The thought of the Lord crossed her mind, he had saved her yesterday, she was sure of it but then she wondered what had been after her in the tunnel, she refused to think of the possibility of a walker pouncing on her at the dark lonely corridor with her defenceless. Many tales had came to Riverland about the walkers, an abomination of witches, a dead body with a living soul, taking blood and essence to remain living. The Kiro was most feared with the sorcery, the rumours of the walkers being their army in battle was heard among all the land, the Sols was their only threat, both constantly warring but Selene wondered for how long? The walkers were as strong as the legendary Undead brothers, the legend was told across the land of the twin that fought a whole clan with their bare hands. The dark craft of the witches had led to the council prohibiting witchcraft and burning those that dared to practice it many years ago.

If there really was a walker amongst the Sols she feared for Mia and herself, she had heard of the lords hatred for the creatures and she held to the belief, not dwelling on the possibility of it being untrue. If he had for some reason saved her from the walker the previous night, the ruthless lord may not do so next time. She had to find another escape route from the manor.

The click that came from the door made Selena quickly spring to her feet. The maid came in with a tray of food, a goblet of water in hand as well. The guard bowed and so did the maid.

”Lunch Miss ” she said and laid the tray too carefully on the table, taking the old tray away and glancing at her as she cleaned up the spilled syrup and caramel on the table.

”Where is my sister ” Selene asked as the maid rose to leave

”She is with mistress Diana, my lady ” the guard replied curtly

”Can you send her back here? ”Selene asked

”My lady, she shall rest in her room ” the man replied

Selene frowned at his words

”Can you bring her here? ” Selene asked

”The lord had ordered that she be given a chamber, Miss ” guard replied

”Why? She is fine with me, thank your Lord but bring her back ” Selena said holding in her anger. Who was the man to tell het what to do with her young sister?

”Im afraid that will not be done, the Lord had given orders. The princess has settled, her things has been taken to her new chamber, with the lords consent, you may see her ”and the guard said

”May?! May?! ”Selene asked in awe at such response, it was hard to believe Mia had just been taken from her without her approval and even harder to believe that the Lord wanted to keep them from seeing.

”I demand to see my sister this minute. We are not making complains of staying together ” Selene said angrily

”Im sorry but the Lord h…. ”

”He has nothing! She is just a child, how can she sleep alone? ” Selene asked.

She would gladly fit into a can with her, she couldn be away from her, not now.

”You may speak to the Lord on this when he seeks your presence ” the guard replied with bow and left, closing the door and locking it.

Selene stood dumbfounded, then alone did she realise the maid was out too.

Mia, sleep alone. She always had since their mother passed away. Only coming to her chamber when the storm came or when she had a bad dream. Mrs Ronny was the closest thing to a grand mother the child had, although Selena found her a bit too stiff with rules but Mia seemed to love the graying woman and the woman her.

But they needed each other now than ever, she couldn leave her to be alone, not with her experiences last night, not with the lords threats.

Selene stomped to the door and pounded on it, demanding to be heard.

”Let me out!!! ” Selena yelled with all she had. Her fists on the door as she yelled and kicked.

Her mind reeled. All that could happen to Mia with the lawless men in the castle, they would take advantage of her, just like they did other women, she wouldn allow that.

”I demand to see your Lord and talk sense to him. He cannot take my sister away from me! We are not prisoners here ” Selene shouted, not letting her sore fists leave the hard wood.

Selene felt angry tears well up her eyes, she was going through all this as a woman, she knew it. A Prince would be given more respect as heir of Riverland even in their current predicament. They saw her just like her father did-as a mere woman. Someone they could easily sell out or whore out if her father lost to Governess Alexandra.

Selene watched as her pale flesh turned pink and her knuckles bled from impact on the hard door that seemed not to receive a scratch. Going to the dresser that sat at the left wall, Selene flung it open and scoured her trunk and quickly ripped the first hue gown that came to sight. Wrapping the strip around the knuckles and across her palm roughly, she winced as the cloth pulled at her fresh wound. Selene grabbed the chair she had sat by the window and gave a powerful hit to the door. The sound it made was satisfactory to her own ears and she wasted no time in giving another hit, then another and another.

The wood weakend and Selene watched as a leg fell to the floor but that didn stop her. She aimed more at the handle and hit with all her might, the metal clinking in and out of place as she did.

The footsteps she heard as she paused for another hit made her stop, the closer the steps approached, Selene held the chair in a tight grip and backed from the door a bit.

The door burst open and there stood the Lord with a confused frown.

”What madness is this? ” Edgar asked with an irritated tone

”I want to see my sister! ” Selena said, trying to control her rapid breathing

”And if you can not? All you do is break woods? Of what use will that be, Ill just send you to the dungeons ” Edgar spat

”And Ill tear down this manor ” Selena retorted

”Ill have you bounded to the walls ” he stated

”Give my sister back, she has no business with you ” She spat.

”Bring her ” Edgar said to the two men that stood behind him

Selene began her struggles as strong vice like grips went on her arms and she was dragged after the striding Lord.

She bit her lips as she reopened her knee wounds. The guards seemed as merciless as their lord as they led her to where she knew was the throne room. The guards at the entrance of the big door pushed it open and the Lord strode in and she was shortly after dumped in a heap on the floor.

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