” He hasn approved of any meeting with you as of now, Miss ” the guard replied.

Selene sighed heavily and swayed in confusion. Her sister would cry soon and she would be starved. Her villagers were expecting some miracle from her – she was certain.

”I beg of you…please let me speak to your Lord ” Selene bit out the title scornfully

The guards stiffness wavered and he sighed.

”Im afraid I can help you ”

”That little girl shouldn be in here, she needs food and a good place that sleep, please, let me speak with your master ” she begged.

The guard gave her a long stare, glanced at a sniffling Mia behind and nodded, unlocking the chain, he opened the cell and Selena stepped out.

”Elly! ” came Mias voice out, panicked and hurrying to catch up with her sister.

”Just you ” the guard ordered.

Selene nodded and turned to Mia

”Im coming back, wait ” she said and smiled at the girl who looked uncertain but nodded at the flimsy reassurance.

The villagers began to protest and violently yell as she was led away.


The man sat on the throne like he owned all the regions in the land. His large overcoat was a deep blue, deeper than what the warriors of Sol wore. His crown was like his sisters but with a deeper onyx at the peak. Selene never knew royals had uniforms, the Lords fondness of the coat made her rethink.

She tried not to fiddle with her hem out of habit as she was led further into the large room.

”Who let her out? What madness is this, pray tell ” Edgar said calmly.

”My lord, I have no right but I beg on her behalf, she pleaded your audience ” The guard said shaking nervously.

”And who are you to call an audience? ” Edgar questioned the guard.

”Forgive me my Lord, I__ will take her back at once__. ” the guard stammered, afraid

”No, well have someone else see her out, you will await persecution at the stake at twilight ” Edgar stated, hard eyes on the trembling man

”Mercy lord, please mercy ” the guard pleaded, all bravado drained from him as he knelt and pleaded.

”You have showed that your loyalty lies with the Riverlands ” Edgar scoffed

”Certainly not my Lord___I only took pity of the little girl with her ” he said in tears.

”So you are of better judgement than I your king? ” Edgar asked incredulously. ”What is your name? ”

”Hammond__my Lord, My name is Hammond West ” the gaurd said, still kneeling bowed on the floor, trembling like a leaf in storm.

”Your family shall know you died defending a foreign girl against your king ” Edgar spat.

”Do you wish to behead him for taking me to you? Are you actually ruthless as they say? ” Selene blurted in wonder, speaking for the first time since she entered the throne room.

”Punishment is not ruthlessness ” Edgar replied calmly

”I begged he take me here. Behead me then if you must ” Selene stated boldly

Edgar could feel his heart leap at her statement. Her confidence was radiating in the room. It was not her words he took but her stance as she said them. Knowing fully well she knew he was a man of his words. The lady surprised him, first a slap and now she offered her head for a mere guard. He knew many princesses would cower and watch.

”Very well then ” Edgar responded, taking the challenge as he rose. His sword lay sheathed on the table. Picking it up, he drew out his sharp blade and examined the sword carefully, he walked to the man and watched as he trembled like an autumn leaf. He frowned at the weak men he called his warrior.

Delivering a hit to the jaw with the hilt of his blade, he watched as the man scrambled to his feet and stood far away, awaiting his next move.

”Leave my sight before I send your limbless body to the vultures ” Edgar said coldly

”My lord ” the man bowed and fled without another blink.

”I see you have a death wish Miss Dwayne Cedric ” Edgar stated, circling her with the gleaming sword.

”I see you feed off fear, Lord Edgar of Sol ” Selena retorted.

”Your mouth one day will put you in the sand ”

”Not by your hands Sol King ” Selene spat

Edgar gave a half-hearted chuckle and moved from her.

”What brings you here ” Edgar asked, deciding to ignore her daring words, she was still like a mere child to him and he would treat her as such despite her irritating nature.

”My people did not come here to be straved but to await my fathers trial, we are no prisoner ” Selene spoke.

”I have sent food to the dungeons ” Edgar replied

”How do I make certain you won poison us all ” Selene asked

”I am not foolish enough to kill any of you, surely the council would suspect or call off the case ” Edgar answered matter- of-factly. ”And your lives neither interest nor does it benefit me, I don see how your deaths will ”

Selene inwardly nodded to the reply, the council would certainly raise brows if anyone died, least of all her and her sister. But she wore her outward frown proudly.

”But then you already offered your head for a mans ” Edgar stated, brows arched.

”You were being inconsiderate ” She answered.

”You talk more than you think ” Edgar replied

”Take my head then and be quiet ” Selene spat

Edgar Stared at the vixen before him, an amused smile came to his face. She was even bolder than his warrior. He walked around her and could still sense her fear despite her speech. He knew when a man was weak, it was in him to know, he could smell fear, he could breath the fright of his enemies and he fed off of it as he slew, he knew how to fight, he had to if he needed to live. His father had thought him as much, weakness was a sin, his mother would never have been taken away if he was strong enough to fight for her. Now he fought for Sol, for the peace and freedom he never had as a child.

He stopped behind her and held the blade to her thin neck, her pale skin flushing with nerves or maybe the room was warm, he didn know

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