Fu Yunzhou’s question made Yuan Xi’s heart vigilant.
In the following period of time, Yuan Xi was very serious at all times, and he even had less time to go downstairs.


Fu Yunzhou pretended that he didn’t notice, but he secretly noted Yuan Xi’s hobbies behind his back.


Their time at Xingyao Entertainment was very leisurely, and Yuan Xi forgot that it was the domain of the male protagonist.
In addition to the male protagonist, the female protagonist was also an ace artist at Xingyao Entertainment.


Qi Yunrou was an actor.
After getting in touch with Fu Yushen, he decided to sign her as an actor.


The agent assigned to her was also the best in Xingyao, and she had priority on resources.


It was precisely because of this that Qi Yunrou had changed from a little transparent 18th tier actor to a hot traffic queen.


As the heroine Qi Yunrou, there was no need to say much about her appearance.
Her pure appearance and gentle personality made her popular in the entertainment industry and her fans had a very good sense of her.


Qi Yunrou’s acting skills were good, and she was not pretentious.
Even though her position gradually stabilized, there were never any bad remarks about her.


As an actor, Qi Yunrou had a lot of work, but she did not have to come to the company often.


Having not seen Qi Yunrou for more than half a month, Yuan Xi gradually forgot about this demon woman.


After discovering Fu Yunzhou did not struggle with his previous problems, Yuan Xi gradually became relieved.


Once he realized Fu Yunzhou didn’t care, Yuan Xi continued to go to the training room downstairs to secretly study with the trainees.


Qi Yunrou just finished filming a TV series.
She came back to the company and wanted to have a meal with Fu Yushen.
When she passed the practice room, she frowned when she saw Yuan Xi’s back.


When Yuan Xi was taken over to the main residence of the Fu family, Qi Yunrou investigated him, and then confronted him many times.


So when she saw his back, she could recognize Yuan Xi.


Qi Yunrou paused as she was about to go upstairs, stood at the elevator door and watched the figure peeking from the door frame not far away, and her expression was a bit ugly.


“What’s wrong Rou-jie?” Assistant Anna saw Qi Yunrou, who had stopped after walking up to the elevator, and asked curiously, “do you want to visit the trainees?”


Qi Yunrou returned to her senses, and turned her head to look.
She glanced at her assistant, then set her eyes on Yuan Xi not far away.
“It’s nothing.
Who is that person? Our company doesn’t allow strangers to peek in at random.”


Anna had always been at Qi Yunrou’s side, and didn’t know who Yuan Xi was.


After looking at the figure mentioned by Qi Yunrou, her expression also became a little puzzled: “Is it a new trainee? But the trainees should be practicing at this time.
Is Rou-jie going to take a look?”


Qi Yunrou raised her foot and walked in Yuan Xi’s direction, but she stopped quickly and stood, thinking for a while.
She turned to Anna: “Go and call Director Li, and ask what’s happening.
If it’s an outsider, then just drive him out.”


Anna glanced at Qi Yunrou.
She was a little curious about why Qi Yunrou didn’t go in person.


But after thinking about it, it was probably because this was below Qi Yunrou.


Anna nodded.
“Okay, Rou-jie, wait here for a while, and I’ll find Director Li.” Qi Yunrou nodded, staring at Yuan Xi’s back, her heart jumping around.


She couldn’t help but guess whether Yuan Xi seduced Fu Yushen, who then arranged a position for him at Xingyao.
Otherwise, how could someone like Yuan Xi appear here!


The more she thought about it, the more she felt she was correct.
Qi Yunrou’s teeth were tightly clenched together, and her fingers were pinching her palm.


Finally, Qi Yunrou’s curiosity and jealousy began to rise, and she took out her mobile phone to call Fu Yushen.


After Fu Yushen was forced to train for half a month, he no longer fell asleep after facing the documents in front of him.


However, when processing files, his speed was still very slow.
He heard his phone ring, and glanced at the caller ID.


At this time, Fu Yushen remembered that Qi Yunrou’s recent TV series was finished.
Originally, the two of them agreed to eat together, but now it seemed like they couldn’t.


“Yunrou, is your TV series finished?” Fu Yushen’s tone softened when he answered the phone.


He liked the feeling of being with Qi Yunrou.
Qi Yunrou would not accompany him and make unnecessary vows like other girls.


When Qi Yunrou heard the call connect, her expression immediately became gentle, and her tone was as soft as a breeze: “Ah-Shen, are you at the company? We agreed to eat together before, do you have time tonight? I’ll make a reservation.
Let’s go to the restaurant together.”


When Fu Yushen heard this request, his expression immediately became guilty, and his tone softened: “Yunrou, I have a lot of things to do recently, let’s eat another day, okay?”


Originally, there were some doubts in her heart, but after hearing Fu Yushen’s rejection, the thread in her mind immediately collapsed.


She was convinced that Yuan Xi’s work in Xingyao was absolutely inseparable from Fu Yushen.
Fu Yushen refused to eat with her, so she was 80% sure he wanted to go back and eat with Yuan Xi, the little slut!


Although her teeth tickled with hatred, Qi Yunrou couldn’t be angry or suspicious.


She had to pretend not to know, and continue to act like a spoiled brat to Fu Yushen.


“Ah-Shen, what do you mean? We already agreed on eating together.” Qi Yunrou’s tone was a bit aggrieved, “And we haven’t seen each other for a long time.
Ah-Shen, don’t you want to see me?”


After hearing Qi Yunrou’s tone, Fu Yushen’s heart softened immediately, and he really wanted to agree immediately.


But when he saw the documents in front of him, Fu Yushen couldn’t help but cry.


He never wanted his older brother to come back to work as much as he did now.
After more than half a month of training, Fu Yushen already completely understood that handling documents at headquarters was simply not a job done by humans!


Every day, the documents were as tall as half a person, and they all needed to be processed immediately, giving Fu Yushen no chance to procrastinate.


It was also during this half month of training that Fu Yushen completely understood how great his older brother was.


Faced with so many documents every day, it had to be processed in order to get off work.
This kind of work ability, in Fu Yushen’s view, simply was not the work of ordinary people.


“Yunrou, I’ve been really busy recently.
There are still more than ten documents in my hand that need to be processed today.
I’ll meet you once I’m done, okay?”


Fu Yushen’s words were indeed true, but there was no credibility in Qi Yunrou’s ears.


Qi Yunrou was very clear about Fu Yushen’s work.


She had been to Fu Yushen’s office many times, and she knew that Fu Yushen was not so serious when dealing with documents.


And many files were also dragged out, stacked together, then processed at the end.


Now, Fu Yushen said he still had more than ten documents that needed to be processed by the end of the day.
After this reason reached Qi Yunrou’s ears, it became a perfunctory excuse.


Qi Yunrou’s heart was surging with anger, but she still had to suppress her tone, so she couldn’t show excessive attitude.


“Alright then, Ah-Shen, your work comes first.
Then today I… By the way, are you at the company?”


Qi Yunrou originally wanted to say she would go home directly, but after thinking about it, she had already arrived at the company, so she wanted to go upstairs to take a look.


When Fu Yushen heard this, he immediately refused: “I’m not at Xingyao.
I’m dealing with another company right now.
I won’t be there for a while.
I’ll contact you when I’m done.


After speaking, Fu Yushen was afraid Qi Yunrou would go to the top floor to disturb his older brother, so he added another sentence.


“By the way, don’t go to the top floor right now.
Someone is borrowing my office, and I’m not in Xingyao.
You can go home first if you are busy.”


After Fu Yunzhou finished speaking, he saw Secretary Zhang’s expression was not very good, and she pointed to the watch on her wrist.


Fu Yushen took a deep breath and tried to suppress the anger in his heart.
“Okay, I still have things to do here, so I’ll hang up first, and call you back when I’m free.”


After speaking, Fu Yushen didn’t give Qi Yunrou time to react.


Hearing the dial-tone from the other side, Qi Yunrou’s expression was very ugly, but she couldn’t get angry.


Xingyao Entertainment had surveillance everywhere.
In order to maintain her own image, Qi Yunrou would not give anyone a chance to let them catch her own handle.


The only good thing was that Anna had brought Director Li over.


When Director Li saw the person at the door was Yuan Xi, his expression was a little embarrassed.
He walked up quickly to Qi Yunrou’s side, and explained in a low voice, “Miss Qi, Yuan Xi is our company’s newest assistant, not an outsider.
Moreover, Manager Fu said that he could go anywhere at will in the company.”


Qi Yunrou’s expression almost did not stabilize.


Manager Fu, Fu… Who else was there besides Fu Yushen in this company! The name Manager Fu was probably made up for Yuan Xi’s sake!


The author has something to say:


Under the vicious gaze of the heroine, Yuan Xi: What did I do?


Fu Yushen: We were misunderstood


Fu Yunzhou: Huh? What did you say?


Fu Yushen: No, no, I didn’t say anything, that woman is crazy!


Jie: older sister, not necessarily related


Ah-: prefix, term of endearment


T/N: I guess they wouldn’t be the protagonists of a romance book if they could communicate without misunderstandings…

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