Yuan Xi’s first day’s work task was to organize the information.
After finishing his task, the work day was almost done.


On the first day, Fu Yunzhou read all the documents Fu Yushen had not dealt with, and sorted them out.
When he got off work, he didn’t forget to ask Fu Yushen’s assistant for a copy of Fu Yushen’s daily schedule.


Originally, Yuan Xi thought he would be uncomfortable when he was here, but he spent the day on the top floor, and he worked the entire time.
Because of this, he was able to forget the existence of the male and female protagonists.


During lunch, Fu Yunzhou ordered the secretary outside to order a meal and bring it in.
After the two were full, they continued to deal with the residual problems left by the previous “employee.”


It was not until the end of the day that Fu Yunzhou and Yuan Xi completed their tasks.


“I’ll take you back later, sit down for a while, and I’ll leave after I finish processing the documents here.” Fu Yunzhou lowered his head to deal with the last few documents in his hand.
Yuan Xi sorted and separated the documents, and waited for Fu Yunzhou.


After Yuan Xi heard his order, he sat obediently, waiting for Fu Yunzhou to process the documents.


After Fu Yunzhou finished his work, half an hour after the work day had finished passed.
In order to avoid trouble, Fu Yunzhou always took Yuan Xi to the president’s elevator.


After Yuan Xi and Fu Yunzhou returned to the Fu residence, Yuan Xi looked at Fu Yunzhou blankly, and felt a little strange.
He asked, “Do you leave work so early everyday? Then why do you never come back until ten?”


Yuan Xi pointed at the watch on his wrist.
They dragged out leaving for an extra half hour, and it was only 7:30 when they got home.


Fu Yunzhou paused for a moment, then turned off the engine and got out of the car.
“Working overtime.”


Yuan Xi glanced at Fu Yunzhou suspiciously, thinking to himself, there was so much work today, and they left work so early.
Was his workload heavier before than it was now?


Although Yuan Xi felt it was a little strange in his heart, he was too embarrassed to ask.
After all, this was originally Fu Yunzhou’s private matter, and he was the other’s subordinate, so too many questions wasn’t good.


Fu Yunzhou noticed Yuan Xi’s curious eyes, but in order to keep himself from losing his vest, he tried to ignore it.


Because of the new job, Yuan Xi was very happy and said he would cook a delicious meal for Fu Yunzhou in order to express his gratitude.


Knowing the little guy was going to cook himself, Fu Yunzhou took a moment to quickly send a message to the old house, saying he would not go back to eat today.


This should have been the first time for the little guy to cook so he must stay here no matter what and he could not waste this first time.
At the same time, this was also the best time to take a good look at what was different about Yuan Xi.


Regarding cooking, Fu Yushen had already answered him.
However, Fu Yunzhou had previously guessed this, so he was not surprised.
What he was curious about now was how the current Yuan Xi appeared, and whether he would disappear.


Also, he wanted to know why the little guy in front of him was so cute.


After Yuan Xi changed into his home clothes, he immediately ran to the kitchen and felt very satisfied when he saw the food in the fridge.


In order to ensure a good combination of meat and vegetables, Yuan Xi chose more vegetarian dishes.
Moreover, Fu Yunzhou’s health was not very good.
Although he does not know specifically what is wrong, he still needed to consider the combination of various nutrients.


It was the first time Fu Yushen dealt with documents at headquarters.
After seeing the document pileup in Fu Yushen’s office, Fu Yunzhou doubted his younger brother’s abilities very much.


Glancing at Yuan Xi who was busy, Fu Yunzhou went upstairs quietly, preparing to contact the secretary to see how capable Fu Yushen was.

Fu Yushen never realized how wonderful his previous life was, but today, after being thrown into headquarters, he realized he had it really easy!


Especially after facing so many complicated things, Fu Yushen only felt a pain in his head when he saw the piles of documents that still needed to be dealt with.


But if he didn’t deal with it, the two secretaries and sisters around him would stare at him with a smile, making him furious.
Under that meaningful look, Fu Yushen could only continue to lower his head and obediently process the documents.


When Fu Yunzhou called, Fu Yushen was still working overtime.


Xingyao Entertainment’s documents versus headquarter’s documents were not the same at all.
Most of Xingyao’s documents were easy to handle, while the information at headquarters was more troublesome.
When processing each document, it was necessary to consider all options and possibilities.


He also needed to think about whether the content was beneficial to him and not harmful to the company, or whether there were loopholes, all of which were comprehensive.


After just one day, Fu Yushen wanted to resign and go back to being a rice bug.


When Fu Yunzhou called, Fu Yushen seemed to see a life saving straw.


“Brother, big brother! I was wrong, I was really wrong, let’s exchange back, I really can’t handle it!” The moment Fu Yushen answered the phone, he immediately apologized to the other side and seriously began to express his repentance.


Although Fu Yushen didn’t know what he did wrong, it was always best to admit his mistake first.


When Fu Yunzhou heard the voice on the other side, he frowned: “Give the phone to secretary Zhang.”


Fu Yushen subconsciously handed the phone to one of the sisters beside him.
After the other party picked up the phone, Fu Yunzhou began to ask about Fu Yushen’s work attitude.


As one of Fu Yunzhou’s secretaries, secretary Zhang naturally knew what Fu Yunzhou wanted to know.
Secretary Zhang reported Fu Yushen’s situation very neatly, and then quietly waited for further instructions.


Fu Yunzhou reached out and rubbed his forehead.
After listening to the report, he held back everything he wanted to say.
He even felt a sense of resignation.


“Forget it, keep staring at him, and send the document to me after he’s finished.
You may need to pay more attention these days.”


“Okay, Mr.


Fu Yushen: QAQ what did I do wrong? Why are you doing this to me!


After dinner, Fu Yunzhou was still sitting on the sofa, chewing slowly and eating the small snacks and millet porridge made by Yuan Xi.
There was a funny variety show playing on the TV.
Yuan Xi sat beside him, eating fruit and nibbling on melon seeds, while watching Fu Yunzhou and drinking porridge.


Suddenly relieved of work, Fu Yunzhou felt unnatural for a moment.


Having been accustomed to high pressure work, his workload somehow became easier, and Fu Yunzhou was not accustomed to it.


Especially after getting so much free time suddenly, Fu Yunzhou felt a little empty for a while, and he didn’t know what to do with his free time.


After Yuan Xi left, Fu Yunzhou went upstairs, started to connect with Secretary Zhang via video, and continued to stare at his stupid brother processing documents.


Fu Yushen: QAQ, what did I do wrong, why are you treating me like this!


Under the watchful eye of his eldest brother, Fu Yushen finally finished processing the document at 10.
Secretary Zhang sorted all of the documents neatly, packed all of the important ones up, and handed them over to Fu Yunzhou for reconfirmation.


The relatively simple documents only needed to be reviewed by her and Secretary Li.


“How many documents has he processed in total, and when did he start processing them?” Fu Yunzhou glanced down at the time, and then at the number of documents.
He glanced at the sorted documents, and frowned again.


“He arrived at the company at 8:30 and officially began processing them at 9.
So far, only half the documents have been processed, and half the documents have not.”


After Secretary Zhang finished speaking, Fu Yunzhou looked at Fu Yushen, and his eyes took on a bit of coldness.


Fu Yushen almost bit his tongue.
He originally thought that he had completed everything after such hard work, but who would have thought that he only had dealt with half!


Thinking of this, when Fu Yushen looked at Fu Yunzhou, he couldn’t help but admire him.


The next second, Fu Yushen was all over the camera with a pitiful look: “Big brother, big brother, you’ve seen it.
I really don’t deal with stuff like this, so let’s change it back, okay? I really…”


Fu Yunzhou looked at his stupid brother with a smile, as if he didn’t understand Fu Yushen’s meaning at all.
“It’s okay that you don’t want to learn.
I’m a little surprised though, the future Fu group depends on you.”


After speaking, Fu Yunzhou hung up the phone, not wanting to continue looking at his stupid brother’s face at all.


Fu Yushen looked at the end call screen with a bewildered expression, then silently turned his head to look at the two secretaries beside him, reached out and scratched his head.
“Did my brother get stimulated? Or did his body get worse again? But I don’t see anything wrong, on the contrary, I feel he is very energetic!”

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