”I hear the Riverland Princess is taken out of dungeon ” Alexandra said

”They are not prisoners yet, just hostages ” Edgar said with a frown at such question

”And you cared not to inform me ” she proded

”I must not seek your counsel for every action I take Alexandra, I saw fit to make the princess more comfortable ” Edgar said

”I see…perhaps you know better ” Alexandra replied

”The Riverlands deserves that little respect till Cedric is tried by the council ” Edgar replied

”Then they will still rot as commoners, as filth ” Alexandra said with a shrug

”You forget that the villages have done nothing to you ” Edgar said

”And have all the Kingdoms you took done something to you? Its about the power Edgar, you know this ” she whispered with a smirk.

”Father forced me! ” Edgar replied

”Oh he did, he must have. You see brother, I see beyond all this hunt and greed for more land ” Alexandra said

”I take land from irresponsible leaders and give the people freedom, no one deserves bondage, not unless it is well merited ” Edgar said.

”I will not answer to you, I rule my land as I see fit, those weak lowly humans have no worth, maybe they should become more useful ” she spat

”I can swear even father in his insanity didn see this madness of yours ” Edgar stated

”Ooohhh he did not, I wouldn even care if he did. I sought your warriors to take down Riverlands for a bargain, a third of my prisoners. I will see to it that I keep to that. Keep away from my business brother that I may keep away from yours. ” Alexnadra said as she dabbed her chin with a napkin

”I have no place in your business Alexandra, I do not fight women ” Edgar replied calmly.

”Thank you for breakfast, it was amazing ” she said as she rose and left the room with the clicks of her heels.


Selene glared at the woman who stood behind them. She took her fork and took a bite of the pork. The stew tasted good but she wasn so hungry anymore. Mia probably saw this as one of their many visits to the dukes and Chiefs in the town, she explored the hallways and Diana was happy to oblige, restricting them from the lords chamber, the royal dinning and the throne room as instructed.

Selene was relieved at Mias innocence and was glad, only wishing she was that naive.

”When will we go back, I miss daddy ” Mia said in hushed tones

Speak of the devil, Selene thought and chewed on her food, trying to stay calm.

”He is coming Mia, maybe the weather isn good for travel ” she said

”But it is not quite winter yet ” Mia said

”Hey enough talking and eat, no talking on the table, its unladylike ” Selene hushed and Mia muttered a sorry and went back to her food.

Selene sighed and looked at the doorway again. Diana still stood, looking at a book in her hand and a guard stood behind her. She needed a plan and fast, the faster she left, the sooner she would begin her trip before winter came. The land had the coldest winter and it was fast approaching.

”Excuse me Mia, wait for me here ” Selena said and rose.

A very distracted Mia only nodded and focused on her plate of pork stew.

Selene walked past the two at the doorway and heard them whisper before the lady remained with Mia and the man went with her. Good, she thought. She wouldn leave Mia with any man.

She strolled to the garden. All the while aware of the guard walking steps behind her. She slowly began to loosen her corset which was looped at the front and drew it down.

Careful not to be noticed.

Getting to a daisy bush, Selene bended to pick one up and gasped as the corset fell off, exposing her low cut blouse which hid very little of her breasts

”Oh my ” she said and attempted to cover her self but the cloth kept slipping off her hands rather intentionally. She turned to the guard and gave him a sheepish smile. ”Would you help me fasten this? ”

”I will get the lady at once ” the watching guard said looking uneasy and hurried into the manor.

Selene wasted no time in hiding behind the thick daisy bush and then fleeing into the darker walls of the manor.


”I am certain my lord. The walkers are greatly accepted among them, many living in the outskirts and preying on humans that stray into the region ” the warrior said

”The lord Helsing has a fair knowledge of this, his butler is a walker ” the other guard said and bowed

”How did you lose William? ” Edgar asked

”We met some walkers outside the borders and we were attacked, they killed him but we slayed them all my lord ” the head warrior spoke.

”No traces, I cannot risk Helsing knowing I am watching him ” Edgar said

”Certainly my lord, we took the bodies to our land before burning them ” the warrior replied

”Well done, see to it that Williams family is compensated accordingly. Dismissed ” Edgar said and the men filed out, leaving only the head of the troop.

”My lord, I am afraid to say but there are walkers among us, we have seen bodies bitten and discarded on the woods of the provinces, it seems to be a frequent route my lord ” the man confided

”I have always known this, Alexandra needs to be more attentive to avoid intruders in this land. If we leave our gates open then the plague will spread to us ” Edgar said and the guard nodded eagerly

”See to it that the gates are secured and the tunnels as well, we can only be truly safe when Kiro is eliminated by the council for good ” Edgar said

”Yes my lord ” the guard replied

”Youve done well, go to your woman tonight, Ill see you tomorrow ” Edgar said and watched a silly smile grace the strong warriors face as he left the throne room.


Selene waited until she heard the footsteps of the lady completely fade away before she rose. She didn have much time before another guard was assigned her for the night .

She wanted to be sure she had it right, the last thing she wanted was running with Mia to a dead end, she had to be certain of their way out first and she decided to do that tonight.

Throwing on a black silk gown, she held her black lace over her hair and left her shoes. Making sure not to wake Mia, Selene tip-toed to the door and quietly unlocked it with a faint click. Ensuring to lock it again, Selene quickly went down the short stairs that led into the hallway.

She stayed behind shadows and prayed to be unnoticed as few servants completed their cleaning chores for the night and some lit the tall candles an the walls of the hallway. Selene turned to the corridor that led outside to the garden and quietly went out. Shifting her clothes tighter as the cold wind blew against her skin. She turned into the tunnel she had discovered earlier that day. The ground was wet with what smelt like urine and whatever animal had rot in there. Selene refused to think on the stench that permeated the tunnel, focusing on moving forward. She hurried to the glow she saw and carefully went into the passage that looked brighter.

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