The only sound was the tapping of finger nails on the large dinning table. All servants stood, trying their best not to fidget, heart hammering, all trying to maintain a calm demeanor, surely panic was the least thing they needed.

The large double door opened and in came king Dwayne Cedric, his crown in hand as he scratched what hair was left on his balding head. The faces of the servants looked to him hopefully and he looked down dejectedly.

”They are in, nothing can be done ” he whispered lowly.

Horror struck the faces of all in the room, what semblance of calm they had shattered as the screams from outside filtered into the room. The clashing of steel to steel was well as the gurgling sound of men being slain. With each scream and yell, the servants fled the palace in all directions, taking what they could in haste and confusion. They had been the most loyal and had stood by their King, now it was apparent no man was willing to die for another.

Selene stood up, her glare directed to the balding man before her, someone she cursed nature for giving her as a father.

”Why must you do this father? Innocent lives will be lost! ” she said

”I told you to flee with your sisters and mother ” Dwayne spat ignorantly, going back and forth between his chamber and the window.

”I refuse to leave my home and whore myself! What life awaits me out there? ” she replied with a frown, angry tears streaming down her cheeks.

Dwayne scoffed and continued his pacing, torn between being a coward and hiding in his own home to be discovered and humiliated or meeting the enemy courageously and being humiliated anyways.

”Could you not give her what she wants? You asked for all this father, you did ” Selene stated angrily.

”My whole land? My labour and sweat, all to a woman who claims I raped her? The Harmony council is blind and so are you for thinking that bastard child is mine ” Dwayne yelled

”You courted her father, she was your mistress! ” Selene retorte

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