Qi Yunrou was so angry in her heart that she had to work hard to maintain her expression for the sake of her reputation.
She couldn't appear too hideous.


Director Li glanced at Qi Yunrou.
He knew the relationship between Qi Yunrou and Fu Yushen, so after a glance, he could tell that Qi Yunrou probably misunderstood.


So Director Li immediately began to explain: “Miss Qi, Manager Fu is not the president, and the president has not been in the company recently.”


Qi Yunrou’s heart had already determined that Fu Yushen was lying, so Director Li’s explanation seemed to be an attempt to defend Fu Yushen.
But for the sake of her reputation, Qi Yunrou couldn’t show any bad qualities, so she still had a little smile on her face, pretending that she believed him.


“I know, I believe that Ah-Shen won’t do anything outrageous.”


After speaking, Qi Yunrou glanced at Yuan Xi a few more times, and then looked at Director Li besider her.
“Since Ah-Shen is not here, I’ll go back first.
I’m a bit tired from filming, so I’ll come back to meet my juniors another time.”


After Qi Yunrou finished speaking, she left with Anna.


Qi Yunrou was now a celebrity in their company, and her relationship with Fu Yushen meant that Director Li couldn’t say anything.


After her figure was completely gone, Director Li turned his attention to Yuan Xi.


Seeing Yuan Xi study furtively, Director Li couldn’t help but sigh.


Yuan Xi’s appearance and ability to learn was at the level of a top notch student.
Even if he was only a trainee, it would only be a matter of time for him to get the resources needed to debut.
But Yuan Xi was the boss’s assistant, so there was no hope for the entertainment industry.


After sighing, Director Li quietly left without disturbing Yuan Xi who was siphoning knowledge from the teacher.


Without Yuan Xi knowing it, the first confrontation between Yuan Xi and the heroine passed silently.


Fu Yunzhou’s exercise had also been put on the agenda.
Due to him being busy and various other reasons, although Fu Yunzhou did not have much fat he also did not have much muscle.


When wearing clothes, nothing could be seen, but after taking it off, his bones could be seen through his skin.
Overall, Fu Yunzhou’s figure was skinny.


After putting exercise on his agenda, Fu Yunzhou planned to follow through.


He found a personal trainer to formulate his workout, and also began training according to plan.


Fu Yunzhou had never exercised that much.
People who didn’t exercise often would have some discomfort when starting.
Some people were lazy at first, and self control was necessary for both earlier and later in training.


However, when it came to self control, Fu Yunzhou didn’t have to worry.


At the same time, under Fu Yunzhou’s observation, he also found that Yuan Xi was very interested in the acting profession.
But the strange thing was, when Chen Yang was trying to poach him before, Yuan Xi kept rejecting and avoiding him.


This strange attitude made Fu Yunzhou feel strange.
If he really wanted to, Yuan Xi could directly agree to Chen Yang’s proposal.
But when Chen Yang tried, Yuan Xi avoided and refused him.
Now that he entered the entertainment company, Yuan Xi would secretly observe those training courses.


The contradictory attitude made Fu Yunzhou feel strange and puzzled.
He didn’t understand why Yuan Xi wouldn’t agree since he liked it.


Fu Yunzhou decided to exercise after work, so he sent someone to the main house to notify them that he would leave alone.
Although Yuan Xi was curious about where the other party was going, when he met Fu Yunzhou’s smiling eyes, Yuan Xi felt cowardly.


After watching Fu Yunzhou’s car leave, Yuan Xi turned around and went to the house.


After entering, Yuan Xi stood at the door and heard the sound of conversation coming from inside, but because the voice was too low, Yuan Xi could not hear what was being said clearly.


“Aunt Zhang, are there guests?”


Yuan Xi walked into the living room lightly, and saw a woman in her thirties on the sofa, dressed in a very fashionable manner.
Aunt Zhang stood beside the woman and lowered her head.
The voice he heard should be the conversation between these two.


Yuan Xi’s voice caused the two people present to look over at him.
The woman on the sofa turned her head to Yuan Xi after hearing his voice.


After looking at him up and down for a while, she nodded in satisfaction.


“So this is Yuan Xi.
He’s pretty cute.”


Shen Xiyun’s eyes lit up after seeing Yuan Xi.
Looking at Shen Xiyun’s eyes, Yuan Xi felt like he was being targeted, and shrunk his neck.


Aunt Zhang’s tone was also much gentler, and she beckoned to Yuan Xi: Xiao Xi, come here this is the mast… Mrs.
Shen, Yun Zhou’s mother.


Yuan Xi originally planned to go upstairs directly, but after hearing Shen Xiyun’s identity, his eyes lit up quietly.
Then, he silently followed Aunt Zhang’s greeting and walked over, and sat in a very well-behaved manner.


His while person looked like a good boy, but his eyes were very big and bright, so Shen Xiyun could see his careful thoughts at a glance.


However, Shen Xiyun did not feel disgusted by this.


Yuan Xi had a temperament that was unlike people who had entered society.
Although she didn’t know much about him, it made her feel very comfortable when getting along with him.


Since Yuan Xi sat down, Shen Xiyun began to try to get to know him better.


That look in her eyes was like a mother-in-law looking at her daughter-in-law, and the more she looked, the more satisfied she became.


Yuan Xi also had his own thoughts.
Since the person in front of him was the mother of his male god, he had to leave a good impression no matter what.
He couldn’t make Fu Yunzhou’s mother’s impression of himself worse.


Shen Xiyun pretended not to see Yuan Xi’s careful thinking, and after staring at him for a while, she asked, “Xiao Xi, right? I heard that Yunzhou likes to eat the porridge you make every night, right?”


There was some anxiety in Yuan Xi’s heart, and he began to think hard about if there was something wrong, or if he was missing something when it came to cooking porridge.
After thinking it through, he found that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong, so he nodded.


Shen Xiyun glanced sideways at Aunt Zhang and after Aunt Zhang nodded, Shen Xiyun’s expression got more excited.


Yuan Xi was startled by Shen Xiyun’s attitude, so he straightened his body immediately, looked at Shen Xiyun carefully and asked timidly: “Auntie what’s the matter? Is there something I’ve done wrong? If there’s something wrong, you can tell me immediately, and I can change it!”


Shen Xiyun stared at Yuan Xi for a while, and just when Yuan Xi’s heartbeat started beating faster, Shen Xiyun suddenly grabbed Yuan Xi’s hands.


“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, you really are great! Yunzhou has been stubborn since he was a child, he won’t say anything and just works until late everyday.
His work and rest are irregular, and he doesn’t pay attention to many things, which is why he fell sick at a young age.”


Yuan Xi: ??? So she didn’t come here to scold him.


Before Yuan Xi could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw Shen Xiyun holding his hand and wiping away tears.


“You don’t know, Yunzhou has always been different from other children.
Children are soft and cute, but Yunzhou has been tough since he was a child.
But his face is really cute.
But he grew up to become sick, so he got less and less cute.” The more Shen Xiyun said, the more she strayed from the topic, and Yuan Xi’s expression became more and more bewildered.


Aunt Zhang stood beside the sofa and coughed a few times, and only then did Shen Xiyun realize that she had gotten off topic.
She covered the corner of her mouth with her hand, and coughed a few times.
After adjusting her expression, she looked at Yuan Xi and continued to speak.


“Is Yunzhou coming back for dinner tonight? What time will he be back? It’s been a long time since I ate with Yunzhou.
Aunt Zhang, please quickly cook something delicious.”


Aunt Zhang responded and turned around to begin cooking.
Yuan Xi quickly stood up, put his backpack on the sofa, and stopped Aunt Zhang: “Aunt Zhang, I’ll do it.
You accompany Aunt Shen, and I’ll cook some porridge, and eat it later.
It’ll be ready for me then.”


Aunt Zhang glanced at him, and stood silently without moving.


Shen Xiyun wanted to open her mouth to stop him, but when she saw Aunt Zhang’s hand quietly wave at her, she stopped.
Looking curiously into the kitchen, Shen Xiyun was curious about what he would make.


When Fu Yunzhou went home, his clothes were a little messy.
His hair was wet, and his lips were not as pale as before.


After entering, Fu Yunzhou stopped when he saw Shen Xiyun peeking from the kitchen door.


“Mom, why are you here?”


Fu Yunzhou’s appearance made Shen Xiyun immediately change back to her original ladylike appearance.
She turned and glanced at Fu Yunzhou.
Originally, she wanted to take Qiao, but after seeing Fu Yunzhou’s expression she walked over to his side to reach out and touch his forehead.


“What’s wrong with you Yunzhou? Why is your face so red, do you have a fever?”


Fu Yunzhou awkwardly ducked: “Mom, I’m fine, I just exercised so I’m a bit warm.”


After speaking, Fu Yunzhou glanced at the kitchen.
There was a smell coming from there, so he immediately began to change the subject.
“Xiao Xi’s finished cooking, let’s go eat first.
If you have any other business, we’ll talk about it after dinner.”


Shen Xiyun still wanted to say something, but Fu Yunzhou had quickly left.
After helping them bring out the food, he didn’t give Shen Xiyun a chance to speak at all.


“You guys clean up first, I’ll go upstairs to change clothes and come back down.”


The author has something to say:


Yuan Xi: I met my in-laws today by surprise.


Fu Yunzhou: …Or my mom planned this


Shen Xiyun: Why are you so arrogant!


Take Qiao: to satirize someone (usually a political leader).
Basically it’s just saying she wanted to make fun of him


T/N: aaaaand that’s the first 20 chapters.
I will try to update once a week, and it should usually be on Wednesdays.
It’s just me, so if there are mistakes, you can just let me know.
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