What kind of golden orchid is this!

An Xian spent the entire morning strolling around the trading market, purchasing nearly 5W worth of restorative materials.
Only Pogushaling was regarded as a stroke of good fortune, earning her the most bargain among them.
Other high-quality restorative materials had owned such inferior opportunities, losing their genuine value.
There had to be more top-tier materials at the auction, but the exorbitant prices turned An Xian off from going.
Besides, what genuinely moved her heart was the Immortal Magic Fungus Spirit Grass that seemed to cease to live in this era.
Regardless, ordinary medicinal materials could still reach her current demands in concocting medicines. 


An Xian left her address to deliver the goods and planned to go to the plantation to purchase many herbs seeds.


The plantation was erected in a ladder-like shape, with temperature, humidity, light, and other aspects adjustable to one’s liking.
If one entered this area, the two adjacent stairs with different artificial environments would greet them first.
The herbs cultivated in this way yielded a slow growth cycle and relatively stable efficacy when refined as drugs.
However, the spiritual energy contained by the plants was sparse, almost non-existent in some ways.
Others may heed no concern, but the first condition for choosing herbs and flowers required the density of the aura content. 


By the first round of strolling, An Xian found nothing.
Searching for another channel to purchase seeds in the future would do her better.
The processed medicinal materials must at least incorporate the spiritual paper of the pharmacist.
Even her lowest standard requirements for large-scale artificially cultivated plants were challenging to meet.


An Xian spun on her heels and walked out of the plantation, intending to return home.


Not far away, Ou Hao headed towards the particular route and came across An Xian head-on.
His face bore dark clouds and seemed indescribable at an alarming rate.
Ou Hao inhaled a few times, telling himself to accept his fate.
He was about to say something, but he watched as the other party neither squinted nor looked sideways and straight away walked past him before his eyes.
The person carried on like the whistling of the wind, unbothered and unrestrained, as he walked farther away.
Ou Hao fell into a trance and thought the person gave him such a sense of distance too far to reach, even with all his might. 


By the time he came back to his senses, An Xian already walked far.
Shame entwined Ou Hao’s heart.
This kind of lofty indifference was more lethal than verbal attacks, and it was upsetting to consider because the other party was the tiny person he had always looked down on.


Roy’s talent was far inferior to him.
But it was strange enough when he ranked above Ou Hao in grades and so much that he was even admitted to Bellevue Medical School in the end.
Although the Vincent University he currently studied at kept its ranking by a marginal difference, Ou Hao was still mentally unstable. 


‘What qualifications did a person with such an awful talent have to enter Bellevue Medical School?’ Ou Hao suspected the inheritance brought about Roy’s school status the orphanage dean left to him. 


He gritted his teeth hard enough as he thought indignantly that a thick face should be revealed to anyone and receive contempt from the masses!


An Xian was oblivious that she was inexplicably marked up with a Hatred Debuff and might lose blood and character.
The restorative materials she bought were also delivered the moment she got home.
After she busied herself by dividing the ingredients into their categories and preparing the prescriptions, the tedious and cumbersome concocting medicines began. 


It took at least three days to refine the medicine this time.
An Xian was unperturbed and isolated herself from what was going on in the outside world.
The medicines on the shelves of the Huahua World shop had been emptied.
The flower friends grew more and more thirsty for panacea as they eagerly waited for the Leader of Huahua World to feed them. 


[I have experienced the wonders of Leader’s medicine, and I fell out of an interest in drugs from other pharmacies.]


[The Leader’s shop doesn’t look good.
Just where is he wandering around?!]


[I guess the Leader may devote himself to developing new drugs, ready to surprise us.]


[I think there may be truth in what upstairs said.]


[Truth +1.]


[While the new medicine is not yet on the shelves, it is better to show you the flowers that the Huahua Leader sent me recently.


This prompt immediately received enthusiastic responses from most of the flower friends.


Mi Duo received a golden magnolia, a flower with a high medicinal value, a distinct flower shape, and a dark fragrance.
At first glance, the appearance of the flower held little beauty to attract attention.
Its branches were thin and twisted, and both the leaves and stems were elongated.
The only remarkable thing was that the flower bloomed well, and the white petals catered no streak of other colors.


Mi Duo started a live broadcast, and this time, in her own home.


Folding Plum Sage Doctor: [Golden orchid is a common Orchidaceae plant with a flowering period of only ten days to half a month, at most.
Since it is hard to raise and the flowering period is short, the price is not high.]


Daomei: [Isn’t it easy to raise? It has been more than a month since I received this golden orchid.]


Folding Plum Holy Hand: [……..]


Winter’s Little White Goose: [Hahahaha, sitting and watching the face of upstairs being beaten.]


Folding Plum Holy Hand: [Ordinary golden orchids really cannot have a one-month flowering period.
Is your plant a mutant variety?]


Lazybones: [The timeframe mentioned by Daomei is the time when she’s at home.
The actual flowering period may grow longer than the standard.]


Folding Plum Holy Hand: [So this golden orchid is indeed a mutant variety.
Daomei, you earned such a gift.]


Daomei: [Hee hee, I feel that my luck has become good since I met the leader.]


Winter’s Little White Goose: [Daomei, you don’t want to shift your love to someone else.
Be careful of your chambers of imperial concubines as they might send dog blood to the Leader.]


Daomei: [I’m already a fangirl of the leader (covers face)~~]


During this small talk, a meow came from the side.
Mi Duo tore her eyes away from the monitor, followed the sound direction, and saw them sprung up on the table and land straight to the flowerpot.


“Don’t!” The alarm bells started ringing in her head.
Mi Duo propped herself, wanting to block the cat’s path, but it was too late.
She only heard a “clang,” and the flowerpot which housed the golden orchid stumbled and rushed to the ground, pieces of tiles and soil scattered into a pile.
Some even almost hit Mi Duo’s feet, who was in shock at what just happened. 


Mi Duo ignored the live broadcast and dived over on the pile, gaping at the broken branches that could never have the chance to regrow again.
Her heart felt so aggrieved, and she felt like crying, but no tears came out. 


The eye-ball-like spherical camera flew into the air.
The lens intelligently tracked the woebegone figure of Mi Duo. 


Everyone in the live broadcast saw this scene and expressed comfort one after another. 


Mi Duo, eyes still staring at the damaged plant in a trance, asked, “Is it possible to live after I transplant it?”


Folding Plum Holy Hand: [Golden orchid is very fragile.
If the branches or rhizomes suffer damage, it’ll have a low chance of surviving.]


Mi Duo could not help crying.
The Leader said this golden orchid offered at least ten years of life.
But when it came in her hands, the orchid only saw the world for a month before its life was ceased.


Lazybones: [Don’t worry.
You go back and ask League Master to see if there’s a way to save it.]


Mi Duo’s eyes regained their usual brightness.
She scrambled up to the wisdom brain and emailed the League Master.
Her body stiffened as she recalled she did not have any insurance for the plant, so Mi Duo posted a cry for help in the forum. 


Around this moment, An Xian just finished refining the medicine and was preparing to replenish the shelves on the online store.
When she opened the forum, an eye-catching distress sticker grabbed her attention.
An Xian checked the situation out.


After grasping the situation, An Xian said, “No need to worry, the plant can still live.
You can find a flower pot, scoop the soil, and transplant the stems over.
As for the broken golden orchid, you try raising it in a flower container filled with water.
If there is no accident, it will soon sprout new roots in no time and grow into an aquatic golden orchid.”


“Great!” said Mi Duo, brimming with excitement.


However, Folding Plum Holy Hand, who was quite familiar with golden orchids, had his eyebrows raised in astonishment.
Did he read it right?! The broken golden orchid could casually be transplanted and survive? And even if the flowers got snapped off from the main branches, it was still possible to continue living as an aquatic golden orchid if placed in the water?!


‘Leader, have you confused daffodil with a golden orchid?’


Many people have questioned marks floating over their heads.


Huahua Leader: [In fact, an aquatic golden orchid is more likely to survive.
But its life is relatively short compared to those grown in soil—about three years.]


Three years! This was already the standard life span of an ordinary golden orchid, okay! What more do you want!


Huahua Leader: [If you don’t believe me, then let Daomei live broadcast it.
Observe the growth process of the aquatic golden orchid.]


When Daomei heard what An Xian said, she promptly adjusted the camera in a particular direction, and the golden orchid floating in the water container filled the screen. 


Everyone in the live broadcast room could not help carry ridicule in their hearts.
What would they be able to see in a while?


However, in the next second, their chins dropped on the floor.


In the transparent glass container, the submerged tip of the flower gradually sprouted few fine roots at speed visible to the naked eye.
Although it grew for approximately 3 to 4 centimeters and capped at that, this root speed was enough to shake the hearts and left the masses tongue-tied in surprise. 


What kind of golden orchid is this special!!


The said flower had existed for more than a thousand years ago and was known as the “golden silk orchid.” Its peculiar characteristic revolved around the fact that it could propagate through water and soil.
Because of this unmatched feature, it had become the most favorite flower by the cultivators.
Only that today’s things had changed, and the stars had shifted, and the spiritual energy of both worlds disappeared.
Since there was a scarcity of spiritual qi, the golden orchid could only maintain its primitive state and was deprived of the ability to divide. 


At last, the golden orchid showed its olden days’ suave vitality, not until An Xian bred them and nourished them further by the cloud array method.
This was only the elementary state of the plant, however.
The natural grand form of the golden orchid could purify the water, nurture the spiritual qi, and bless the soil like a sacred magic-infused object.


As she finished resolving the doubts and puzzlement of the flower friends in patience, An Xian put the freshly refined drugs on the shelves rack one by one.
This time, the quantity of the medications was more than the last time.
She wanted to allocate time to focus on completing the order of Your Excellency H. 


Before everything changed, concocting this medicine was naturally like stretching the hand and grabbing a newly refined one.
But now, the cultivation became limited, the spiritual qi was scarce, and the quality of medicinal ingredients became so so.
It was challenging to refine drugs under spiritual products. 


However, An Xian’s temperament was neither hasty nor had she put such heavy importance on her gains and losses.
She just considered this challenging situation as an opportunity to exercise her precise control with spiritual power. 


In Cangming City, the order maintainer’s mansion.


“Lord He, Yava country may plan to send an ambassador to visit our country three months from now.” The aide-de-camp, Fei Tuo, looked at He Lin with worry etched on his eyes.


“Do you know the list of people who’ll be likely to visit this time?” 


“It’s undetermined for the time being, but there is one I’m certain to be on the list.”


No one could see the darkening of his eyes as He Lin bowed his head, as he spat out three words, “Tikaman.”


Tikaman was the Yava country’s chief order maintainer, had been an S-class spiritual enhancer for ten years, and possessed undeniable strength.
If He Lin’s mental power had not received a blow, he would feel unbothered.
But now, as long as the other party cast his gaze on him, the other party would discover his mental fluctuation.


The order maintainers symbolized a nation’s reputation and strength emblem, and they always influenced the country’s victory in wars.
Large-scale conflicts rarely occurred between countries because long-range attacks were incapable of causing such lethality to the developed nations with solid defenses.
Once the war initiation advanced through the spiritual sense of the order maintainer, what awaited the other country would be a tragedy entirely out of control.


A formidable order maintainer could improve the morale, shield signal, lock the enemy’s position, conduct a mental attack on the enemy alone, and possessed the ability to infiltrate into the enemy camp to assassinate the enemy’s high-ranking generals.
People below A-level enhancers could not escape from the spiritual ambush of an order maintainer.
Even if they put all their might to the end, all would be futile in the eyes of an S-level mental holder. 


In reverse, if you want to assassinate an order maintainer, you must first consider the devastating consequences caused by the spontaneous detonation of their spiritual power.
They resembled nuclear weapons.
That if just placed somewhere, others would still feel intimidated by their still presence alone. 


There were three order maintainers in the Qianchong Ziyou Alliance, and He Lin ranked as the chief.
In an event where a country dispatched an emissary and was also an order maintainer who stood equivalent to him, then as an order maintainer himself, He Lin had to receive them in person.
However, if the other party discovered that his mental power was damaged and his strength plummeted considerably, the international union’s prestige would suffer tremendous damages.
He Lin would also plunge into dangerous circumstances.

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