After bullying his brother, Fu Yunzhou felt refreshed, and his entire body felt a lot better.


However, Fu Yunzhou’s expression soon became somewhat solemn.
He knew his body, and although his body hadn’t deteriorated yet, his body is still not on the level of a normal person.


In the past, he took everything as his own, so he didn’t pay attention to Fu Yushen’s situation at all.
Today, after they exchanged jobs, Fu Yunzhou realized how stupid his previous actions were.


Fu Yushen was already an adult, but he didn’t look like he knew how to take responsibility.
He was still playful and handled everything willfully.


If something were to happen to Fu Yunzhou, such a Fu Yushen could not support the Fu group.


Fu Yunzhou sighed, reached out and pinched his eyebrows.


Early the next morning, after Fu Yunzhou went downstairs and saw Yuan Xi still wearing such serious clothes, he couldn’t help smiling as he sat at the dining room table.
“Yuan Xi, you can actually wear other clothes.
The dress code is not strict, so you don’t have to wear formal clothing.”


Yuan Xi looked down at his clothes, and looked at Fu Yunzhou in confusion: “Is there something wrong with my clothes?”


Fu Yunzhou’s expression was a little erratic, and he didn’t know what to say about Yuan Xi’s clothes.


There was actually no problem with Yuan Xi’s clothing, but he couldn’t stand Yuan Xi’s cute appearance.
Now he wears serious clothes, he still looks like a minor who was secretly wearing adult clothing.


Even though Yuan Xi had been an adult for a long time, this illusion would still appear.


So Yuan Xi looks a little awkward and unnatural when in formal clothing.


“No, it’s nothing.
It’s just that we don’t need to be so formal, you can wear your own clothes.” Fu Yunzhou didn’t say the real reason, but after taking a look at the other party’s clothes, he said very clearly, “What’s more, I’m the only one who sees your clothes in the office, so you don’t have to dress so formally, I… feel a little uncomfortable.”


After speaking, Fu Yunzhou was afraid that Yuan Xi would misunderstand, and also afraid that Yuan Xi would feel that he was saying that Yuan Xi was not suitable for serious clothes, so he immediately added “I am the only one who needs to be serious in the office.
You dress more lively and look less rigid.”


Afterm Fu Yunzhou finished speaking, Yuan Xi looked down.
He glanced at his own clothes, then glanced at Fu Yunzhou’s.
Finally, he silently lowered his head and went upstairs to change his clothes.


Although Fu Yunzhou didn’t say it, Yuan Xi was not blind.
After comparing, he immediately knew that it was actually him that was not suitable for formal wear.


When Yuan Xi went downstairs again, he had changed into his usual clothes.
A simple sweater and jeans complemented Yuan Xi’s very young age.


The Yuan Xi dressed like this was full of vitality, just like a college student who just walked out the school gate, and who’s youth has not dissipated.


Especially Yuan Xi’s divine eyes, and the small dimples at the corner of his mouth when he smiled.
Yuan Xi was very cute.


Hearing movement, Fu Yunzhou looked up then nodded with a smile: “Yes, you look good this way.”


Yuan Xi’s ears were red, and he was feeling a little aggrieved because he couldn’t wear his formal clothes.
But after hearing the praise of the male god, everything disappeared.


Because of Yuan Xi’s supervision, Fu Yunzhou no longer drank coffee for breakfast, and it was replaced with milk or soup.


Although there was some dissatisfaction in his heart, Fu Yunzhou still listened obediently to avoid Yuan Xi’s preaching.


Aunt Zhang was very happy about this.
Coffee was harmful to the human body, especially for Fu Yunzhou who was in poor health.
Although she didn’t understand, Fu Yunzhou had been broken by Yuan Xi, and he was still obediently eating stomach nourishing porridge at night, which was a big surprise to Aunt Zhang.


After eating, Fu Yunzhou took Yuan Xi to work.


Yesterday, the two of them didn’t see anyone else, but today they entered the hall and saw a lot of people gathered together.
Everyone had an A4 piece of paper in their hands.


Fu Yunzhou’s photo had never been leaked, so no one knew that Fu Yunzhou was the eldest young master of the Fu group.


Fu Yunzhou was wearing a dark suit, but Yuan Xi beside him was wearing simple and ordinary clothes.
Many people in the hall turned their attention to Yuan Xi, either with curiosity or calculating.


Yuan Xi hid his body behind Fu Yunzhou, lowered his head and followed behind to take the elevator.


Due to the large number of people, Fu Yunzhou did not take Yuan Xi to the VIP elevator to avoid trouble.
So, on the elevator, the two received a new wave of attention.


After seeing Fu Yunzhou, a fat man in the elevator began to sweat.


He squeezed to Fu Yunzhou’s side from the corner with a smile on his face: “Fu…”


As soon as he spoke, the man met Fu Yunzhou’s cold eyes, and immediately remembered Fu Yunzhou’s original advice.
So his expression froze, and he immediately changed his tune.


“Hello manager Yun, I’m the head of the personnel department.
You can call me…”


Fu Yunzhou glanced at the other party, and without listening he asked directly, “What’s going on with the people outside?”


The man wiped his forehead with embarrassment.
He didn’t expect Fu Yunzhou to play his cards so unreasonably.
But thinking of Fu Yunzhou’s identity, the man still answered seriously, “Today, we are recruiting newcomers to Xingyao entertainment, so those people outside have come to interview with a registration form.” After speaking, the man also glanced at Fu Yunzhou’s side at Yuan Xi.


After seeing Yuan Xi’s appearance and figure, the man’s eyes lit up, “Master Yun, is he also here for an interview.”


“No, this is my assistant.” As he spoke, they reached the man’s floor, so the man could only glance at Yuan Xi sadly.
That look made Yuan Xi’s whole body get goosebumps, and he couldn’t help but scoot closer to Fu Yunzhou, trying his best to avoid the other party’s gaze.


Fu Yunzhou gave the man a cold look, and the man immediately shrank his neck and left.


In the elevator, the other workers left mostly at once, and the crowded elevator became more relaxed.


However, due to the attitude of the man just now, nobody else dared to speak when they saw Fu Yunzhou.
Although they had never met him, they all knew his type of person.


After seeing his attitude, the other people in the elevator didn’t intend to provoke him without knowing any details about him.


Because it was a staff elevator, ten minutes had passed by the time Fu Yunzhou and Yuan Xi reached the office.
Although the elevator is fast, it had to stop at every floor.


After entering the office, Fu Yunzhou did not assign any tasks to Yuan Xi, because he himself was idle.


“Today, you are to familiarize yourself with the environment and building of Xingyao.
There is no other task for you today.”


Yuan Xi nodded and found the map of each floor of Xingyao from the table, and began to memorize it little by little.


Fu Yunzhou started to process the materials that Yuan Xi had sorted out yesterday, and the classified materials were much easier to process.
In particular, Fu Yunzhou could be said to be familiar with documents, so it was easy to deal with these very easy files.


Xingyao Entertainment had its own company.
The entire building was divided into thirteen floors and the content and layout of each floor are completely different.


The first floor was the hall and reception area, which did not need to be remembered.
The distribution of each floor needed to be roughly understood, so that he could quickly find the place he needed when he was working later.


When Yuan Xi saw the topmost floor, he couldn’t help but look at Fu Yunzhou in confusion.


“Yun… Manager Yun! Are we in the president’s office?” Yuan Xi held up the map of the top floor and looked at Fu Yunzhou, who was processing documents.
After he finished speaking, he realized he was affecting the other’s work.


Fu Yunzhou put down the document and glanced at the layout, feeling flustered in his heart.


Raising his hand and pinching his brow, Fu Yunzhou covered up his flustered expression while thinking about how to solve this problem.


“The president of Xingyao has something to do.
He knows that I am not in good health, so in order to avoid trouble, he temporarily lent me his office.”


Yuan Xi nodded, glanced at Fu Yunzhou, and opened his mouth.


“What’s the problem?”


Yuan Xi frowned, and looked at Fu Yunzhou with a tangled expression.
He asked in a low voice, “Well, what’s your relationship with the Fu family? I asked Aunt Zhang before, but she didn’t tell me.
Later, I forgot to ask, but if I were to ask you now, what would you say?”


Fu Yunzhou lowered his head and chuckled: “My grandfather is familiar with the Fu family and has worked hard for them for many years.
Therefore the people of the Fu family are more accommodating to me.”


Yuan Xi nodded and automatically memorized the information in Fu Yunzhou’s words.


The grandfather of the male god worked hard for the Fu family, so he should have worked hard for the elder of the Fu family! And since they know each other, the male protagonist and the male god grew up together, so it’s understandable that he would lend his office to the male god!

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