TANH Chapter 1: Guide 01

14TH AUG 2022~SV

There is a Guide among you.

【 Welcome to the Otherworld.

A cold mechanical voice pulled Wen Qing’s consciousness back.
He raised his head blankly, opening his mouth to say something, but a cold wind suddenly rushed into his airway.

Wen Qing coughed twice.
Not far away, he saw a large advertisement made of steel support frames and metal — Otherworld Building.

That name… sounded very ominous.

Wen Qing looked away, his heart beating fast.

A minute ago, he was still in the dormitory, about to bring toilet paper to the dorm leader in the toilet.
When he opened the door, he arrived on this strange rooftop instead.

He didn’t know if the dorm leader had toilet paper to use now…

Wen Qing rubbed his arms, walking towards the emergency exit that was directly in front.

The white door was shut tightly.
Wen Qing tried to push it, but it didn’t move, as if it was locked.

“Is anyone here?”



There was no sun or moon in the sky, only a thick and gloomy fog that lingered around the building as if it was the only place that existed in this world.

Wen Qing cautiously approached the guardrail and glanced down.

It was still bottomless white fog.

With just a glance, Wen Qing’s hands and knees went soft.

He was scared of heights.
Not only heights, but also ghosts, but he was the type who liked to play with those that he was afraid of.

He was obviously scared of heights, yet he liked to look down from tall buildings.
He was obviously scared of ghosts, yet he still insisted on pulling the dorm leader to watch horror movies together.

【 There are still twenty minutes left before the instance’s passage opens.
May the players who are present prepare well.

The mechanical voice once again sounded out.

Wen Qing heard it clearly, and a chill emerged from the soles of his feet.

He had read novels and watched TV shows of the “unlimited flow” genre, and he knew what players and copies meant.

It meant that he would die soon.

Wen Qing was very self-aware.
He knew that a waste like him who couldn’t carry with his shoulders, lift with his hands and had an ordinary IQ had a low survival rate.

The school had just issued a grant yesterday.

He still hadn’t finished eating the pack of potato chips that he bought.

His salary as a part-time tutor hadn’t been paid to him yet…

Wen Qing daydreamed for a while, holding back his tears.

He couldn’t sit still like this.

Wen Qing mustered up his courage.
He looked at the air and stammeringly asked, “Sy, System, I, can I choose to not play the game?”

The mechanical voice from before didn’t speak, but a cold sneer sounded behind him.

Wen Qing was startled.
He turned around to see three men, good-looking enough that they didn’t look human.

Their faces seemed to have been carefully carved, with no flaws in their facial features.
They were all different types of good-looking beings.
Each of them was at least 1.9 metres tall.
By comparison, their outfits seemed all the more ordinary, letting their existence seem closer to human beings.

One wore a size 23 red basketball uniform, another wore a shirt and trousers, and the other wore a loosely gathered white bathrobe and clogs.

He didn’t know why, but Wen Qing felt that the way they looked at him was a bit strange, almost like they were looking at puppies and kittens on the roadside.

Wen Qing’s first reaction was that they were his teammates, so he took the initiative to greet them, “He… hello.”

The man in the bathrobe laughed.
The sound was no different than the sneer from before.

He leaned against the guardrail lazily, his legs crossed.
His narrowed eyes glanced at him.
“What are you?”

This teammate seemed a little rude.

Wen Qing silently complained in his heart, whispering, “I’m human.”

After his voice fell, the gazes of the three men grew stranger.


The bathrobe-wearing raised his eyebrows, an expression of having found something wonderful appearing on his face.

He whistled towards the basketball uniform-wearing man, and lightly said, “This is a human.”

These words sounded very strange.

What did he mean, saying “This is a human”?

Wen Qing’s eyelids jumped.
He took a small step back, looking at the three people warily, “You, what about you guys?”

He straightened his back, trying to make himself look tougher.
But as soon as he opened his mouth, he stuttered nervously, “You, you guys aren’t, aren’t human?”

The bathrobe-wearing man laughed softly, walking slowly towards Wen Ziqing.

Wen Qing thought about stepping back, but when he thought about how there were three ghosts here, his two feet wouldn’t obey him.
They became unreasonably soft, and he could only force himself to stand.

The bathrobe-wearing man walked to Wen Qing’s side.
He lowered his eyes, and they were full of mischief.

“Have you ever seen such a good-looking human like me?”

Saying that, he casually raised his hand, his fingertips inadvertently scraping across Wen Qing’s wrist. 

It was bone-chillingly cold.
Even if his hand moved away, Wen Qing could still feel the cold air on the other’s body, which was colder than a freezer in a refrigerator.

This body temperature wasn’t something that humans could have.

They really… they really weren’t human?

He hadn’t even entered the instance yet, but he was about to be the first blood?

Wen Qing’s face instantly lost its color.
His lips trembled slightly, and tears beaded in his eyes.

This appearance caused the man in the bathrobe to be slightly startled.
This was his first time seeing such a timid human.

He was actually afraid of him…

He had little courage, his face was also small, and he wasn’t even as big as his palm.

He lowered his eyes and swept them across Wen Qing.

There was a lot of wind on the rooftop.
Wen Qing was wearing a loose white T-shirt.
The corners were flying off, revealing a delicate waist, making him look thinner and more pitiful.

The bathrobe-wearing man clicked his tongue, and was about to speak when the red basketball uniform-wearing man suddenly spoke up.


His last few words were a series of strange syllables that Wen Qing couldn’t hear clearly.

He guessed that it was the bathrobe-wearing man’s name, because the bathrobe-wearing man tilted his head to look at the basketball uniform-wearing man and shrugged.

【 There are still ten minutes before the instance’s passage opens.
May the players who are present prepare well.

“Player? What player?”

“Where is this place?”

“What, what’s going on?”

“Who are you all?”


A loud noise suddenly sounded from the other end of the rooftop.<

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