st wing, she was bleeding ” he stated with a hint of accusation

”So that worries you ” Edgar asked

”That is no way to treat a royal and a lady at that ”Nicholas scolded with a ”My lord ” afterwards

”I lost it with her ” Edgar admitted

”I would be more careful next time my Lord ” Nicholas said

”Certainly, the princess needs to keep away from me or Ill skin her white hide ” Edgar stated in frustration

”I see you have met her lips as well, I heard all suitors ran from that mouth of hers ” Nicholas said

”Rumours and you, you make me think if you
e a woman my friend ” Edgar replied with a fond smile

He turned to the man who was clothed in his black blue uniform and a hat, his gray hair adding to his air of prestige and regality.

His fondness of the man he was certain had little to do with his direct relations with the Oalistair but more with his brilliance and wisdom.

”Alexandra is with that lady Sylvia as she said ” Nicholas said in hushed tones

”Good ” Edgar muttered

”She rules well ” Nicholas said

”I can do nothing of this, it was fathers wish, the council has seen prove, makes me wonder if he wanted me to have any at all ” Edgar said with the same emotion he felt each time he recalled his father-spite

”He did, Gavin loved you no matter what you think, he just wanted only you not your mother ” Nicholas said

”To hell with such love, he wanted a stone as a son and a pot to grow that stone ” Edgar spat

”My lord, Sol has never seen a better king than you and Gavin has made you who you are today ” Nicholas said

”And then what? Halved my inheritance to a woman? To double taxes and make stupid laws? It seems Sol is didvided into two, the provinces are dying! They are living as slaves! ” Edgar said angrily

”They are not complaining ” Nicholas replied

”How will they? Alexnadra would behead such person, she rules with a tight fist, women are missing every day with no trace, its hell in there ” Edgar yelled

”What difference is it here my lord ” Nicholas challenged

”I may be a murderer, I may be a killer, I may have burnt down three kingdoms and conquered six towns but my people remain happy, no one misses, no outrageous tax is imposed on them, I take willing slaves and servants and I am generous to my faithfuls, only an enemy sees my wrath and you shouldn be on that side Nick ” Edgar growled

Nicholas bowed, he was trying to make the young Lord see he was letting his lust cloud his judgement, Sol Empire could be better, make alliances with other Empires to give their people all they wanted then they wouldn have to plant so much on their not-so-fertile soil.

But Edgar trusted no one, he was a man who better stood alone than in a crowd.

”Surely my lord, pardon my words ” Nicholas said

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