Chapter 17: Magical Ropes – Advanced Edition

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The sun was getting higher in the sky, but Wei Zhao's room was quiet.

At this moment, Hang Wan'er's pair of charming and watery eyes were staring at Su Yu excitedly as she removed four bright silk ropes from the appetizing meat.

These four silk ropes are all stained with a thick saucy hoof fragrance.
They are also stained with dark and shiny sauce colors.

Looking at the luster of these magical ropes that were almost covered by the sauce, Hang Wan'er didn't know how to speak.

Using magical tools to cook some hooves…
How did her second sister come up with it?

Hang Wan'er's heart was bleeding.
She was frugal every month and was reluctant to buy rouge gouache.
She still had to save some spirit stones so she could ask the sect's refiner to repair her golden rope in the future.

Unexpectedly, as soon as her second senior sister made a random shot, she managed to grab four magical rope instruments!

Even if these ropes can't bind a cultivator at the Golden Core stage, it's not good to waste it this way.

But when Hang Wan'er raised her eyes and saw that Su Yu's gloomy face from the past had disappeared, the blood in her heart dissipated immediately.

Her second sister is happier than before.

She had never seen such a look.

Female cultivators should be so bright and beautiful!

“Second Senior Sister, when did you—” Wei Zhao looked at Su Yu with a look of shock.

But just halfway through, he was interrupted by Hang Wan'er resolutely, “Third Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister did a good job.
These magic weapons are used to tie some hooves.
They are also used to the best of their ability.”

Wei Zhao: “?”

Hang Wan'er took a step forward and stood in front of Su Yu, like a hen protecting a chick.
She defended her by saying, “Look at the whole Nanxun Academy.
Nowadays, who would be so free and easy and doesn't care about magical treasures? In the past, no one could do it except for Senior Brother.
Third Senior Brother, you must not scold Senior Sister.”

Wei Zhao: “…”

How dare he scold her now?

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As for Su Yu, when her little junior sister was guarding her in front of her, her expression was also subtly touched.

Half a breath later, she reached out with relief and held this little sister's shoulder.
She was indeed the kind of girl she liked.
“My dear, these four ropes that the sister made are all for you.”

Hang Wan'er raised her red lips immediately.
She knew that as long as they persevere in progress, female cultivators will definitely be able to keep their heads clear, self-improve, and bloom stronger than male cultivators.

“Senior sister is amazing.
You made four…!”

Halfway through, her red lips froze.

Turning her head, she looked at Su Yu absent-mindedly.

Su Yu had already used a water spirit spell to wash away the greasy sauce on the four magical ropes and handed it to her.

Hang Wan'er stood dumbfounded.

Wei Zhao finally had a chance to speak again, “Could it be that Senior Sister refined it in the past few days?”

Hang Wan'er: “?”

Su Yu nodded, “It seems that many disciples of the sect have picked up spirit pythons shedding in the secret realm in the past few days.
Anyway, it's still a second rank material.
Yan Yan takes some back, so I tried it right away…”

She said with a subtle expression.

She prepared the meat in three steps: blanching, marinating, and stir-frying, and suddenly got four spiritual ropes, which were the ropes used to tie the first-grade demon hoof that Yan Yan bought.
The fat hoof is thick and soft after stewing, the collagen is all melted, and it is very easy to disintegrate.
Initially, she tied it with ordinary straw ropes, but the straw ropes were quickly ground into pieces by this first-grade monster's tough skin and flesh.

In contrast, the rope made of these four python skins is very easy to use.
They are tough and durable, and the length is controllable.
It is just right to tie hooves or meat dumplings.

After using it in the past few days, Master Su was quite satisfied.
She specially asked Yan Yan to pay attention.
It will be very useful if there is still python skin for sale.

Unexpectedly, these ropes are a magic weapon commonly used by Seventh Junior Sister.

Su Yu is also generous.
Anyway, cooking these is easy and doesn't require much effort.

“How about you try it?”

She took out a blank jade slip from her spatial storage bag to fill notes and handed it to Hang Wan'er.

Hang Wan'er froze and looked at Wei Zhao.

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Wei Zhao nodded at her with a smile.

Hang Wan'er gritted her teeth.
If she hadn't been sure that she had only dealt with six male cultivators in the past three months, she would have thought that she had been away for three years!

How did her second senior sister know how to refine weapons?

But female cultivators have always been free and easy.
She will not be tangled, and she will try it now!

Thank you, Second Senior Sister.”

Even if these ropes cannot bind a golden core cultivator, maybe they can be used for the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Hang Wan'er's pretty face was serious, and she was looking forward to this immediately.
She held the four magical ropes with a strong fragrance of hoof meat in her right hand and held up her left hand to act as her target!

It was too late for Su Yu to stop her.

In an instant, the four thin ropes, which were just used to tie hooves, jumped up from Hang Wan'er's palm.
It became more than ten times thicker and longer!

How could this still be a rope? It is like a giant spirit python!

The width is amazing, and it is fierce and fast.
It quickly turned into a net with iron-like layers.
The airtightness engulfs her whole body, from head to toe, and Hang Wan'er is completely sealed.

Hang Wan'er couldn't even reveal her pair of watery eyes, nor did she have time to exclaim.

Wei Zhao was dumbfounded.

This is a gold thread…

“It's useful! Junior sister is still in a low-level foundation-building stage.
Let's see how long it will last!” Wei Zhao excitedly stroked his hand in his wheelchair.

But when he finished speaking, Hang Wan'er, who was tightly bound and could not breathe, felt like she was swept up in the mouth and nose by the rich hoof fragrance.

In just a moment, she felt as if several demon hooves were trampling past her.
Then, her sight was dark.

“Awesome…” Hang Wan'er fainted before she could mention it.

Wei Zhao:

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Su Yu: “!”

In Yunwu Peak, a no-rank peak in the Nanxun Academy, Xu Meng, who was carrying a sword, greeted three white-robed sword cultivators with a smile.

“Everyone came from afar.
Please come in.”

The sword cultivator in the front of the group is wearing a jade crown and has a handsome face.
“Junior Brother Xu is polite.
I didn't expect the elder guarding the Heart Interrogation formation to take action and hurt your junior brother.”

Xu Meng's forehead tightened.

There are a total of eight Nascent Soul stage elders who guard the sword formations in Wanjian Mountain.
They are like brothers and sisters, and they will always fight together.
It is said that together, they can rival a cultivator in the Immortal Ascension period.

Therefore, they can only swallow this dumb loss.

Now, the only thing they can do is to put this account on that cheap sword cultivator from Zhiqiong Peak.

The jade-crown cultivator smiled and said, “Brother Xu, don't worry.
Your and my peaks have suffered a lot from Xiao Muge in the past.
This time he is not here.
Our two peaks should be watching and helping each other.
You can leave this competition to me.
My junior brothers will help you to fight Zhiqiong Peak.
One of them has passed the third heart interrogation formation, and the other has a third-grade spirit sword gifted by my master.
Even if that Qin cultivator from Zhiqiong Peak is strong at the competition, you still have a good chance of winning.”

Why would they be afraid to get revenge if their peak could win the third-class rank?”

Xu Meng's eyes lit up.
“Thank you, Senior Brother Chen! If Xiao Muge didn't hurt you last year, Linran Peak would have already been a second-class peak.”

The Linran Peak is now ranked third-class, but there is a great chance that it will advance to the second-rank peak this year.

“Senior Brother Chen has stepped into the peak of the Golden Core stage this year.
You will definitely get what you want!”

Chen Shuxin raised the corner of his lips, “I accept your auspicious words.”

But he quickly frowned.
“By the way, you know the person in Zhiqiong Peak who practices Seven Emotions and Six Desires? She has a fragrance of begonia on her body.
Have you ever seen her magic weapon? Is it a golden red rope?”

Xu Meng was stunned, then nodded after a while.
It is called the golden rope, and it is what Xiao Muge gave her.”

“Thank you, Junior Brother Xu, for telling me.” Chen Shuxin was overjoyed, and he immediately took out a jade slip.

[Senior, I have found the female cultivator who offended you.
Her magic tool is a magical golden rope, and she smells of begonia.
She is a disciple of Nanxun Academy, just like me.]

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Before long, he received a reply.

Tomorrow I will pretend to be a disciple of your peak and follow you to explore.
If it is true, a third-grade spiritual tool is yours to choose.]

The sword cultivator raised the corner of his mouth.

“She hasn't woken up yet?”

I didn't expect Senior Sister's ropes to be so powerful.
Junior Sister has been unconscious for a day.”

“Is it necessary to call a doctor?”

“If she doesn't wake up tomorrow, I'll let some disciples go to find one.”

Hang Wan'er was half awake and had difficulty breathing, but she heard the conversation between her second sister and third brother.

She froze and then struggled to sit up.

“Don't, don't call a doctor…”

She blushed.

Such a shame.
Who would hurt themselves using their own spirit weapon?

But as soon as she sat up, she was slammed and fell back on the bedside with her limbs stiff.

The hoof smell surging all over her body had completely covered her own body begonia scent.

And like a clumsy cocoon, she was bound so tightly that she couldn't move!

She still hasn't been released by this hoof-scented spirit weapon!?

The golden rope her eldest brother gave her can trap a golden core cultivator for three breaths at most.
For a foundation-building cultivator, it would be at least half a day.

Second Senior Sister's ropes have actually tied her for a whole day?

Hang Wan'er was shocked.

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