Lord, you can’t be jumping in two boats, be faithful ’til death.

An Xian refined the pill of deformation because she intended to use the popularity of the masquerade party to make a small profit in a short time.
With no high expectations, she logged into her account and was astounded to see the overwhelming demands for information about the Deformation Pill.
An Xian scrolled through the several messages in her inbox and found that most customers’ interests lay in the shelf life, selling price, and so on.


Despite the demands for more of that pill, there were still batches of uncompleted orders and there was no time to refine more Deformation Pills in two days.
As she stared into the distance, she thought for a while.
She took out 5 of the remaining ten pieces of Deformation Pills, put them on the auction platform, and set the starting price for 200 points.
When everything seemed set, An Xian went back to the Tianfu forum to post the sale information. 


When they saw this news, friends who have been in the Tianfu forum all year round hastily threw whatever they were doing and clicked on the Huahua World like chicken blood.
But the raging pollens had already wiped the limited vials the moment they opened the page out.
Within the mark of ten seconds, each negotiated price for a pill climbed above 6000 points, and the highest one even reached 9000 credit points. 


But this was not the point.
The point was more monks and less meat existed! Downright.
To eat!


[Leader, dare to post a pre-sale in the forum first, set a lucky day, then officially start the auction!!!] 

[Don’t be naïve upstairs.
What about pre-sale? I was squatting in the store just now, but I didn’t get any of them, ah.
I don’t know which bastard raised the price from 1500 to 6000 all at once.
He ran away with one as he took advantage of the dumbfounded people’s labors, leaving behind only a shock wave.
In the end, his one turned out to be the lowest price in the entire auction.]

[Hey, the person you’re looking for is precisely beneath me.]

[‘Invincible Mentally Retarded Star’? Very good, I’ll remember you!]

[Leader, I want to know when is the next sale?]




An Xian roughly scanned everyone’s messages and replied, “The official launching will be in five days.
The initial price is 8888.
The top ten customers to purchase can enjoy a 30% discount.
Since the quantity is limited, first come, first served.”


Her ideal price was initially around 6000, but the auction price soared to 9000+.
As a result, the official price would not be too low.
She didn’t think that an elementary-grade Deformation Pill was worth such a high price.
From An Xian’s perspective, it’s enough that she got what she paid for, and a little over 50% of the profit was sufficient for her.
Moreover, An Xian didn’t want her prices to be too inconsistent. 


From this point of view, An Xian was definitely unqualified as a businessperson. 


The hot sales of Deformation Pill also drove up the sales volume of other medicines in Huahua World.
Everyone quickly discovered that the drugs sold in this small shop were of first-class quality, possessed excellent results, were affordable, and had a side effect of minor to only 1%.
It was simply the conscience of the business industry, in contrast to those fraudulent.


Anyone who visited Huahua World was instantly hooked and became its loyal flower buddies without hesitation. 


With the surge of the influx of many buyers, Huahua World’s stocks inventory was severely strained.
However, An Xian was still refining her medicines under the queue of prescribed orders.
Of course, the quality was impeccable, but the quantity utterly could not meet the needs of ferocious flower friends. 


One month later, the masquerade party was conducted as scheduled.
Hundreds of flower friends who took the Deformation Pills were flirtatious to behold.
These friends’ natural and intriguing appearances amazed the audience and toppled the traditional makeup in just one night.
Many entertainment journalists had even carried out a lengthy report for those shot bizarre images issued in magazines with such fervent enthusiasm radiating from the descriptive words causing Deformation Pill to become a sensational fire to hold.
The name ‘Huahua World’ had also gradually become known.


Recently, An Xian had some worries. 


The flowers she planted had already passed their blooming period, but they grew unscrupulous still.
This, however, was not the one she troubled about.
The problem was the first and second generations of flowers she cultivated in advance couldn’t bear too much spiritual power.
Hence, it would overflow, wasting some of it in vain.
The longer the flowering period, the more spiritual energy would spill over, uncontrollably burning the vitality of the plant.
When the third and fourth generations come, the quality would inevitably deteriorate.


The flowers of this era had undergone a particular mutation event.
Even if they were just ordinary flowers, as long as they consume with a bit of spiritual power, they would still bloom brilliantly and continuously grow. 


An Xian had tried to choose flowers as alchemy materials, but she couldn’t consume the four acres of flower field alone all at once without one already on the verge of blooming when the fourth acre still had some remain.
So she couldn’t use all the remaining flowers.


Wait a minute, they’re flowers!


An Xian slapped her head out of exasperation.
Why must the flowers process into something else before marketing them? They naturally could sell them as was!


Online flower shops mainly sold bouquets, flower baskets, potted plants, seeds, and so on, while An Xian only planned to sell potted plants.
Even with no decorations and ribbon arrangement, she foresaw the flowers to sell decently, since the flowers she cultivated had a long flowering period and strong vitality.
Regardless of spiritual nourishment, they could survive for a long time, but they may drop to the ordinary quality after a few years. 


With her mind made up, An Xian captured hundreds of beautiful photos of her flower field and filtered them out one by one to pick out those with the best angles.
With her innate meticulous trait, the number of photos that passed her sharp eye was only 40 to 50 of them, uploaded them to the newly added Huahua Channel of his online store, losing no precious drops of seconds.
She also shared a post on the Tianfu forum.


『This is the League Master of Huahua World.
We sincerely invite our flower friends to appreciate it together.
The old rule is that flower buddies will be randomly selected, and each will receive for free.


1st floor: [Grab!]


2nd floor: [the beauty is worth dying for.
Let me drown in the sea of flowers!]


5th floor: [Huahua Leader is indeed veritable as “Huahua” Leader.]


8th floor: [Leader, what flowers do you sell? With this leisurely sentiment, make more medicine ah!! Where is the Buyuan Pill I ordered? Haven’t you still refined it?!]


9th floor: [I seconded the upstairs.
Leader, you shouldn’t be jumping back and forth in two boats.
Be faithful to one unto death.]


23rd floor: [Hold on.
Am I only the one wondering why these flowers still bloom so splendidly after the flowering period? They grew these in a natural flower field, not bred in a greenhouse.]


27th floor: [Leader, do you have special flower planting skills?]




In contrast with the various particular medicines, people sure were blatantly not interested in flowers


Still, in this case, An Xian did not mind.
This was a long-running business that required steady work and changed little by little, so it was enough to accumulate popularity for now


After announcing the list of lucky pollens, An Xian tactfully selected nine different varieties of flowers—plus the four people who broadcasted the Deformation Pill before—and sent them out with the addresses that the lucky flower friends entrusted to her.


International Central Alliance Building.


“My lord, your ginseng tea.” Elsa placed the teacup on the desk and looked at the man in front of her with admiration. 


Without glancing at the awaiting woman, He Lin let out an uninterested ‘en’ and proceeded with the documents he held in his hand. 


After a while, sensing Elsa was still lingering there, he looked up and asked, “Is there anything else?”


“No, no.” This sudden peculiarity of his behavior made her dumbstruck.
Trying to disguise the wavering emotion in her eyes, she bowed her head and asked, “I wonder if Your Lord has any orders?”


“No more.
You can go out.”


“Yes.” Elsa turned around and walked out of the office with slumped shoulders. 


He Lin looked at her dispirited back, frowning slightly.
He initially chose her as an assistant because the scent of her body could temporarily relieve his headache.
But after a few months with her, that scent gradually disappeared, replaced by another scent that disgusted him. 


Clearly, that scent was only the effect of a certain medicine, not her body scent. 


However, this was not the reason he acted indifferent to her.
It’s a given that Elsa was good at doing things, and she was more qualified enough to be an assistant.
But like some women, she catered unrealistic fantasies for herself that involved him, which seriously affected his mood and work efficiency. 


He Lin surmised perhaps he should his assistant sooner. 


Elsa plopped down at the desk with an incredulous expression.
She couldn’t believe what happened just now.
Staring at the black screen of her computer in a daze, confusion rapidly mixing with disbelief.
She always thought that He Lin had a good impression of and favored her most; otherwise, she would not end up as the assistant.
With the man’s high profile and condescendingly bitter personality, other women would have no chance to approach him, and only she could stay by his side.
Even actively asking her to stay in his office. 


But to her surprise, He Lin’s attitude towards herself had undergone extreme changes during those last two months, and it was not good news; instead, a bad one.
There was no difference on the surface, just like how Elsa was first hired.
But if observed intently, the alienation between his speech and behavior was apparent. 


‘What’s the problem? Did I accidentally do something that detested him?’ Elsa hung her head in despair.


She attentively chewed over her past work performance in the past few months—she regarded herself as constantly meticulous and dedicated, never talked much than necessary, and never once thought of crossing the boundary in action.
At most, she simply expressed her unrestrained love implicitly, but she just also based this on the favor He Lin donned on her. 


As the only woman around him was she not special…?


Meanwhile, He Lin had just finished the document he was reading, and he was particularly not in a good mood as he massaged the space between his eyebrows.
Powering on the vertical screen, he dialed the signal of his adjutant Fei Tuo.
“How was the investigation?”


Fei Tuo: “I’ve already sorted through it.
According to Assistant Elsa’s shopping list three months ago, what you’re looking for ought to be the Ningxiang Pill by the online store ‘Huahua World’, which has an appraisal of 4-star.
It seems to be good.
This subordinate ordered three of them—one of which was sent to the laboratory and about the other two, what does Lord He plan to do with it?”


Bring it over to me at night and wait for the results of the test to make plans for the rest.”




As the sky turned into a black mass peppered with twinkling stars, He Lin had just exited from the shower and walked to the bed seamlessly in a loose and fuzzy bathrobe.
He reached out, picking up the bottle on the bedside table, feeling the coldness and smoothness of the bottle as he swirled the tinctured, bright liquid inside. 


After sizing it up for a while, he unscrewed the bottle cap, and he immediately sniffed a familiar sweet fragrance that was fresher and cleaner in nature than he had smelled on Elsa before.
Just like before, it immediately relieved his headache, but much faster this time. 


He Lin put the muzzle of the glass vial near his nose.
The tight knot in his brows quickly smoothed up and even made his whole body relaxed as if the scent grew misty, hands massaging his body miraculously away from any discomfort.


A few minutes later, he put down the porcelain bottle carefully and opened the portable brain.
When he found his intent, He Lin clicked on the document Fei Tuo sent, which recorded the investigation results about the online store owner. 


[Roy, 21 years old, a citizen of Qianchong Ziyou Federation, and an enhancer of mental power level D.
At three years old, both his parents died, and a mutual aid orphanage adopted him.
In May of this year, he graduated from Bellevue Medical School and became a third-level certified therapist.
After returning to his country, he opened an online store called “Huahua World” on the StarNet, mainly selling conventional and special function medicine.]


He Lin then unexpectedly discovered that this young man named “Roy” was also a survivor of the plane crash like him, and it actually seemed as if fate bonded them together.


‘He became a tertiary therapist at 21, and surely he must be quite talented in medicine.
Can just a third-level therapist be able to refine such high-quality medicine?’ Others might pay attention to the 4-star middle-grade conventional medicine and buy one higher than it.
Still, with He Lin’s insight, he believed that this was not something that ordinary therapists could do.


Based on the investigation data, although Roy received a large sum of compensation because of the accident, he still donated 80% of the credit points to the mutual aid orphanage where he grew up.
Leaving only a small amount for himself as a start-up fund for his online store and farmland lease.
However, it was still impossible for him to buy expensive mid to high-end restorative materials with such a small percentage.
In other words, the 4-star mid-level drugs he displayed in his market were all refined with low-level materials.


Only inferior materials were used to refine such remarkable medicines that even broke through the middle grade, with effects that even reached 4 stars!


He Lin was confident that even Zog, a level 8 therapist, couldn’t do this. 

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