Yuan Xi was very satisfied he was able to touch some abs.
Although it wasn’t for long enough, he was still very happy.


Even after returning to the office, Yuan Xi’s smile hadn’t disappeared, and he was full of happiness.


When Yuan Xi was away, Fu Yunzhou decided to supervise his stupid younger brother’s work by video calling him.


After a period of training, Fu Yushen’s work ability had indeed risen sharply, both in processing speed and ability to solve things.


By the time Yuan Xi entered through the door, Fu Yunzhou had already heard movement and turned off the video.


Raising his head and seeing the smile on Yuan Xi’s mouth, Fu Yunzhou felt a trace of annoyance in his heart.


He tried hard to suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart, and said in a calm tone, “Why were you so slow, did he not like it?”


Yuan Xi was still immersed in the feeling of touching abdominal muscles, and he didn’t notice whether or not Yu Fei liked his gift.


Now that Fu Yunzhou suddenly mentioned it, Yuan Xi was stunned for a moment and patted the back of his head with an embarrassed expression: “I forgot to ask.”


“Didn’t ask? Did you send it over?” Fu Yunzhou raised his eyebrows, dissatisfied with this answer.


Yuan Xi nodded and said very seriously: “I sent it, Yu Fei has taken it.”


Fu Yunzhou nodded, although he was curious about Yu Fei’s expression after receiving this gift, he didn’t want Yuan Xi and Yu Fei to have too much contact.


After all, he hadn’t figured out what his attitude towards the little guy was yet.
If the little guy got swept away from him, he wouldn’t have anywhere to cry.


Yuan Xi tried his best to get himself out of his abs-obsessed mindset, and his eyes fell on Fu Yunzhou.


Fu Yunzhou’s body proportions were very good, and his body looked good with the clothes he wore.


Yuan Xi stared at Fu Yunzhou for a while, then leaned in front of him and asked in a low voice, “Yun Zhou, do you have abs?”


Yuan Xi’s question stunned Fu Yunzhou.


His figure was indeed good, but because of his weak body he had always been thin.


Abs, a v-line, or things like that, sorry, he had none of them.


Before Fu Yunzhou reacted, Yuan Xi couldn’t help but say: “Male god, can you show me your abdominal muscles? Yu Fei only has a four pack, but it feels good! I only have a soft little belly, and it doesn’t look good at all.”


Fu Yunzhou hadn’t recovered from the blow of Yuan Xi asking about abdominal muscles, but his attention got caught when Yuan Xi talked about the feel.


He squinted his eyes: “Did you touch them?”


Yuan Xi didn’t notice the change in Fu Yunzhou’s tone.
After hearing this question, his tone was full of excitement.


“Yes, yes, I saw when they were training.
Those trainees all have abs! But Yu Fei has the best looking ones, and he let me touch them for a while after I gave him the gift and it felt good! But there were only four bumps, and there is still a long way to go for six.”


Fu Yunzhou squinted at Yuan Xi and only felt a burst of anger in his heart.
There was only one thought in his mind: Isn’t it just abs, I can get some too! Train it out!


Therefore, the matter of exercising was put on the agenda by Fu Yunzhou.


Yuan Xi didn’t know his casual words made Fu Yunzhou start his journey of hard training, bringing a lot of changes to his future life.


Right now, he was still sighing constantly.
His soft belly felt really bad.


Fu Yunzhou glanced down at Yuan Xi, who was sighing at his stomach and lowered his voice.
“Xiao Xi, it’s work time, have you completed everything?”


Yuan Xi raised his head and looked at Fu Yunzhou with a puzzled expression: “I… really don’t have any more tasks to do?”


Fu Yunzhou was silent, and lowered his head to randomly arrange some assignments for Yuan Xi.
Then, he began to think about ways to get abs.



Fu Yunzhou’s abnormality was naturally noticed by his parents.


Especially after not going back to the old house for dinner for 20 days, and hearing Aunt Zhang’s report that Fu Yunzhou stopped drinking coffee, the abnormality was even more obvious.


Fu Yunzhou’s personality had been stubborn since he was a child, and his health was not good.
Not seeing any turnaround after many years of treatment, Fu Yunzhou completely gave up self cultivation and conditioning.


He began to focus all of his attention on work, as if that were the only way to forget about his sub-par health.


Fu Yunzhou’s parents never thought that anyone could change Fu Yunzhou’s mind.


Not only did he get rid of the habit of drinking coffee, he also began to eat on time every day.
He even chose to hand some work over to his younger brother, and decided to rest.


At this moment, Fu Yunzhou’s mother, Shen Xiyun, was very happy in her heart.


“Tianqi, do you think Yuan Xi is our son’s other half? Master Chen said it at the beginning, but Shen’er insisted on observing Yuan Xi’s character which caused so many problems.
I dare say that Qi Yunrou is not a good person.
Why did Shen’er fall in love with her?”


Shen Xiyun had very strong opinions on this matter.


Especially after learning that Yuan Xi and Fu Yunzhou’s eight characters matched, which meant that there was a possibility that Fu Yunzhou’s body could become better.


Fu Yunzhou felt that it was not good to directly marry his older brother without knowing the other person’s character, so he put forward a request to test Yuan Xi.


Shen Xiyun was a little hesitant at first, but after seeing Fu Yushen’s serious expression, she agreed to his request.


But who knew, not long after Yuan Xi was taken to the main house, Shen Xiyun saw Qi Yunrou four times by chance, and every time she complained about him.


The content was almost without exception, all bad words about Yuan Xi.


However, because of Aunt Zhang, Shen Xiyun could roughly understand what kind of person Yuan Xi was.


So, in contrast, Shen Xiyun’s impression of Qi Yunrou was very bad, especially after Aunt Zhang told her that Yuan Xi liked Fu Yushen.


After this incident, Shen Xiyun took a deep breath in her heart.


But fortunately, after Qi Yunrou tossed around last time, Yuan Xi’s relationship with Yunzhou turned out for the better.


Fu Tianqi initially didn’t feel anything, but seeing how Yuan Xi was able to change Fu Yunzhou’s bad habits, he began to like Yuan Xi too.


Shen Xiyun began to feel a little uneasy in her heart after not seeing Fu Yunzhou for more than 20 days.


They had never been without contact for such a long time.
Even if Fu Yunzhou lived in the main house, Fu Yunzhou used to come to the old house to eat every night.


So after 20 days of Fu Yunzhou not showing his face, Shen Xiyun felt a little awkward.
Fu Yunzhou had corrected a lot of his bad habits because of Yuan Xi, so the curiosity in her heart grew constantly.


“Tianqi, do you think we should go to the main house to see how Yuan Xi is? Yunzhou is hiding him so tightly now, and we haven’t seen them since he was brought here.
All of the news I hear is from other people’s mouths.
Why don’t we go over to see for ourselves?


Shen Xiyun acted coquettishly while the gears in her mind turned.


Although Fu Tianqi was curious about Yuan Xi, he also respected his son’s wishes.


Looking at his excited wife, Fu Tianqi tried to persuade her, “Since Yunzhou hasn’t brought Yuan Xi back yet, it means that their relationship might not quite be what we think yet.
Don’t be reckless.
If trouble arises, Yunzhou will be unhappy again.”


This made sense, and Shen Xiyun did become quieter after hearing it.
But the curiosity in her heart was still tormenting her.


Shen Xiyun pondered for a while, and an idea flashed in her mind: “Hey.
Do you think if I went to Yunzhou to ask him, he would let me meet Yuan Xi?”


The author has something to say:


Yuan Xi: Hey, nice looking abs.


Fu Yunzhou looked down silently at his flat stomach, turned around and walked to the gym.


-Er: suffix, a term of endearment meaning “son” but in recent years has been used for girls as well.
Here, she's talking about Fu Yu”Shen” hence Shen-er

Eight characters: Eight character fortune chart, used to determine a person’s future and also used for matchmaking purposes

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