”You wouldn dare ” Selene spat, her boldness even surprising her. The Governess of Sol had thrown herself cheaply to his father only to complain of **** afterwards, crying of her defilement and snatched dignity, to hell with the fearless Empire, as far as she was concerned they were tricky gold digging idiots and Selene resolved to stand her ground.

”I won warn your tongue again ” Edgar stated firmly.

”Or what? Sell me off like I hear? Or feed me to the walkers? ” Selene asked mockingly

Edgar s patient was the least of his virtues, and right then, he was certain hed run out. The Kiro and Sol empires were the two regions rumoured to have the walkers in the whole land. The witchcraft was a dark one that lands frowned on but he knew that even after his fathers efforts, Sol still had the practice and he was not totally unaware of it, his men were still searching tirelessly to purge Sol of the plague, he couldn forget it, not after Monique.

”I did not ask that your father shamelessly lay with my step sister and refuses to abide by her rules, are you as foolish as him? ” Edgar retorted, impatient with her impoliteness.

”Your urchin of a sister knew how my father was when he sold herself to him for gold and rubies, she is a liar! ” Selene spat, chin higher than ever.

Edgar walked from his throne to the rug close to the door where the guard had left her. He stared at the spoilt princess in disgust, he had enough on his hands already than to worry of a child-woman.

”Your sister will be shown to you, you bettter watch your tongue, this is not your little palace and I will not tolerate any of this insolence, child. Behave or be ready to whore yourself as well or the street will be your home when your father loses the trial to my sister ” he snapped

The sting that came to his cheek surprised him. Edgar could hear her erratic breathing as he held his throbbing cheek in disbelief.

”How dare you, you dog ” Selene said angrily, palms tingling from the impact of the slap.

Edgar turned to look at the woman before him, with angry eyes and a frown, she looked older than he thought and her bosom rose and fell with her quick breathes.

She had just slapped him and no doubt was ready to repeat it.

Grabbing her chin, Edgar watched as her anger turned to fright in a blink but she held her glare.

”Try that ever again and I will ensure that you never get to see your fathers trial. Don forget where you are ” Edgar bit out and let go of her chin in a quick jerk.

No one dared him, not the Kiro Empire, not a man and certainly not a woman, he was an Oalistair but unlike his father he had no weakness in form of a woman, he had learnt that lesson once.

”Guards ” he called and the brawny guard quickly came in

”Take her and keep her in the dungeon till I say otherwise ” Edgar ordered and the guard replied will a low

”Yes my lord ” bowed and turned to Selene who had begun to back away, he gripped her arm and dragged her protesting figure down the hallway.

The only source of light was the ray from the sun that streamed into the large dungeon from six steel bars criss-crossed, too high up in the ceiling for anyone to reach, too narrow for a baby to pass through. The dungeon was noisy from dusk till dawn with the whispers of the men and woman in there, arguing, wailing and cursing each other and the guards outside. Sniffles and soft cries also came from the little princess next to Selene.

”Im hungry ” Mia said, her voice hoarse form crying all day. Selene had tried her best to soothe the the scared child but it was fruitless.

”We can eat what they bring. Who knows what they put in it, Ill request to speak with father then hell decide what to do ” Selene said, whispering the last part to herself. She desperately wished she had taken off in that carriage when all her half-sisters had.

”But Im hungry, Ill die ” Mia insisted, weeping.

Selene glared at the child, she didn want any drama, the villagers were locked in with her and she was still their princess. It was humiliating enough to stay in the filthy cell with them, the last thing she needed was Mias cry.

The man next to her was a farmer in the town she knew, his wife was laying on his laps, sobbing quietly into his dirty breeches. The wide room had men and women cowering at all corners, in groups of four and six mostly. One man stood at the locked bars, shaking and screaming at the passing guards and demanding for nothing in particular.

The large pot of soup that was kept in the cell was untouched as all waited for Selenes approval which she refused to give, she wouldn be blamed for their deaths. The Sols could just poison them all and cook up some story for the Council, she couldn put it past them and she wanted to stay alive.

The past night, Selene had realized after much yelling and empty threats that her father was not in the manor but in the Councils custody till the trial.

Selene swallowed and coughed as her dry throat seemed to crack. She had gone the last days without water and she wondered how Mia felt, she needed to be out sooner or she couldn hold up the calm facade any longer.

”Elly, Im thirsty ” Mia echoed her very own thoughts

Selene sighed and rose. ”Stay here ” she said and left to the bar, giving it a good shake.

”Hello…. Hello ” she called to the guard that stood by the hall that led to the dungeon. The guard reluctantly came there, no doubt paying her more heef than he did the angry screaming men because of her royal dress.

”I wish to see your King, my people should not be starving here ” Selene said

”Food has been given ” the man replied

”How am I certain it is safe? ”

”The lord sent it here ” the guard replied

”I wish to speak with him ” Selene insisted

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