Chapter 11: An Elixir That Could Help A Swordsman Breakthrough

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Early in the morning, Su Yu was already in the chicken pen.
When she picked a plump, full-bodied spirit rooster, she heard flying swords whizzing past.

Before she could turn around, the air-breaking sound stopped above her.

A fierce palm wind hit her, accompanied by a loud shout.


Su Yu was frowning, but this palm stopped in front of her.

The palm wind did not hit her but instead took the spirit chicken from her hand with lightning speed.

“What qualifications do you have to touch this spirit chicken!”

Su Yu took a step back, only to see a strong young man in a black suit standing against the light.

She saw that the corners of his robes were ragged.
It looked like the claw marks of monsters cut it.
His clothes were tattered, but there were two silver swords, polished brightly without any stains, tied together around his waist.
The hilts of these two swords are exquisitely carved, and at the end, there is a scarlet tassel with a dragon-scale water-colored jade.

At this moment, with his movements, the red tassel swayed.

Su Yu felt this person is a little familiar.

After she looked up, she saw the other party's delicate baby face and cat-like eyes, which were in contrast to his hot temperament, and she finally remembered.

This is her sixth junior brother, Yan Yan, who practices swordsmanship, right?

Just as she was thinking, the handwritten note left by that senior brother was suddenly opened in her storage bag.

The powerful handwriting faintly lit up in her mind.

[Junior sister, please remembers.
Sixth junior brother's sword heart is not pure.
He needs to practice the Guayi swordsmanship of combining nine swords into one.
After he combined ninety-nine swords into one, his sword heart can be stable.

But I am afraid that he will be impatient and practice the blood-devouring swordsmanship acquired by the ancestors of the Yan family.
This sword practice uses its user's own qi and blood to nourish the sword move, which is very powerful.
However, cultivating this practice will become an evil way that damages the user's life essence.
I asked him to destroy it when he started in Zhiqiong Peak, but he probably had already memorized the swordsmanship.
Remember, once you find that his blood has dissipated, you must immediately urge him to stop.
If he cultivates to the third level of this swordsmanship and his flying sword actively devours his qi and blood, it will be difficult to turn back.]

Su Yu frowned.

In the novel, this sixth junior brother seems to be under pressure because the Zhiqiong Peak has no one in a Golden Core stage, so he practices this evil way.
Within a year, he will be withered, and his lifespan will be greatly damaged.
Finally, in the battle between humans and demons, he chooses to perish with the demons.
Even his corpse was not found at the end.

Su Yu took a deep breath and immediately looked at the boy in front of her nervously.

Although his face was expressionless, he was still full of energy.
She felt relieved when he roared loudly.

“This spiritual chicken was bought by Fourth Senior Brother to replenish Third Senior Brother's body.
You still have the courage to take it?”

Yan Yan glared at her after snatching the chicken from her.

When he entered the mountain, it was when her temperament changed greatly because her cultivation suddenly stalled.

Not only does she dislike all the junior brothers and sisters whose cultivations are higher than her, but she always occupies the spiritual stone and spiritual treasure resources on the peak.

Whenever she wanted something, they all felt sorry for her and feared her, so they gave it to her.

But she got worse and worse, always asking for things that she couldn't use, such as the water-breaking sword.
Just because the sword was beautiful, she stole the peak savings that Master had put in his room to buy it.

170,000 to 180,000 spirit stones were wasted overnight.

As a result, she put her broken water sword and those dresses engraved with defensive formations that she likes in her spatial storage bag and never used them.

Now, not even the chickens are spared.

“Do you have any heart? Third senior brother is seriously injured.
You don't know how to get concerned, but you want to rob him of the spirit chicken that nourishes his body?”

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Yan Yan was so annoyed that there was a bloody smell in his throat.

'It turned out to be the rations for the wounded and sick guy.'

Su Yu was slightly stunned.

But earlier, Lu Yizhou had already entrusted her with the 'cooking' of the wounded's rations.

“Your third senior brother and fourth senior brother both said that I can use it at will.”

Yan Yan's qi and blood rolled in his throat, and he closed his phoenix eyes in pain.

'She is always like this…'

'Taking their concessions and forbearance for granted.'

“I took this spirit chicken and cooked it for your third senior brother.”

Yan Yan smiled bitterly.

'Now, she also lies.'

She was just a temporary Peak Master for a few days, and she could make excuses for robbing them.

Su Yu wanted to speak more, but she saw the spirit chicken clucking and screaming, fluttering nervously.
A few shiny feathers fell off its wings.

Her eyelids twitched.

Holding the chicken too hard will tighten its muscle texture.
The sharp movements may also cause bruising or even break the skin.

If used to make ginger scallion chicken, all of these will affect the crispy white and smooth appearance and its soft and elastic taste.

“Hey, you can put the chicken down.
I won't take it.”

“Don't think because Senior Brother gave you the position of peak master temporarily, and you can continue to oppress us as you want.
They are willing to bow to you, but I will never surrender!”

“If you want to anger Third Senior Brother, you can ask the sword in my hand–“

Yan Yan gritted his teeth.

When he thinks of the hardships of his third senior brother, who can only lie in bed, their forbearance towards her over the years, and their disappointment time and time again, the anger in his heart is uncontrollable.

However, a helpless and beautiful voice brushed past his ears.

“I don't want it anymore.”

“You still want to argue…”

He was stunned halfway through his sentence.

'Don't want it anymore?'

When he raised his head, he saw her anxious expression and her nervous eyes looking at his left hand holding the spirit chicken.


Because of the panic, the chicken was pecking at his hand with its sharp beak.

He is a cultivator, but a mere chicken…

Su Yu saw that he still didn't let go of the chicken, and her face was full of helplessness, “You take it.
I won't argue with you.”

Yan Yan was startled.

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In the past, whatever she wanted, even if it was grass, she had to get it.
Otherwise, she would feel that everyone owed her and bullied her who couldn't cultivate.

Su Yu shook her head.
“Ask your fourth senior brother about this chicken.”

Yan Yan was stunned.

But soon, his face was expressionless, “It seems that the letters that the senior brother left for you have taught you a lot.”

As he said that, he grabbed the spirit chicken, clenched his sword, and flew into the air in an instant.

While looking down at her, he let out a sonorous sentence.

“Put away your hypocrisy.
Others don't know, but I know too well who you are!”

In a flash, he disappeared.

Su Yu: “…”

'That boy is the impulsive kind.'

“Hey, don't practice that blood-devouring swordsmanship! Even if you don't listen to me, you should listen to your senior brother!”

Su Yu hurriedly shouted towards the sky.

After shouting, she turned to look at the few spirit chickens that were still walking leisurely in the chicken pen and shook her head.

Although her temper is not small, when she thinks of the original owner's behavior in the past, she also feels that she cannot maintain relationships.

'It's nothing.'

In a kitchen, there are always different types of employees, and there are always different voices.

But, the chef has to take care of all the problems.
Build them into a team and turn them into sharp edges.

Su Yu turned around, patted the dirt on her hands, and went back to the small kitchen.

Yan Yan's flying sword rushed back to the courtyard of core disciples.
He felt that his chest was throbbing, and his blood was flowing backward.

'Don't practice that blood-devouring swordsmanship…'

That silvery voice shouted from behind him.

He almost swayed, but when he looked at the 108 peaks of the Nanxun Academy faintly revealed in the clouds, his eyes were dim.


'It's too late…'

His eldest senior brother is not here.
His third senior brother is seriously injured, and he is the only foundation-building sword cultivator on the peak who can withstand challenges from other peaks.

He has to get stronger!

In the shortest time, he has to become stronger!

Yan Yan flew out for a moment, but he suddenly felt suffocated.

Was it her voice just now?

Did she care about what kind of swordsmanship he practices?

He shook his head violently.

She wished they were all injured and maimed one by one, so they would become worse than her.

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“Fourth Senior Brother.”


He put away his swords and entered a qin room in the courtyard.

“Sixth Junior Brother? You're finally back.”

Lu Yizhou stopped playing his qin and walked out, but he was stunned for a moment.

“Why did you bring a chicken here? Didn't you go to the secret realm?”

Yan Yan took a deep breath, “I saw that she was using Third Senior Brother's spirit chicken as soon as I came back, so I took it over.”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.
“Sixth junior brother, what are you saying…”

Their junior brothers and sisters on the peak have always been sensible.

“Could it be, you meant Second Senior Sister?”

Yan Yan frowned when he heard him.

He didn't want to talk bad about her, but he had to tell his fourth senior brother, who was always protected and didn't understand how to reject.

“It's not what it used to be, so we can't condone her anymore.
Senior brother gave her the seal of the peak master just because of the sect rules.
In fact, the spirit stones he left behind are locked.
It requires three of our core disciples at the same time to unlock, and then the spirit stones of the peak can be used.”

Lu Yizhou hesitated.

“What does this mean? Senior Brother has never trusted her.
He was even beware of her continuing to do evil! Fourth Senior Brother, you can't be confused anymore.
Now our peak is like a leaf in the rain.
Our future is bleak.
You can't let her get anything like before! Fourth senior brother, do you still not understand?”

After Yan Yan said this, he handed the spirit chicken roughly to Lu Yizhou.

“You can't give her what Third Senior Brother needs.”

The expression on Lu Yizhou's face changed.

He didn't know about the prudent intention of his eldest brother.


“Junior brother, you haven't been on the peak these days, so you don't know.
Second Senior Sister has actually changed.
The jade pill powder that Third Senior Brother uses now is all refined by her.”

Yan Yan didn't even want to hear it.
“Fourth Senior Brother, just refining some jade pill powder will convince you…”

But halfway through, he stopped.


With a complicated expression, Lu Yizhou told everything that happened in the past few days.

Yan Yan felt like he seemed to be listening to a book from heaven.

“Ridiculous! How is she usually acts on the mountain…
It's not the first day you and I have known her.
Where did she learn to make alchemy?”

'Could it be that she learned alchemy in her room!'

Lu Yizhou smiled bitterly.
He didn't know the answer either.

“She took away Master's savings in the past, and there must be some spiritual pills in it.” Yan Yan said in disbelief, “Now that Senior Brother is not here, she took it out to coax your and Third Senior Brother's trust, so she can continue occupying the position of the peak master.
There would be a day where the truth is revealed!”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.
But when he thought about what he saw in the kitchen, he smiled wryly and shook his head.

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“Junior brother, it's useless to talk too much.
At dinner time later, you can go to the kitchen with me to see if she is true or false.”


Yan Yan frowned.

But he didn't ask much but instead took out a bright red demon flower from his bag.

“Fourth Senior Brother, I came back this time because I heard that you won against a qin player in the Golden Core stage.
Congratulations on breaking through your inner demons and comprehending the art of attacking with the qin.”

“This cloud swallowing demon flower is worth about six thousand spirit stones.
You can exchange it for spirit gathering powder to consolidate your cultivation.”

Lu Yizhou was about to refuse when he saw him take out a bag of spirit stones.

“Fourth Senior Brother, don't sell Third Senior Brother's sword.
There are 70,000 Spirit Stones here.
You can use them to buy a qin.”

“Sixth, where did you get so many…
Wait, what about the Spirit Snake Sword that Senior Brother left for you?” Only then did Lu Yizhou notice that the sword on his waist had changed.

The original second-rank sword was gone, replaced by two ordinary thin swords.

Yan Yan took a step back and said, “I don't need it.
I am stuck in the integration of eight swords, and I haven't practiced the ninth sword yet.
When I need it, I will buy another.”

“Why? There is no problem with Guiyi swordsmanship.
Senior Brother bought you the Silver Snake Sword as the ninth sword before he left…”

Yan Yan turned his head away, and his mouth felt bitter.
“Because I'm stupid.
Fourth Senior Brother, I'm tired.
I will go to rest first.”

“Hey, I'm going to ask Second Senior Sister and beg her to make you an elixir.
She will definitely help you break through!”


Before he could stop him, Yan Yan saw Lu Yizhou hurriedly run to the place that he remembered no one had gone to.

Yan Yan frowned.

He looked at the Guiyi Sword Art inside his spatial storage bag, which he had not read for a long time.

The first level is to unite nine swords together.
A second-grade spirit sword is required as the main sword.

The second level is to combine eighteen swords into one.
A third-grade spirit sword is required as the main sword.

Then add nine swords for every level.

The ninth level requires a full eighty-one spirit swords, including a tenth-grade as the main sword!

Even if he has crossed the first level, what about the unity of the nine swords?

50,000 spirit stones are required for a second-rank sword, and 100,000 spirit stones for the third-rank sword…
Tenth-rank swords are unheard of in the entire immortal world.

Yan Yan closed his eyes bitterly.

Not to mention the ninth level, just for the second level of cultivation, eighteen swords are required.
The purchase of eighteen spirit swords will cost more than 200,000 spirit stones.
If it is given to his third and fourth brothers, it will be enough to assist them to the peak of the Golden Core stage.2

He can't afford such a sword technique that consumes so many spirit swords.
Even the whole Zhiqiong Peak can't afford it!

After he entered the last room in the main courtyard, Yan Yan didn't put what his fourth senior brother said in his mind.
He didn't need to ask for help.
He pulled up his robe, sat cross-legged, then cut his left and right arms with his swords.

Blood gushed out, and his blade immediately absorbed it.

“Second Senior Sister, can I ask you one thing?”

Outside the small kitchen, Lu Yizhou stood at the door and bowed solemnly.

Su Yu was sitting by the door reading through the review from people who had been trying her dishes in the past few days.
After being interrupted, she couldn't help but raise her eyes.

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