Chapter 18

Magic Crystal

Translated by Coke
Edited by Ren


In him, he saw the freedom that he lack.

Ding! An Xian received a message tagged with the title “urgent” highlighted in red.
This kind of marked message could temporarily bypass the offline wall which arose when a person was in an offline state allowing the information to be thrust in.
With 50 points to pay per message. 


The name of the person who sent the message was “Daqi Zaocheng”—spelled in the message sender bar—and he was a stranger.
He had never purchased anything in the Huahua World before. 


An Xian clicked on the message prompt, and the first sentence that emerged was: [Mr.
Roy, we would like to sign a long-term supply contract with you for the Feixing Dose and Light Dust Pill.]


Its tone had a touch of aloofness and condescension. 


An Xian replied: [Sorry.
There is no intention of cooperation.]


Daqi Zaocheng: [Don’t be in a hurry to refuse.
Take a look at the contract first.]


Soon after, a contract was transmitted over.
Ann Xian skimmed through the contents and was rendered speechless by its absurdity. 


The transaction of each monthly batch of Feixing Dose was proposed to be 40,000 points and 35,000 points for Light Dust Pill.
They demanded 500 copies of each drug per month and 1% of the annual income stood as dividends.
What’s worse, An Xian was prohibited to supply to anyone other than them. 


The reason An Xian launched a Monthly New Products channel was solely to account for the limited materials, as well as to consider her spiritual power reserves.
With that being said, she could only release drugs in limited quantities for the time being and was unable to supply them in batches.
It was clear as the day the other party regarded her as a wholesaler since they reduced the transaction price by half and the annual dividend counted only for 1%.
Compared with Your Excellency H who guaranteed a minimum salary of 300W even if she did not work, and only demanded to work only for him. 


The auction of the Light Dust Pill had yet to commence.
Although it was a 2-star mid-range product, it’s a lot easier to get started and required not much mind control, thus it attracted such a large and the final transaction price may be higher than Feixing Dose.
An Xian wanted to save money to buy a plot of land and she had to cultivate as well.
Ergo how could she squander time on such an arduous and unrewarding cooperation?


Her ultimate goal was to purchase 40 acres of land, with an initial estimate of about 500W.
At present, she possessed a pitiful 5 to 6 acres by which were rented.
If it was less than 20 acres, then the landlord would not consider it at all. 


An Xian checked the personal information of “Daqi Zahocheng.” She saw that the position column was filled with “Department Manager of Wanshihong Pharmaceutical Company” who left an impression in her heart.
She refused again.
[Sorry, there is no intention for cooperation.]


And blocked it.


“Motherfucker doesn’t know how to see good from bad!” Chai Zimin, gripping the device tight, screamed at the screen. 


“What? The other party declined?” Secretary Ma Lingli propped his arms against the corner of the table and looked at Chai Zimin with a smile. 


“He is but an insignificant 3rd-level therapist, and neither has authority nor influence.
We’ve given such excellent conditions, but because he tasted the sense of limelight recently and developed two promising new drugs, he truly believed himself to be such a genius, didn’t he?” Chai Zimin was indignant.
The dignified department manager of the company personally asked this hairy boy for cooperation.
But the other party sent me away with a solid “No intention for cooperation!” 


“My dear, Mr.
Where is this ignorant child worthy of your anger? Find people to ‘communicate’ with him.
If the cooperation ends up unsuccessful, then make a way to buy his prescription.
In short, we must allow him to see the strength of Wanshihong.” Ma Lingli walked around behind Chia Zimin and massaged him with practiced hands. 


Chai Zimin closed his eyes, his anger somehow decreasing.
He patted Ma Lingli’s hand on his shoulder, and lofty said, “You are right.
This kid’s still a little insightful, and I reckon he hasn’t even heard of Wanshihong’s name.
According to your idea, let the people below ‘deal’ with him, pay attention to their behavior, and be careful not to make much noise.”


“No problem.
Leave it to me, and you’ll be satisfied.” A sweet smile bloomed in Ma Lingli’s face, and he fell into Chai Zingmi’s arms.


The auction started in the evening.
And As Xian expected, the final transaction price of Light Dust Pill soared to 70W—an average of 14W per bottle.
But the mere 5 bottles were too small to satisfy numerous people’s budding desires.


After An Xian’s previous demonstration, everyone ostensibly was enthusiastic about the Light Dust Pill when in truth they coveted that languid airy feeling so much.
Everyone wanted to experience the transcendence of wandering in the sky, as lithe as a swallow, in confidence, and at ease.
However, the Leader was not open for sale.
For every time he launched something with only three to five bottles, the stingy flower friends burst into tears.


As the end of the year approached, An Xian replenished the shop’s goods and decided to give herself a holiday.
She rented an unmanned maglev vehicle and went straight to the Sea of Clouds, intending to explore the sunken ancient site. 


To weigh up ancient and modern maps, under the Sea of Clouds, there should still exist a boundary between Qianxu Pavillion and Xuan Guang Sect. 


An Xian arrived on the shore, found a place obscured from the public view, took the Shuilin Pill, and leaped into the sea. 


The ice-cold seawater enveloped her, and the light blue radiance looked like a heavenly star illuminating against the deep stark sea.
The effect of the Shuilin Pill could last for three hours and reach a diving depth of 300 meters.
If not for her inadequate spiritual power, otherwise it would be a cinch to dive to a kilometer.


She breezed through the various schools of fish, and opened her divine sense, searching for a spiritual aura everywhere.
Each major cultivation sect generally possessed a forcefield outside.
If there was a forcefield, there should also be fluctuations in the spiritual aura.
Although the barrier may have lost its function after a lapse of a millennium, sensing a remnant of aura was still possible. 


After swimming for more than half an hour, she found nothing.
The original ruins seemed to have sunk several hundred meters.
An Xian floated in the sea overlooking a huge bottomless pit under her feet.


She took out a flash globe from her storage ring and threw it down.
The surface of the pitch-black pit lit up.
An Xian vaguely saw the illuminated glazed roof tiles and vestiges of artificial carvings, confirming that the Qianxu Pavillion was underneath.
A pity she could not descend further and investigate since its depth had far exceeded the limit she could bear at present. 


At this moment, the surrounding water rippled just as a huge black shadow slowly mopped over An Xian’s head.
The two wide pectoral fins flared out from its side like wings, and the long caudal fin cruised along with waves.
The whole fish body displayed such a sense of balance, as well as the profound splendor of beauty.
And thousands of small fishes followed behind it. 


Manta ray—the ocean rangers—the route they passed through was often the safest to follow. 


An Xian swam on the back of the manta ray and glided with it. 


After a short while, the manta ray suddenly inclined sideways, speeding up as it hovered upwards to the surface, driving the water backward as it leaped and broke through the waters — flying into the azure skies whose color bled on the waters — arousing a stretch of arcs and splashes of waves. 


An Xian lay on the back of the manta ray, watching the droplets of water fall like raindrops.
A small smile tugged on one corner of her lips, and the new medicine for the last month of this year had been decided!


“Lord He, it’s getting late.
Shall we go back?” asked Fei Tuo in a soft voice. 


He Lin stood on the bow of the ship, overlooking the azure seas.
It took him a long time before he gave an answer.
“Return after 8 o’clock.”


There had been a lot of social niceties recently, and even a brief trip to drive away his cares was hard to come by, thus He Lin spurned the idea of facing those nuisances quickly. 


Fei Tuo looked at He Lin with a helpless gaze.
This trip was arranged at the last minute.
No bodyguards and no security measures surrounded them.
What should be done in case of an attack? As his adjutant, who swore loyalty to death, Fei Tuo broke his heart every day for Lord He. 


At this moment, Dei Tuo became vigilant and snapped his head toward the distant place at the sea, only to see faint billows of emerging waves.
Then, he heard a loud bang, and a massive thing that appeared to be an embodiment of twilight leaped out of the water. 


‘So it was a manta ray?’  Fei Tuo was about to calm his nerves when he saw a person lying on the back of the manta ray.
Alarms bells rang in his mind as he was astounded, and his body moved on its own to stand in front of He Lin.
Yet in the next second, flowers appeared in his sight, and He Lin, who was behind, rushed to the bow of the boat, gripping the railing with both hands, and stared at the figure at the rear of the manta ray with such burning intensity.


They climbed on the manta ray’s fin angle with one hand, leaned forward, and kneeled on one knee.
Their long, ebony hair danced with the wind, drizzling countless drops of water that gloriously shimmered under the golden kiss of the setting sun. 




He Lin recognized “him” at a glance. 


The man on the manta ray’s back seemed to sense it.
He turned his head toward them and smiled at him. 


He Lin felt as if his heart had been hit by someone, and before he could savor it, the man had plopped into the sea along with the wake of the manta ray, disappearing without a trace but the splashes of water. 


He Lin stared at the sea affixed a rapt gaze on the sea surface, fanned out his divine sense, searching around.
Yet ended up with only seconds of detecting the person’s presence as it swam further away.


With just a glance, it left him impressed.


His eyes set at the endless sea, and somehow understood a bit why he cared about the other—it was because he saw freedom He Lin never had himself.
Swimming freely in the heavens and earth, unfettered of any worries. 


“Let’s return.” The heated look in He Lin’s eyes faded and was never to be seen by others as he turned around and walked toward the cabin. 


“Huh? Didn’t you say you won’t be back until after 8 o’clock?” Fei Tuo was puzzled by his sudden change of plans.


“I’m hungry.” After running into that person, He Lin realized what he needed the most was not tranquility, but a hearty vent. 


An Xian returned home, took a long comfortable bath, and began the day’s cultivation practice.
Although he did not find anything of value when she went out to sea this time, it was still worth the trip as she determined the location of the Qianxu Pavilion. 


Besides, she also got inspiration for refining the new drug.
A snowstorm was set to happen in three days, and by that time, the new product would also be released. 


Huahua Leader: [When the rain and snow swirled together and fall, let’s meet after dusk.
The new product will be broadcasted live.
So, stay tuned.]


[Got it.
With this being the last year, the Leader must increase the product quantity!]


[Especially ordered a super bowl of drugs, just waiting for the leader to drop it.]


[I don’t know what kind of a product the Leader will release this time.
Is there anything I should look forward to?]


[Leader, I have prepared a thick red envelope for you.
As a courtesy, should you also give us benefits? For example, sell thousands or, even ten thousand, of bottles of new drugs or something like that.]


[I also prepared a big red envelope, seeking the benefit of the kind Leader!!]


[Big red envelope—for benefits!!]


[Seeking benefits!!]




The following thread of comments, which seemed like a rally, were all about demanding benefits.


The live broadcast was set at 11 in the evening on the 29th of the month.
As forecasted, the dense snowstorm rained upon the earth from the night sky.
In addition to the dim lighting, the snow affected the clarity of the video even more.
Everyone could only see a frosty and hazy picture. 


[Leader, did you not watch the weather forecast before doing this?]


[How can we see in such heavy snow weather clearly?]


[Leader, don’t get wet ah.
Why don’t you wait for the snowstorm to stop before broadcasting?]


[I agree.
Wait until the snowstorm subsides before broadcasting.]


Everyone rambled in the live broadcast room.
Some grumbled their dissatisfaction, and some felt disappointed.
No one could blame them, as seeing such a horrible intro for a broadcast it was expected for others’ expectations to plummet.


“Mi Duo, it’s almost midnight.
Come here and light candles together!” Mi Duo’s mother yelled. 


“Coming.” The Leader’s live broadcast had already started, and Mi Duo begrudged to leave.
After thinking about it, she rushed to turn the screen to the living room. 


Mi Duo’s parents already had their candles lit, and the unlit living room was enveloped in a warm atmosphere of candlelight. 


“What are you watching? The screen is full of rain and snow.” Mother Mi Duo could not help but be asked in bafflement as she watched the wintry showers in teh video.


However, Mi Duo remained silent because An Xian’s figure had appeared in the scene, with her hand holding a sphere-shaped crystal object. 


“This is the protagonist of today—the magic crystal.”


An Xian stretched her hand, letting the sleet drench her.
The camera whirred on the side for a better angle and aimed at the object on her hand.


Magic Crystal? 


Within a noisy lounge, Myna sipped on a glass of red wine handed by a friend.
Then, he inclined his head and looked at the live broadcast…


“The Returned King”, Mu Kaifeng sat alone in a car, dragging a breath of smoke.
He inadvertently remembered the Leader’s live broadcast, and he lazily lifted a hand and clicked on the screen…


He Lin spun around dealing with waves after waves of guests.
Despite his calm exterior, he felt extremely bored and upset.
It took him time to leave the banquet hall, and once he did, He Lin searched for a quiet corner and asked Fei Tuo for a portable wisdom brain.
He lightly tapped on it.


In the scenery full of rain and snow showers, the white hand holding the crystal ball, threw the ball upward all of a sudden.


The time gradually entered into a moment of a countdown.


In that instant, time seemed to have ceased to move. 


Droplets of rain and flakes of snow covered the whole skies.
As if cast by some magic—from the heights to the ground—layer upon layer froze, turning into long-drawn drops resembling threads and specks of ice.
Translucent, and shining splendidly. 


Within the radius of several thousand kilometers, the sky was covered with suspended ice crystals, like upside-down snow-capped mountains and ice peaks, rolling in place and densely scattered across, creating such ethereal splendor of a scene. 


Just as Mi Duo blew out his candle, a glistening snow tree and silver flowers bloomed in the dark space.


Myna beheld the silver world made of ice crystals that unfolded before his eyes as if entrancing him that his breath got hitched on his throat, and even forgot to swallow the red mouth in his mouth.


The same incident occurred in Mu Kaifengs’s car.
The silver glittering of frost and crystals seemed to have seeped out of the screen, permeating his once dark car with silvery brilliance that almost blinded his eyes, while cigarette butts burned his finger without noticing. 


On the virtual screen before He Lin, the whole instance of rain and snow transforming into ice crystals happened in three-dimensional.
The layer after layer of the solidified matter seemed to cover him. 


The hustle and bustle faded, and the boredom gradually evanescence, leaving only a limpid serenity.


“Happy New Year.”


A cold voice streamed in everyone’s ears from the live broadcast room through the screens. 


No one thought they would spend the night as quietly as a chicken that should have been filled with celebratory noises…



The author has something to say:

Originally, I didn’t plan to change it today because the number of words on the list has already been set.

The live broadcast was already as quiet as a chicken, but it would also be quiet as chicken here if you don’t comment…

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