see her blood, he didn want to see her pains. He took the hand in his and removed the strips of cloth. The right hand looked less worse than the left which was bruised and opened. Edgar knew not when he knelt as well, neither did he realise when he lifted her face to clean her tear streaked eyes. Guilt stabbed him as she watched her hopeless and pained expression. Her lips wobbled in an attempt to hold in tears, her lids held shut tightly.

”Why did you do this to yourself? ” He asked softly, feeling sorry for her.

”I want to see my sister ” Selena replied with shaky voice

”She is fine. I have a lady assigned to her ” Edgar assured

”She is all I have, please ” Selene begged.

Edgar sighed at her vulnerability and rose, pulling her up as he did

His eyes went to her knee again and guilt filled him. He never hurt women, he knew better. His mother had been treated like filth, he could not do same to her. He was yet to know why but some part of him wanted to keep her fire. Her daring, feisty and outspoken fire. He feared what would happen if she broke, shed be a figurine, her beauty priced but her soul nonexistent. He didn want that. He needed the council to bring Cedric fast so he could send her to her fate before he lost his sanity.

”Come with me ” he said and went to hallway, approaching the seventh room on his left, the door that was pushed open as he approached.

”Mia! ”Selene said loudly as she was taken to the chamber that sat at the end of the hallway. A maid stood next to Mia braiding her hair. The little girl ran to her innocently, seemingly unaffected by her absence at all.

”They said you were leaving to see daddy ” Mia said hopefully

Selene turned to look at the Lord who just stared blankly back at her. She forced a smile and pulled Mia into a hug, kissing her thick hair.

”Father is fine ” Selena said and rose.

”When will he come? ” Mia asked

”Soon ” Selene said

She sniffed the happy tears back and smiles at the maid who was beaming at them.

”There are things I have to do now Mi…but Ill put you to bed later okay? ” Selene said

”Okay.. I will have apple today, she said theres so much in the garden ” Mia chirped happily

” Do eat it a lot ” Selene encouraged with a smile and turned out of the room, hearing as the maid closed it

”You are allowed to see your sister but you will not go out with her beyond the walls of this room without watch ” Edgar stated

Selene nodded and turned to look at the closed door again. Anything to keep her with Mia.

”come, let the physician see your hand and knee ” Edgar said and left her away to the west wing of the manor.

He should apologize to the girl but ”Sorry ” was never his word. Maybe it was best he stayed clear of the princess, he didn want to hurt her and he didn like the unexplainable nervous feeling her presence brought. Maybe he had to stay away this time, only a fool fell into a pit twice, Edgar thought.

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