She followed the line of candles and got to a dead end. She turned to her left and there was another path with lit walls. Selene could feel her heartbeat hammering louder by the second, she knew she had to get a clue or theyd be searching for her soon.

Her next step was halted when she heard a splash. Someone was in the tunnel.

Selene held her breathe that echoed the hallway and leaned on the wall. The steps got closer as she heard the water move along, the intruder seeming to take her route as well. Selene used her lace and quickly put off the candle closest to her on the wall, she backed more into the shadows and held her breathe. The steps was accompanied by low guttural sounds that echoed in the tunnel.

She felt panic set in as the footsteps seemed to lead to her. She knew shed probably be thrown to prison, or worse fed to the walker. And her paranoid instinct told her she should have heeded…. ”Ahmpphhhhhhmmmmmmm ” her screams were muffled by a large hand as she was pulled into a body.

”Shhhhhh ” the familiar voice shushed her

A sword was drawn out and she resumed her struggles. Kicking, hitting and scratching the assailant

”Stop moving ” he said and Selene was frightened to muteness.

He walked out to the tunnel and led her behind him in a tight grip.

They could hear as the steps retracted and quickly left the tunnel.

”You idiot! You put off a candle when you
e scared? That leaves you helpless! ” Edgar asked angrily

”It was just you ” she said stupidly

”I know you maybe foolish but if you
e also suicidal then wander this tunnels again and I won be the one to kill you, the walkers will ” Edgar said, hands on her shoulder for emphasis

”What difference would it make? You promise a worse fate, remember? ” Selene replied scornfully

”You little fool ” Edgar muttered and slammed her on the wall, holding her throat as he had a sudden crave for blood, for death, for fear and fright. How could she think it was so easy? they would turn her, her beautiful skin would crack open and dry up, her hair would die and her body would rot, only her darkened soul would live. Just like his Monique, all that fire would leave her eyes. He couldn let that happen to anyone again.

Her weak but frantic struggles pulled him out of his insanity and he came to notice he was choking the girl, her hands tried to pry off his stronger ones as she fought to breath.

Edgar quickly left her neck and held her to his chest as she lost balance. Shaking as he felt her take sharp breathes. He was losing it, she reminded him so much of Monique, the same hair, the same feistiness. He held her and calmed his own breathe as her small body fit into his larger own. Her hands clung to his arms as she regained her balance.

Edgar closed his eyes and held unto the young princess, trying to discard the thought of what would happen if a walker ate her or turned her to one of them.

”Let go of me ” Selene yelled as she got herself together.

Edgar seemed to wake from his state as well and released her

”You will not come here again. Am I clear? This passages are not very safe ” he orsered

Selene looked as him defiantly, her eyes saying ”No ” even if she kept mute.

”I said am I clear? ” Edgar asked again sternly

”Yes you are ” Selene spat and attempted to turn away.

Edgar grabbed her hands and led her to the corridor which led to the tunnel. He took the stairs up his wing and opened the door to his chamber. Quickly dragging her along even as she fell on the floor. Edgar dragged her to the east wing and dumped her on the floor, a guard at her door staring in confusion

”Make sure she stays in this time and do not let her out till I say so, put her in the hole if you need to ” Edgar ordered, glaring at the guard and his carelessness before leaving the wing.

Maybe the princess was best left in the dungeon.

The warriors spoke in hushed tones, eyes flitting around as if to make certain no one even saw them. The tallest of the guards nodded before departing, only to cross the dark walls that led to the tunnel and went out of sight, the other looking about in like manner before going back into Edgars wing.

Selene yawned again and looked at the door, as if hoping that some miracle would make it budge. She had been kept locked up since last night, at least she had Mia then but now Mia had been taken out for breakfast and she hadn seen her at all. Time wasn really readable when she had no pocket watch and no bells rang at dawn and sunset like in Riverland. She only stared at the clouds which seemed to maintain a grey tint, the coming winter was not the best of seasons to read clouds, it could be evening for all she cared and she wouldn even know.

Selene stretched to the table on her left and took another piece of bread from the platter. The caramel dripped on the carpeted floor and she sighed, another mess, her table was already a splash of butter and caramel, she knew not why the bread had excess buttering but she disliked it.

Selene pushed the plate further away, she wasn sure she could keep down any more food. She wondered how long shed pretend everything was fine, how long shed have to stay strong for Mia. When her father would be tried, theyd need to be there, Mia was young but surely not stupid, she knew when there was trouble and she panicked a lot.

Selene thought of many ways to deal with her once they fled, once ethey were alone and safely away from Sol. She would tell her anything or maybe just tell her the truth. She would wait for her to be grown, for her to understand then she would tell her. They could find their father then if they wished, as a slave, a commoner. Selene shivered at the thought of such shame. The great King Cedric of Riverland washing and mopping after the Governess of Sol province. She would rather die than face such humiliation from a mere human, a woman like her very self. Selene knew she would find a way out, some how the pieces would fit in place but first she had to flee, for Mias sake and safety.

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