stall. 


After contemplating it for five seconds, He Lin decisively decided. ‘Just choose it!’


He packed the Blazing Heart of Love into a gift box and handed it to Elsa. 


Elsa’s cheeks flushed pink.
She was so excited that her stretched-out hand trembled as she carefully received the box. 


“Wrap the bag for me this afternoon.”


Elsa stiffened: “…”


Those words were like a basin of ice-cold water, extinguishing the fervent heat blazing in her heart into a pile of cold ash at once. 


The man she admired suddenly took her to the storage room and asked her what she liked, in a casual attitude where it seemed Elsa could pick randomly.
The purpose was indeed to choose a gift, yet it was not chosen for her! 


‘My lord, you could have said it earlier.
You should have spoken your intent earlier! Or else how could I be excited?! How could I dare choose the Blazing Heart of Love!’


‘This was for the future wife of Lord He! Does he already have a woman he adores?!’


Elsa felt as if she became mentally retarded just now.
Her morale had been hit like never. 


She glared at He Lin with obvious bitterness and hatred emitting from her eyes.
The green veins of her trembling fingers holding the box bulged out too. 


“What?” He Lin glanced at her coldly.


Elsa soon lowered her head and promptly curbed her emotions. 


“My lord, who are you going to give this heart to? Do you need to prepare a card?” She figured it was not the recipient.
The last thing she could do was to figure out which coquettish bitch was taking advantage of He Lin’s gap under her strict guard!


“No, you just need to pack it up.” After the order was clarified, He Lin spun on his heels and walked out of the storage room alone.


Elsa gritted her teeth and soon followed with heavy footsteps.
She vowed she must track down the person who got this Blazing Heart of Love!


By the afternoon, He Lin received a courier from An Xian.
There was also a pot of Qixiang grass beside the Feixing Dose. 


Qixiang grass was an evergreen plant with wide blade-like leaves and even a veiny texture.
The stems in the middle stood straight as a ramrod, which was complemented by blossoming a lavender flower on top.
It stood alone, looking all elegant yet cold.
The aroma was not strong, yet it made people feel very at ease.


He Lin placed it in his bedroom, near the headboard of the bed. 


Soon after, he asked Fei Tuo to send the packaged Blazing Heart of Love to An Xian. 


Fei Tuo was oblivious to the fact that the package contained 50 million worth of Blazing Heart of Love, and He Lin could not be bothered to inform him either.
So, Fei Tuo just sent the package to an ordinary courier and sent it out.


When An Xian got the well-wrapped-up package from a pile of disordered express deliveries and found the inside contained a valuable natural spiritual stone, the whole person was silent. 


She was really not an expert at appraising gems.
However, the one in front of her was different.
It was an authentic spiritual stone.
Although the aura content was subpar, it was of pure quality and was only slightly inferior to the ones in her spatial storage ring.
Its appearance showed that this era kept natural spirit stones!


If she could find more spirit stones, her cultivation speed would increase by leaps and bounds, and she would not have to worry about her spiritual qi drying up. 


An Xian was thrilled about this.
When she was inwardly thanking Your Excellency H for his generosity, her eyes caught something peeking out between the parcel’s interlayer.
It turned out to be a contract. 


After skimming over at a fast rate, a trace of surprise flashed through An Xian’s eyes.


She put down the contract, boarded the StarNet, and tried to contact Your Excellency H. 


The other party just happened to be online.
Apparently, every time she got in touch with him, he would always be online.


You Excellency H: [I guess you have received my gift.]


Huahua Leader: [Yes, thank you.
I like it very much.]


Your Excellency H: [You are welcome.]


Huahua Leader: [You also sent me a contract.]


Your Excellency H: [Well, what do you think?]


Huahua Leader: [Let me become your exclusive drug consultant and pharmaceutical expert for three years, with a minimum guaranteed annual salary of 300W, and the medicines’ prices are calculated separately?]


Your Excellency H: [That’s right.
I will not interfere with your development of other medicines.
But I hope that within those three years, you will only supply specialized medicines to me.]


Huahua Leader: [Why?] The conditions were handsome, and she was small. 


Your Excellency H: [I need a stable source of specialized medicines.
The medicines you refined are very in line with my requirements.]


An Xian fell into deep thought.
Most of the materials needed to refine specialized medicines were expensive, and it would consume a lot of spiritual power to make as well.
She had no intention of focusing on specialized vitality drugs as her principal sales.
His Excellency H’s contract not only provided her with funds to purchase medicine materials but also did not hinder her from selling other drugs.
The contract had a statute of effectivity for only three years, which was almost just in time for the spiritual qi cycle to form. 


It could be assumed that this contract was suitable for her current situation. 


With the financial power displayed by Your Excellency H, probably he would not cheat an unremarkable little shop owner. 


Around this time, Your Excellency H added: [After the contract is signed, if you encounter any trouble in the future, you can come to me.
I will do my utmost to protect your safety so you can concoct medicine without distraction.]


Huahua Leader: [This contract is very favorable to me.
I really can’t think of such grounds to refuse.]


Your Excellency H: [You will not regret it.]


Huahua Leader: [Well, I consent.] An Xian was not an ink person.
Since she thought it appropriate, then it was settled. 


Your Excellency H: [Happy cooperation, my exclusive consultant.]


Huahua Leader: [Please advise me, my boss.]


He Lin became in a good mood when he saw her reply. 


A little later, he added: [Three years later; I hope we can renew the contract.]


Huahua Leader: [Things three years from now, let’s put off the discussion after three years.]


He Lin insisted neither.
Once they made an appointment time to notarize the contract online, they hopped offline. 


He drafted this contract mainly to protect Roy.
This young man was still too young.
Once someone discovered his talents for refining specialized vitality medicines, it was difficult to say what trouble would he encounter. 


He Lin was usually buried in work, and there would be inevitable times where he could not take care of it himself.
So, with this contract, Roy would no longer accept orders for specialized vitality medicines, minimizing the risk of him being targeted.
He hoped that at least within three years, he could grant this young man a quiet and secure environment. 


After An Xian delightedly “sold” herself for the next three years, she fiddled with her medicinal ingredients. 


The negative remarks about Roy on the internet have evanesced.
After discovering that Roy was the alliance leader of Huahua World, the buyers took initiative to organize themselves to help clarify the truth and wash off the grime and black on his name. 


As evidenced by various facts, Roy not only restored his reputation.
He also became an inspirational model for many young people. 


The first half of his life revolved around obscurity and unknown, and the latter half of “his” would be brilliant. 


What An Xian was not aware of was that “Angry Stone” who conspired in vilifying Roy, was Ou Hao, which was found out by He Lin at a fast rate.
The latter used his own methods to harness the person and exposed him to major forums. 


The difference between Roy was that person conducted himself with impropriety and was caked with black spots.
A random investigation revealed a lot of things heinous enough for his reputation to plummet rock-bottom. 


He Lin glanced at it and not a second later, disdain arose on his face and soon stopped paying attention.
This kind of villain was really unworthy of wasting his efforts. 


An Xian wanted to teach Ou Hao a lesson, but before she could do anything, the said person had already fallen on his grace by a thunderbolt.
Although she was uncertain if it was a mere coincidence or someone helped in the dark.
But since a proper punishment had been carried out, there was no need for her to pursue it. 


She had other significant flowers to tend for and had no interest in wasting time on such insignificant passers-by.


Her and He Lin’s views, contrary to what one might expect, were astonishingly identical. 


After the five sets of Feixing Dose and a set of complimentary gifts were sent out, a live flight show appeared soon.


Flying agents have prime requirements for a person’s mind control capability.
Among the four live videos released so far, except for the Return of the King, who flew out of like the drunken svelte of a peacock, the others were appalling.
The various bizarre flying postures elicited guffaws from the audiences, and the comment section was flooded with long threads of laughter 23333.


This also made everyone realize how powerful the mind control of the Huahua Leader was.
Her flying posture was smooth, straightforward, whimsical, and sported lots of tricks as if she reigned originally as the king of the sky.
And her comment area was full of non-stop handsome, handsome, handsome…


More than half a month after the release of Feixing Dose, the heat of flying had yet to subside.
And An Xian began pondering the new drug for the next month. 


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