”No words have come from the Kiro troop, we will send another in three days ” Edgar said

”Certainly, your mealwas served, my lord ” Nicholas said

”I doubt my appetite for meat and leaves. Drink with me, Nicholas ” Edgar said and turned to the door.

He needed to be away from the enormous walls of the Oalistair before he lost sanity.

The wails sounded, it kept ringing through his soul. The wails he was certain would forever be in his head.

Edgar woke with a jolt. He had a nightmare-again. Rolling out of bed, he threw on a robe and went to his wine cabinet that sat behind a bookshelf. The potion the physician gave him only made him dizzy but sleep still couldn find him. It was a useless as all the medicines hed taken for decades now, he needed wine.

He smiled bitterly at the memories, the very first time he dared to love and nature had thrown it right back to his face. Making his heart vow never to be so foolish again. He bedded women and that was it, he didn need to love anyone and he certainly needed no child. No matter what the council and Nicholas said of his lineage, he didn want any boy to suffer his fate. He couldn . He wasn ready to sire a son or raise any child for that matter.

Edgar hummed and sat on the soft quilt that laid on his large king bed. His mind drifting to the vixen he had injured, he was a master at breaking people. After being broken he certainly knew what it took to break, he knew words were most painful than knives. He wanted to think less of the spit fire and her tribe. The small Riverlands was the least of his worries.

Alexnadra he was certain would own the land soon, he could not pity what would happen to them. The provinces would become their home. Edgar first dispute with her half sister had ended with her burning down a town with people in it to further stress her point that no one under her dared disrespect her. The council had pretended to believe it was a bush fire but every sane man knew Alexandra hate and bitterness and what she was capable of. Edgar saw her as no threat, if one thing he never believed in giving the sins of the father to the son, he had so much experience in that. Her step mother may have been a witch, literally and figuratively but he doubted Alexandra was too. She wanted her own path and he certainly gave her that. The manor was vast enough to fit them both without any running into the other at all unless they wanted to. The Sol Empire had the greatest lands before the Kiro, the lands they conquered added to their strength and mass. The dark passage that led to his sisters own side of the manor was their only barrier. He knew not what happened beyond and didn even want to. Their father had divided them the land himself. But sometimes he saw it to monitor her routes, so long as Sol was a land despite the provinces, he owed it protection. He had left Alexandra to her woes after her demonstration with the fire, she wanted that power and he knew not to meddle in her affair, and he was certain she knew same.

Edgar emptied his favourite bottle and stood, dumping it on the shelf and going to open the window, maybe the cold wind would lead him to sleep.


Selene listened to the soft heartbeat of her sister. Her head laid on Selenes laps as she slept. She couldn let the little girl out of her sight, it seemed she alone anchored her to sanity, nothing else was making sense but Mia, she was slowly losing sanity herself.

The room they now slept was a brighter chamber. The double candle stand stood far from the windows and an oil lamp glowed faintly. The room still smelled of dust and old books despite being recently cleaned for them. Their clothes were packed and out in the closet by a lady who introduced herself as Diana and said shed be their hand maiden until the trial. Selene had seen how the lady followed her about, with a guard not so far away. She knew her chances of escape was slim but she didn lose all hope, surely they would tire with time and once she knew the routes shed know what to do with what little time they had alone.

The Lord had made it clear theyd be sold to the traders, she would rather die than be a slave or be defiled. She couldn bear the thought of poor Mia being hurt in anyway either, shed lay her life to safe her. Only if she had listened and left when all her sisters left, their mothers had hurriedly taken them away, no doubt selling them to every available suitor to scrape the cruel fate of Riverland

But she had no mother to send her away and she certainly didn want to be anyway, she could not let any man use her like her mother had been used despite their riches and gold..

Now she knew she would flee to somewhere safe, the further north had villages she could hide and take care of Mia till she was grown then they could find their path. She would prove the Sol lord wrong, she would prove her father wrong, she could do without being a mans pet.

Selene yawned and felt the sleep come to her eyes. She carried the little girls head off her legs, they ache and she needed sleep as well. Her stomach growled as she stood, the little food that was given them shed given to Mia after eating a bit to make sure it was safe. Now she wished she had ate a little more. She was fine though, anything to make her happy. Checking that the door was indeed locked, Selene dropped the key atop the nightstand and got to bed, throwing the blanket over them both and submitting to sleep.


”Lead her in ” Edgar said and watched as the guard went out and came back in with Alexnadra in tow. It was early morning and he was in a far better mood.

”Good morning brother ” she said with her smile

”What brings you here ” Edgar asked, eyes leaving his already forgotten breakfast

”Can I not at least dine with my only brother? ” she asked with an exaggerated frown

”You can, but I doubt it is food that has brought you here Alex. ” Edgar said

”Oh… You know me too well ” Alexandra replied and took a seat across him.

Nicholas took a bow and exited the dinning room

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