ped in red mud.
It was impossible to make out without looking carefully.

Yi Wusheng: “……”

At that time, he gripped the paper tightly, looking toward the person who had just released his sword in both alarm and suspicion.
After a bit, he asked, “Your honorable surname?”

Apparently, there must be something funny in his question, as  “Young Master Cheng” beside him suddenly started to laugh.

The person who was holding the sword with the word “Mian” glanced at Young Master Cheng, and then looked at Yi Wusheng expressionlessly.
His lips moved, “Xiao.”

Yi Wusheng: “……”


Anyway, after hearing him say “Xiao”, Yi Wusheng, who had his mouth sealed, hadn’t said a single word, until they followed Hua Zhaoting to Jianhua Hall and saw Hua Zhaoting on the floor.

It would be a lie to say that he was unmoved.

At the age of fourteen, Yi Wusheng had already entered the Hua Sect.
He met the seventeen-year-old Hua Zhaoting and the eleven-year-old Hua Zhaotai.
From then on, he cultivated in the same fall as this pair of brothers and sisters from the Hua Family.
It had already been more than a hundred years.

For mortals, a hundred years is more than enough for an entire lifetime.

Back then, in the Disciples’ Hall of the Hua Sect, he would often sleep late due to fiddling with medicine.
While listening to their teacher lecture on the way of the sword, he would doze off with his head propped on his hand.
The brother and sister who sat behind him would then poke him awake.

That experience of being suddenly startled awake still felt clear, like it was just from yesterday.
Surprisingly, it happened over a century ago.

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That girl, who loved to laugh, had already been buried in the peach blossom grove for over twenty-five years.
The other person, who used to be the most annoyed by rules as a teenager, had become the biggest rule of the Hua Sect, and was now lying pitifully on the ground before them.
His soul had been consumed by the devils, a poor friend who had suffered the same miseries.

So at this time, the only thing that he really wanted to know was whether or not this person before him, who may or may not still have some vestigial soul, had died.

Xiao Fuxuan said lightly, “I didn’t kill him, I’m just forcefully suppressing that devil inside of him from taking over.” 

“Okay, okay.” Yi Wusheng nodded and repeated softly.

He was scared, but his fingers still approached Hua Zhaoting’s forehead to check.
Hua Zhaoting was in a worse state than he was, and he was barely able to feel any soul left.

Yi Wusheng lowered his hand.

Wu Xingxue stood aside and watched silently for a while.
He noticed that Hua Zhaoting was clenching his fingers, but his eyes were staring at a certain place.

They all said that the moment people realize that they’re about to die, they would always subconsciously reveal some secrets—they would look towards the place where something was hidden, and gaze at those who knew things that couldn’t be said.

Even the devils were no exception.

And at this moment, what Hua Zhaoting was facing was none other than the flowerpots that he would stand and stare at for a bit every day.

A few top-quality short peach blossom trees grew in those flowerpots.
They were taken care of extremely well; even in the heavy winter, they showed no sign of withering, still harboring tender branches and green leaves.
One tree had even sprouted some new flower buds.

The flowerpots were shattered into pieces, and the small trees tipped onto the ground.
Wet soil and flowers scattered all over the floor, revealing the sand beneath the soil in the pots.

Why would one plant peach blossom trees in sand?

Wu Xingxue thought for a moment then walked over to the flowerpots.
He lifted his robe and squatted down, running his finger through the wet soil and sand.

He pushed away some broken pottery with his pointer finger, making some clanging noises.

“What are you looking for?” Xiao Fuxuan’s voice fell from above his head.

Wu Xingxue tilted his head to look at him, then continued to dig through the sand.
After a moment, he said, “Weren’t you looking for something earlier? Like… something that was stolen  then later  returned?”

He stood up, patted off the soil and sand on his hands, then wiped his hands on a clean cloth from a nearby shelf, “I see him staring at this place, so I thought I’d take a look for you.”

Hearing this, Yi Wusheng, still holding his slip of paper, also came.

He dug his hand through the sand and suddenly paused.
Then his movements became more eager.

They discovered several random weird artifacts buried in the dirt from one of the flowerpots, including wooden hairpins, disciples’ waist tokens, hair ties, and the brocade bags used to transmit Hua Sect decrees.

There were many items of all sorts.
Judging by age, they didn’t seem to be the used items of the same person.
It seemed like they each came from different people and were all buried here by Hua Zhaoting.

“Who could these people be?” Wu Xingxue held the waist token and studied it.

Yi Wusheng’s body froze, then after a while, he finally replied, “Disciples.”

These were miscellaneous items that the disciples of the Hua Sect would carry around.
It wasn’t uncommon for these to go missing, so even if they did, people wouldn’t find it strange.

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Wu Xingxue suddenly remembered what the disciple at the guest rooms had said before.
Even though everyone had to go through the Punishment Hall in the morning and afternoon every day to check for devils, a few disciples would still lose their lives every month.

Now it seems… the reason for their deaths could be explained.

But this was truly quite conflicting.

He then remembered the things he had heard in Chunfan City before arriving at the Hua Sect.

They said that the Hua Sect alone protected the river, taking over Peach Blossom Island and not letting any common people inhabit the region.
They said that Peach Blossom Island’s location was strategic and very easy for devils to invade.
If ordinary people went, it would be like a sheep walking into a tiger’s den.

At the time, he had reasoned that since they were the biggest sect in Chunfan City and had so many disciples, even if they relocated the common people to a suitable location, it still wouldn’t be completely impossible to protect them.

If other sects could do it, then why not Hua Sect? It was truly questionable.

Looking at it in retrospect…

On one hand, Hua Zhaoting couldn’t resist devouring disciples every month until he was full, but on the other hand, he was deathly afraid of ordinary people coming near him.

Wu Xingxue held the old waist token in his hands and was lost in thought for a while.

A moment later, he suddenly heard a low cry from Yi Wusheng.

He dug out a small container with countless tiny holes on the lid.
By opening the lid, one could see that the inside was completely filled with pills.

No one knew how long those pills had been buried in the flower pots, but the pills still had a touch of warm spiritual light, indicating that they had been carefully maintained.

Yi Wusheng swallowed hard, then said slowly, “Dreamless Pills……”

No wonder Hua Zhaoting watered the flowerpots every day.
Logically, those top-grade peach blossom trees shouldn’t be looked after in this way.
Unless he was subconsciously looking after another thing that he thought was useful.

Those were the Dreamless Pills.

The pills that could save one’s life if used within a month after first being infected.

After he was possessed by a devil, how long did he take to realize this? Had he also swallowed big handfuls of Dreamless Pills? Had he also tried to struggle? Did he temporarily regain consciousness when he gave the order to not let any disciples approach Jianhua Hall?

In that deep night, when I stumbled and tripped to go find him, did he still have any vestigial soul remaining?

He could feel his body getting colder and colder as he thought.

The pieces of the flowerpot cut his finger, but no blood came out.
Only a stark white wound remained, looking quite scary.
He didn’t think twice about it though, as he immediately went to dig through the last flowerpot.

This time, he dug out a box.

The moment he opened the box, Xiao Fuxuan turned to look.
He smelled a hint of lingering celestial energy.

He saw a round recess inside the box.
The recess held a tiny little bell made of white jade, inlaid with a silver rim.
If he wasn’t mistaken, this was something he knew.

It was called the “Dream Bell.”

After shaking it nine times in different directions, it could create an extensive dream for an individual.

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