The rise of the Orc

emenys or allys?

After a 1 hour walk into the forest the two orcs finally arrived at there first dungeon…

”hey thanks for the guide can you stay here and prepare a camp and some sharp sticks and a pile of leaves surrounding the entrance of the dungeon ” said Blake in a clam tone..

”yes sir ” said garge who started to do what he was commanded to do.

on the walk here, garge explained that nobody knew about this dungeon but him, he found it while exploring around..

1 hour later..

so far no monsters thought blake as he headed down futher into the dungeon with a torch in his hand and his axe in the other, he was eager to use his new aura skill.

After another hour of walking Blake entered this wide space inside the cave torches all around and what seems to be a…

As Blake got closer to see what it was.. a spider?..

It was his first encounter with a huge spider the size of 2 trucks , it seemed to be asleep.

Quickly blake tried to think of an idea to defeat this huge monster,hmmm… YES thats it thought blake..

Beforehand blake had prepared some stuff and puted it in his storage room a wooden shovel, sharp sticks and some leafs sticked together to make a wide rug of leafs..

Then using aura on his shovel a wooden shovel became as strong as a iron shovel and with his orc strength he digged on the stone floor and made it quite deep enough for the huge spider and puted some aura on the sharp sticks to upgrade there durability, and placed the leaf rug over it.

Classic he thought, which also reminded him of his past life and how he used this trap in one of his war missons..

Blake then preceded to stretch out his hand and into a plam formation he chanted ”Fireball! ” multiple times enough to aggro the huge spider as it was still half asleep running towards the 7ft orc, clueless of the trap made just for it..

Just as planned the huge spider fell into the trap, while it became seriously injured that wasn enough so he did what any gamer would do spam…


Unitl the huge spider was dead which activated a secret quest.

[misson-kill a boss-completed-

50 stat points, 5000c]

[misson- kill 100 monsters in a dungeon- complete- 50000c,35 stat points]

Blake had concluded the reason why there were no monsters in the dungeon up unitl now was because the spider ate them..

The journey back up..

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