Chapter 3: Guide 03

21ST AUG 2022~SV

Where did his underwear go?!

Wen Qing was stared at by him and took two steps backwards.
Only after leaving a certain distance between them did he dare to say, “No… no need to bother.”

“That… you found the wrong person, I don’t have money.”

“I’m very poor.”

Yu Xing raised his eyebrows and sneered, “Do I look like I’m short of money?”

Wen Qing blinked, carefully scrutinising Yu Xing’s clothes.

A soft and baggy white bathrobe, a pair of clogs on his feet, and no accessories on his body.

Wen Qing was only an ordinary poor student.
He could only see Yu Xing’s allure and nothing else.

If he didn’t want money……

Did he want to hook up?

Wen Qing had also been misunderstood as gay in his school.
From time to time, there were boys who would show up at his door to hint at Wen Qing about certain things, but they all did it in a friendly way, and they wouldn’t be like Yu Xing who would scare and tease him.

Wen Qing felt like he had discovered the truth.

He softly said, “You’ve misunderstood.”

“I… I like girls.”

“I’m a serious college student.”

Who didn’t casually hook up. 

Yu Xing looked like he’d heard an absurd story.
The smile on his face grew bigger, and he ambiguously said, “What you like, you have to try it first, then only you’ll know.”

Wen Qing frowned, and he thought, what was there to try?

What you have, I also have.

There were light footsteps heard not far away.
Wen Qing saw Zhou Zhou’s figure pacing back and forth in the study.

A teammate had already started investigating, and he felt embarrassed to be wasting time with Yu Xing.
He said softly, “Please don’t do this kind of thing anymore.”

“You… you hold on, and you can clear in no time.”

Then you can find someone else.

When he finished speaking, Wen Qing turned around and hurried into the bedroom on the right.

The bedroom was about 20 square metres.
In addition to the bed and the wardrobe that could be seen from outside the room, there was also a bathroom.
Inside, there were basic daily necessities, and even unopened cosmetics.

The wardrobe was full of clothes.
Half of it was men’s wear, half of it women’s wear.
There were underwear, bathrobes, towels, and more.
It had everything.
The bedside table was empty.

Wen Qing walked to the window, looking out.

Just like when he was on the rooftop, there was only white fog outside.

It was still early after checking one room.
Wen Qing went to inspect the other rooms.
Before gathering, the three of them walked around the second floor.

During this time, Wen Qing kept ignoring the sound of chatter from Yu Xing.

“Is there something missing from the bedside table?”

“I rather like this dress.”

“Wow, lace panties.”


When they returned to the first floor, Yu Xing seemed to have said enough, not continuing to chatter.

The people in charge of inspecting the third floor still hadn’t come back down yet.
There was only Ji Yu and the basketball uniform sitting on the chairs, in the same seats as before.

Wen Qing also sat in his previous seat.
He glanced at the door subconsciously.

The pool of blood from just now had disappeared, the geometric floor tiles were clean, and not a single drop of blood was left.

It wasn’t long before the ponytail girl came over with a mop.

“Gong Yunyun, what are you holding the mop for?” Zhou Zhou asked.

Gong Yunyun continued to walk forwards.
“I have mysophobia, so I need to clean up the place I stay in.”

She walked to the door and was stunned for a while, before turning to ask Zhou Zhou.
“The blood here…… when did it disappear?”

“It was still here when I went to get the mop.”

Zhou Zhou replied, “It was already gone when we came downstairs.”

Gong Yunyun lowered her head to look at the floor tiles, saying nothing.
She grabbed the mop and left again.

A living person can turn into blood in the blink of an eye, it wasn’t strange that blood could suddenly disappear too.

With the blood having disappeared, Wen Qing turned and looked at the door openly.

The door had two panels.
It was reddish-brown and as high as a wall.
The panel on the left was carved with all kinds of strange animals, with three heads, two tails…… the other panel was clean, with no carvings whatsoever.
There was only an extra knocker on it.

A circular knocker that killed you if you touched it.

Wen Qing clenched his palm and looked away.

At eight o’clock, the people in charge of inspecting the third floor also came down.

Gong Yunyun was the first to speak.
“There aren’t many rooms on the first floor.
Except for this living room, there’s only a kitchen and a bathroom.
The kitchen has vegetables, meat, eggs, bread, milk, etc.
The things in the bathroom are also normal, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Zhou Zhou continued.
“The second floor has two bedrooms and a study.
The two bedrooms are exactly the same, filled with basic daily necessities.
The study has a lot of books of various languages.
I can only recognise the titles in Chinese and English, and they are all related to religious theology.”

The people in charge of inspecting the third floor looked at each other, and finally a short-haired girl spoke up.
“The third floor has four bedrooms, and the furnishings and decorations are exactly the same.
The things in there are brand new.
The tags on the clothing are still there, and there are skin care products for men and women in the bathroom.”

The short-haired girl reported the brands, and asked, “Does the second floor also have these brands?”

Wen Qing hesitantly nodded, and whispered, “It seems to be these ones.”

“Sorry, I didn’t check carefully.”

The short-haired girl comforted him softly.
“Everyone’s focus is different.”

Zhou Zhou quickly took down notes and said to everything, “According to our current situation, I have absolutely no idea who the guide is.
Does anyone have any ideas?”

Everyone sat in their seats in silence.
The only movement made was to shake their heads.

Time passed by.

The hour hand of the clock finally slid to the number nine.


The next second, white paper and pen appeared in everyone’s hands.

“It seems like it’s 9 o’clock at night now.”

Zhou Zhou lifted the corner of his mouth.
“This time, let’s write to abstain.”

Wen Qing lowered his eyes, picked up the pen, and wrote down the words ‘to abstain’, stroke by stroke.

When he finished writing, the white paper and pen disappeared into the air.

Wen Qing put down his pen.
The others had also already finished writing, and the long table was empty.

He held his breath nervously, waiting for the system’s prompt.

【 All players in this round abstain, all players in this round abstain.

【 After three hours, a clue will be delivered.

Wen Qing nerves tensed.
The waiting time was the most unbearable.

Not directly giving clues, the system was too broken.

“There’s still three hours left.
Why don’t we divide up rooms, rest for a while, and meet up in the hall after three hours.”


“I agree.”

With four girls, two people shared a room.
They chose the rooms on the third floor.

While waiting for the girls to finish picking, Wen Qing looked at Zhou Zhou.
“Let’s share a room.”

Zhou Zhou nodded in agreement.

Yu Xing leisurely said.
“Then I’ll be staying next door to Wen Qing.”

“You’re welcome to find me at any time.”

This was said to everyone, but his eyes were firmly fixed on Wen Qing, meaning something.

Wen Qing pursed his lips.
He felt that Yu Xing was annoying.

He had just made it very clear.

Noticing that everyone’s sight seemed to fall on his face, Wen Qing clenched his palm and thought a lot about what to say to Yu Xing.

Please don’t continue to tease me.

I don’t like this.

You’re really hateful……

Wen Qing had a soft nature and hardly ever scolded people.
After thinking about it, he couldn’t think of the right and firm words.

He held back for a long time, his eyes reddening.

Seeing this, Zhou Zhou frowned and said, “Wen Qing, let’s head up to rest first.”

Wen Qing made a sound of agreement.

After going upstairs, Zhou Zhou picked the bedroom closest to the stairs.

He closed the door and looked at Wen Qing with a serious expression.
“Wen Qing, in this place, crying won’t solve any problems.”

Wen Qing sniffed, his voice tearful.
“I know, I don’t want to cry either.”

“I cry when I’m emotional……”

It didn’t matter if it was anger, happiness, or even sadness, fear, anything not crying about, as long as his mood swung too much, his tears would involuntarily start flowing out.

Zhou Zhou stared at him for a while.
Wen Qing’s skin was very white, his eyes were clearly red, and the tip of his nose was a little pink.
He looked pitiful, creating a desire to protect him, but more strongly, a desire to bully him.

“You seem to be incontinent,” Zhou Zhou cleared his throat and said to him, “You don’t need to think too much.”

Wen Qing quietly said, “I know.”

He had long accepted his situation, otherwise he wouldn’t have grown up so well physically and mentally.

Zhou Shou nodded and suddenly said, “Your specialty, could it be crying?”

Wen Qing shook his head.
“It isn’t.”

He was a little puzzled, why was he suddenly asked about his specialty?

Did he suspect he was the guide?

Perhaps the expression on his face was too obvious.
Zhou Zhou touched his nose and explained.
“I’m not suspecting you, I’m just curious.”

“You seemed so shy at that time, I wondered if you were embarrassed to say your specialty in front of everyone.”

He guessed well.

Wen Qing hesitated for a while, quietly saying, “My specialty isn’t crying, it’s… it’s timid……”

His voice grew softer, his face also grew redder.

This specialty was too embarrassing!

He was rather timid.

The corners of Zhou Zhou’s lips rose slightly, then he realised that it wasn’t good to smile in front of Wen Qing, so he pushed them down, resulting in a weird expression.

Wen Qing quietly said.
“If you want to laugh then just laugh.
I… I’ll go shower first.”


When he finished showering, Wen Qing realised that he hadn’t brought a change of clothes.

He shouted for Zhou Zhou twice.
When he didn’t get a response, he opened a crack in the door and stuck his head out.

There was nobody outside.
Zhou Zhou wasn’t around.

Wen Qing took in a deep breath, quickly ran to the closet, and anxiously rummaged through it for underwear, in fear of someone suddenly coming in.

The more anxious he became, the more he couldn’t find anything.
He looked around for a while and he still couldn’t find any underwear.

“Knock knock knock, anyone here?” a male voice came from outside the door.

It sounded familiar, and Wen Qing couldn’t remember whose voice it was.

“Nobody? Then I’ll sleep here tonight.”

Wen Qing quickly yelled, “Wait! There’s someone! There’s someone!”

Worried that the person outside would open the door, Wen Qing hurriedly grabbed a bathrobe, tied a knot, and walked to the door.

He opened the door, and outside the door was the college teacher wearing a white shirt.

Wen Qing couldn’t remember what he was called, so he could only obediently call, “Hello teacher.”

Ji Yu’s eyebrows and eyes had a faint smile, seeming very gentle.

“My name is Ji Yu.”

Wen Qing replied, “Okay, teacher.”

Ji Yu smiled again, handing Wen Qing a pack of bread and two bottles of milk.
“If you haven’t eaten, eat something to cushion your stomach.”

Wen Qing’s mind was full of quickly closing the door to find underwear.
Without rejecting it, he hurriedly took the milk and bread, politely thanking, “Thank you teacher.”

Ji Yu glanced at his bathrobe thoughtfully, and smiled.
“Very polite.”

“Deserving of a reward.”

Wen Qing was slightly dumbfounded, what reward?

Ji Yu seemed to just say that causally.
Without explaining to Wen Qing, he went upstairs after telling him to have a good rest.

The moment he left, Wen Qing immediately closed the door, locked it, and began trying to find underwear.

He rummaged through the whole closet, not leaving any rook or cranny forgotten.
He even searched the bedroom and the bathroom, but he still couldn’t find any underwear.

Wen Qing was startled.
When he first inspected the room, he had clearly seen underwear!

Where did underwear that big go?!

The author wants to say something:

Ji Yu: Rewarding you for not wearing underwear.

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