Chapter 1: Something Happened to the Porridge!

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In a daze, Su Yu opened her eyes.

Then she saw a black and cyan robe in front of her, with a clean smell of soap.

“Junior sister, senior brother will go down the mountain to find Master.
I will leave Zhiqiong Peak to you for the time being.”

His voice was warm, like spring water taken from the mountain in autumn, cool but not piercing cold.

Su Yu tried to look up at him.

Vaguely, she saw his robes fluttering.
His eyes are bright, and his eyebrows are sharp.
His black hair was tied up high, and he carried a giant sword behind him.
His black sleeves were lightly lifted, and his sharply shaped hand stretched out to her.

The five fingers are slender, and the skin is smooth.

It must be the best hands in the world to use it to pull the Dragon Beard candy.

Su Yu couldn't help but want to touch the hand to see if it was as powerful as she imagined.

But instead, she touched a small golden square seal handed to her palm.

“This is the seal of the master of the peak.
Junior Sister has to put it away carefully.”

“Remember, from now on, you should take care of the brothers and sisters on my behalf.
Supervise the morning classes and evening exercises, and be diligent in practicing…”

Su Yu: “…”

'You can really dream of anything.

She was clearly on the plane.
She was happily going on the 5-diamond customized tour that her sous chef had booked for her.
She was going to travel around the country in 128 days.

Three days ago, after five years of hard work, she brought a dozen team members to get a three-star Michelin rating.
She also trained her assistant chefs to function on their own.
She finally breathed a sigh of relief and decided to relax and retire.

What now? Discipline others? Peak Master?


This handsome guy looks beautiful and thinks more beautifully.

[T/N: “You think beautiful!” is a common Chinese phrase similar to “You wish!” or “Keep dreaming!”]

“I left a note to Junior Sister about some relevant points.
Remember, read it carefully.”

Su Yu still wanted to speak but found that she couldn't make a sound.
She could only watch the black-haired man with a broad sword leave the room.

She woke up suddenly in bed.

'Huh, it was a dream.'

But before she sat up with a sigh of relief, she felt something weird when she put her hands on the bed.

When she looked down, she saw a small golden square in her palm, exactly like the one in her dream.

Su Yu looked at the small seal helplessly and found three small characters engraved on it – Zhiqiong Peak.

This name is quite familiar…

Isn't this the Zhiqiong Peak in the fairy tale novel “I Am Everyone White Moonlight” recommended by her assistant chef?

The villainess, Su Yu, has the same name and surname as her, but she is just the female lead's cannon fodder comparison girl.

Su Yu touched her forehead.

The memory of the original owner immediately appeared in her mind.
She turned her head hurriedly and looked at the pillow.

Sure enough, there was a letter there.

The original owner received the letter three days ago.

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'What was it?'

In the novel, the female protagonist brings her junior brothers and sisters to prosperity, while the villainess, Su Yu, leads her junior brothers and sisters to disappear or be injured…

She must not become this villainess, Su Yu!

She opened the letter.

Then she saw the ink on the paper float in the air as if they were black dragons wandering in rows.

[Zhiqiong Peak has several extremely critical affairs that you need to be vigilant about from time to time.
Once it happens, the consequences are unimaginable.]

[Third Junior Brother's meridians were damaged five years ago.
So this year, he cannot condense a Golden Core.
Otherwise, he may not be able to cultivate anymore in his life.]

[Fourth Junior Brother specializes in qin music, but his inner demon is intractable.
Once it recurs, he can go crazy and lose his mind.]

[Fifth junior brother wants to join a merchant family in Nancheng…]

[Sixth junior brother has an impure sword heart…]

[Seventh junior sister cultivates the Seven Emotions and Six Desires practice…]


In the novel, Su Yu's Third Junior Brother seemed to try to condense a golden core and failed.
Then he was captured in love and hatred…

Su Yu: Pulling her feet.

'It's over.'

Su Yu sat on the bed with numbness in her legs and feet, so first, she sorted out the memory of the original owner and the letter's main points.

She quickly got out of bed.

There is nothing in this world that Master Su cannot solve by cooking a meal.

Not in the past twenty-five years.

Absolutely nothing!

Su Yu folded the letter, kept it in the spatial storage bag on her waist, and walked to the door.

The door snapped open.

Managing a peak is like managing a kitchen.

As long as she finds a suitable deputy and gets everyone to perform their duties, Master Su will be able to retire and continue to relax.

“Ah, she came out.”

“Oh, Fourth Senior Brother, I'm leaving first!”

“I'm going to Jianlin.”

“Hey, I have to attend the array class…”

Su Yu just took a step outside her room and saw several blue-robed disciples quickly turn around and disappear in front of her as if they were running away.

In the blink of an eye, there was only a thin young man, holding a qin, left in the courtyard.

Master Su's pace was stiffened.

The original owner serves as a comparison of the heroine.
As if the other party borrowed her luck, she went from the original wind spiritual root cultivation genius to a waste with five spiritual roots.

Although she ranks second in the Zhiqiong Peak, she is only in the fifth level of Qi Refining, which is not as good as her juniors.
As a result, she has always been mean and indifferent to them.

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[Junior sister, the rule in Nanxun Sect is that if the peak master is unavailable, someone must take over in order of seniority.
So when Senior Brother goes down the mountain, the position of the temporary peak master can only be handed over to you, who is ranked second.
You don't usually have a good relationship with everyone, but you must try to get along.
Cultivation takes a hundred years.
Now, when your brother goes down the mountain this time, it is an opportunity for you to change the status quo.]


The letter from the handsome brother is really euphemistic.

Can this be called a bad relationship?

Su Yu touched her nose and walked toward the thin young man, who was the only one left.

Based on the yellow wood guqin in front of him, this person is obviously her fourth junior brother, who has a heart demon and was later disabled.

Su Yu took a look and sighed secretly.

The guqin was a little thicker than his shoulders, and his phoenix eyes made him look even thinner.

[T/N: Qin or Guqin is a seven-string Chinese musical instrument, like a zither.]

Look at how thin this child is.
If you keep practicing and not eating, can you not grow a heart demon?

Great people have said that eating is the most important thing in the world.

“Have you eaten yet?”

Lu Yizhou was at a loss.

His senior brother had left for three days, and his second senior sister stayed behind closed doors.
She usually doesn't care about things on the peak and gets upset when she sees them.

Now that she is forced to take over the position of the peak master, she is definitely not happy.
She will have to find someone to vent to.

As a result, before he was finished panicking, he heard a gentle tone.
Her voice was clear and light, like a breeze blowing on his face in the early spring of March.

In amazement, Lu Yizhou raised his head and saw Su Yu's bright smile.

“I, I've used Bigu Pills.”

[T/N: Bigu is a cultivator fasting method.
One Bigu pill will make people not hungry for several days.]

Su Yu nodded.
She was about to study the elixir used to satisfy hunger in this Immortal Cultivation world, but Lu Yizhou stopped her.

“Second Senior Sister, I ha

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