Recuperating at home because of a muscle strain, Yuan Xi was about to grow mold.


His leg’s muscle was strained, so Yuan Xi’s movements were greatly restricted.
He could only sit or lie down on his stomach, and could not walk at all.


If he wanted to do something, he had to trouble Aunt Zhang to come and help.


Although Aunt Zhang didn’t mind, Yuan Xi himself felt embarrassed for bothering her so much.


So he could only do nothing but sit on the sofa safely, watch TV and eat fruit.
There was nothing fun for him to do at all.


After about a week, the pain in Yuan Xi’s leg began to fade, and he could walk by himself.


As long as he didn’t make any sudden movements, the pain was almost negligible.


After being fed by Aunt Zhang for a week, Yuan Xi stood in front of the mirror, looking at his round chin and couldn’t help but feel melancholy.


It had only been a week, and his little pointed chin had disappeared, becoming round.
The flesh on his face and stomach also had grown.


“Hey, I used to have a round face, but now it’s even more round.” Yuan Xi pinched his chin and sighed helplessly.


Because he was afraid of what happened last time, Yuan Xi hadn’t said anything about wearing his own clothes.
He put on a serious suit again, and even took a bag of makeup.


After glancing at him a few times, Fu Yunzhou forced him to change and personally found some clothes for him to wear.


And once they arrived at the company, he specially found someone to customize a work card with a lanyard for Yuan Xi to wear on his neck.


Yuan Xi took the card, and glanced at the content on it.
He looked at Fu Yunzhou, a little puzzled.


Why did he feel like a dog that had been collared by its owner?


He didn’t know if it was because of the job card, but after putting it on, no matter where he went, no one questioned him.


When going to the restaurant, the trainees eating there saw the work card on Yuan Xi’s chest, and looked at each other with surprise.


Yuan Xi, who had resumed work, continued to take over cooking for Fu Yunzhou.
After seeing Yuan Xi, the uncles in the back kitchen asked him why Yuan Xi had been absent for the past week.


Seeing the concerned expression of the uncles, Yuan Xi smiled awkwardly, and casually made up a reason.


Looking at the trainees through the glass, Yuan Xi thought of Yu Fei who sent him back to the office that day.


Yu Fei was very handsome.
He was not the girly type of handsome that little fresh meats often were.
Both his body and his face were good looking.


However, his shy character contrasted this, and made him more cute.
It also made him feel more human.


Although the only reason Yu Fei helped him at that time was because of the director’s request, he really did his best.


After thinking about it for a while, Yuan Xi decided to bring some food to see Yu Fei to thank him.


Yu Fei was a trainee.
After trainees enter the company, they will be sent elsewhere to train and study.


Only those who passed assessment could make their debut and become new stars, and those who failed would have to continue to train.


But the training and assessment could not continue forever.
As a star, age could become a burden for them.


After getting older, if there was no stable foundation, they could only be gradually eliminated.


There was never a shortage of young and beautiful people in the entertainment industry, nor was there a shortage of fresh personnel.
Therefore, after failing the assessment three times, Xingyao had to persuade them to quit.


Yuan Xi bought things to give to Yu Fei.
As a trainee and a future star, he definitely needed to watch his figure.


So at this time, it was a very unwise choice to gift him food or drink.


Yuan Xi thought about it, and finally decided to give him something practical.


A wellness kit.


Thermoses, autumn clothes and long pants, red dates and wolfberries, a kettle, etc., as long as they were for health purposes, Yuan Xi prepared a set for the kit.


Celebrities were people too.
Sometimes work was tiring, and staying up late was common.


Therefore, Yuan Xi felt that if he gave Yu Fei a wellness kit, Yu Fei could definitely use it.


When Fu Yunzhou saw Yuan Xi carrying these things to work, he began to doubt himself for a moment, and his expression turned a little stiff.
Could it be that Yuan Xi had begun to feel old?


When Fu Yunzhou learned that all of these things were to be given to Yu Fei, Fu Yunzhou’s expression turned blank for a moment.


Yu Fei’s young face immediately appeared in Fu Yunzhou’s mind.
He couldn’t help but glance at the wellness kit that was placed beside Yuan Xi.
For a while, he didn’t know what expression to wear.


Yu Fei was a little fresh meat who was using such a wellness kit, so will Fu Yunzhou be rejected by Yuan Xi for being too old?


Yuan Xi couldn’t understand the entanglement in Fu Yunzhou’s mind.
He held the kit of healthcare items in his hands and looked at Fu Yunzhou nervously.
“Yun Zhou, do you think this is a good gift?”


Fu Yunzhou’s expression was indescribable.
He tried hard not to think about it too much, and asked with a serious expression: “Xiao Xi, why are you giving him these things?”


“Isn’t Yu Fei a trainee? They must maintain their figure, so I can’t give him food or drink.
His diet is probably strictly controlled.
When celebrities train regularly, they probably won’t pay special attention to their own bodies.
At such a young age, it would be bad if something happened, so I just wanted to give him something healthy.”


Yuan Xi glanced at Fu Yunzhou, “Yun Zhou, your health also isn’t that good, so why don’t I prepare something for you? It’s just me now, and I don’t have much money, but I can still get it for you.
It will be a bit cheap, but don’t dislike it.”


Fu Yunzhou glanced at the bright red packaging, and after looking at Yuan Xi’s bright eyes, suppressed the denial that was about to escape through his lips.


He coughed a few times, and looked away: “Cough, I’m not in a hurry.
When are you sending this to Yu Fei?”


Yuan Xi tilted his head and thought for a while.
“We’ll have lunch at noon, and after I deliver the containers back to the kitchen, I’ll bring it to him.
Speaking of which, I also really wanted to see what the trainees are like when they practice, because I was really hurt that day.”


After that was mentioned, Fu Yunzhou thought of Yuan Xi that day.
Fu Yunzhou had a small smile at the corner of his lips after thinking of Yuan Xi being forced to sit on his back back then.


But in the next second, he put away his expression.


Although Yuan Xi’s expression was very cute, he was unhappy being carried by others.


“Okay, but come back to the office first, you can bring those things to Yu Fei alone.
It’s not good to be seen carrying so many things.” Yu Fei, who had no idea that his life was saved, sneezed.


After lunch, Yuan Xi went to the trainee’s training room with something.
After the last incident, almost everyone knew Yuan Xi’s identity, so this time Yuan Xi was not misunderstood as a trainee when he walked in there.


There were not many practice rooms, and each practice room was different.
So after inquiring about Yu Fei’s course with Director Li, he went directly to the training room to see it.


Yu Fei was taking a hip hop dance class, and Yu Fei already had a foundation in dance, so he didn’t need to improve much at all.


When Yuan Xi walked to the door, the trainees in the room were practicing the dance steps, and everyone had a forehead full of sweat.


The clothes needed for dance class were loose, and only in this way was there no discomfort while dancing.
Loose clothes were the most comfortable when exercising.


Yuan Xi stood at the door, looking at the boys in the room training.
He couldn’t help but stare at the abdominal muscles that were inadvertently exposed.


Everyone in the room had strong abdominal muscles.
Although the lines were not alway obvious, the shape could still be seen.
Yuan Xi lowered his head and pinched his belly.
It felt soft, and didn’t have any abs.


Yuan Xi flattened his mouth.
He also wanted abdominal muscles.


After standing at the door for about 20 minutes, the people in the training room began to rest.
Yuan Xi stood at the door and waved to Yu Fei with a cheerful expression.


Yu Fei was stunned when he saw Yuan Xi, then hesitated for a few minutes before asking the teacher to leave.


As soon as Yu Fei came out, a lot of things were stuffed into his hands.
Yuan Xi also kept talking beside him: “These things are to thank you for helping me up to the office last time.
I know that as a trainee, you have high requirements for your figure, so I didn’t want to buy you a meal.
I don’t know what else you were missing, so I tried to buy practical things for you.”


Yu Fei paused, then glanced at the things in the gift box.
Thermos, red dates and wolfberries, long clothes and pants, a kettle…


Yu Fei began to wonder if it was the wrong decision to carry Yuan Xi on his back.


Seeing Yuan Xi’s serious expression, Yu Fei silently put away the gift and thanked him earnestly: “It’s good, thank you.”


Yuan Xi waved his hand with a smirk on his face.
He was shy, and his eyes were erratic when he looked at Yu Fei.
Yu Fei looked at Yuan Xi’s face, feeling strange, and didn’t quite understand what Yuan Xi was about to say.


“Well, can I touch your abs?” Yuan Xi asked in a low voice, watching Yu Fei’s expression secretly.


Yu Fei:


“Yes.” Yu Fei nodded with a paralyzed expression, then lifted his shirt.


Yu Fei’s abs were the most perfect and clearest among those in the training room.
After looking at it up close, Yuan Xi counted four abs.


It looked like a six pack, but only four were clear, and the other two were very vague, like the sketch of a faint prototype.


Yuan Xi looked at the beautiful abs and couldn’t help but reach out to touch them.
He liked the hard feeling.


Yuan Xi withdrew his hands after lightly touching them a few times.
He knew that he and Yu Fei were not very familiar with each other, and he had a male god in his heart, so he didn’t do too much.


Glancing at his abs reluctantly, he forcibly retracted his eyes from the sight he loved.


“Okay, go back to training.
I’m going to go back to work too and… your abs are very beautiful.: The author has something to say: Yuan Xi: If I give these things, will it look strange?


Fu Yunzhou: Is Xiao Xi despising his old age?

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