ve a qin class today, and I can't be absent.
Can you take care of Third Senior Brother for me and warm up the porridge in the kitchen for him at noon? His golden core is now broken, and he is unable to fast, so he must eat some rice porridge…”

Lu Yizhou regretted it as soon as he said it.

He should ask other brothers or sisters.
How could his second sister be willing to do such trivial things?

But before he finished speaking, he heard Su Yu take a deep breath.

“What? Whom are you saying that the golden pill is broken?”

Lu Yizhou immediately patted his forehead in annoyance.
“Senior sister has been behind closed doors for the past few days, so you don't know yet.
Third senior brothers were in a secret realm the day before yesterday and felt that he was about to break through, so he tried to condense a golden core.
Who would have thought that his old injury on his meridians would recur in the middle, and there were cracks in his golden core? He vomited blood and just woke up this morning.”

Su Yu thought that as long as she opened her eyes quickly, the novel's plot would not catch up with her.

As a result, the plot went like a rocket ride.

[Third Junior Brother's meridians were damaged five years ago, so this year he cannot condense a golden core…
After Senior Brother leaves, he is the one with the highest cultivation level at the peak.
You can find him if you need anything.]

Su Yu took a deep breath.
“Then how is he now?”

Lu Yizhou's expression looked ugly, and he shook his head slowly.
“He can only rest in bed, unless he can get an elixir that nourishes the golden core.
But an elixir to repair the golden core has no market price.
It is hard to find even if we have one hundred thousand spirit stones.”


When Su Yu arrived at Zhiqiong Peak, the whole peak only had eight thousand spirit stones left.

Su Yu's sight was suddenly dark.

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'Well, it's fine.'

'There is nothing that Master Su cannot solve by cooking a meal.'

'Calm down.'

Now she can only think of a way to keep the person after her third junior brother.
Next is her fourth junior brother, who has inner demons.
He is a cultivator in the middle stage of foundation building who uses the spiritual sound of the qin as a way to attack.

“Fourth Junior Brother.”

Su Yu immediately looked at this young man with gleaming eyes, fearing that he would be gone in the next moment.

Lu Yizhou was stunned by her bright eyes.

“If you don't understand what the teacher said in class today, don't worry.”


“Come back early after school.
Try your sister's craftsmanship, and maybe you can understand afterward.”


After she said this, Lu Yizhou took his guqin away in a dizzy manner.
He has lived without food for so long.

Su Yu looked at the emaciated figure of the young man, who nodded and left in a panic.
She was finally relieved and recited her tasks again.

First, she went to a small room in the courtyard that is not used much on the Zhiqiong Peak, the kitchen.

There was only an earthen stove there, on which was a cast iron pot that was well polished, and a wooden lid hung on the wall.

On the left side of the earth stove is a tank of clear water with a gourd-skin scooper floating in it.

Although the kitchen is simple, Su Yu still felt touched.

But when she opened the pot's lid and saw the cooked porridge, her heart was in pain.

'Not enough heat.'

In the porridge, the rice grain has not popped.
She knew that the taste of each grain was uneven, and the rice aroma had not fully penetrated the soup.

Su Yu frowned, looked at it for a long time, and finally put it into a bowl with her eyes closed.

Just as she was about to bring it out of the kitchen, she stopped in pain.


Since she was ten years old, she hadn't served this kind of crappy porridge.

If she did this, she would probably lose sleep tonight.

When the sun was high in the sky, Lu Yizhou sat in the qin class, looking at the sun, feeling uneasy.

He was really confused.
How could he think that the Second Senior Sister behaved normally in the morning and he left her things to do?

Second Senior Sister used to hate Third Senior Brother the most, right?

He entered the peak only a year later than her, but she is only at the Qi Refining stage, and he has already condensed a golden core.

Lu Yizhou felt that maybe in the morning, he met a ghost and was possessed.

If his Second Senior Sister didn't send food, wouldn't he harm his Third Senior Brother? His Third Senior Brother has been broken into pieces.
He is unable to cultivate anymore and has become a mortal.
Now, he even made his Third Senior Brother suffer from starvation and his Second Senior Sister's abuse.

As soon as Lu Yizhou thought of this, he couldn't sit still any longer.
He stood up in a hurry and said, “Uncle Master, I have to go back to the mountain in a hurry.”

Li Ruchang, who taught Qin art, also knew what happened recently in Zhiqiong Peak.
He immediately gave his disciple a sympathetic look.

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Before cultivating, it is necessary to support their own mountain.

The first senior brother walked away, and the third was disabled.

There was only one senior sister who ranked second.
However, not only was she shallow in cultivation, but she was also known for her eccentric temper.
She could not help them in the slightest.


Every peak has a secret that is difficult to read.

“I've approved your leave for the next few days.
Arrange your senior brother properly, and come to the class afterward.”

Lu Yizhou saluted immediately, “Thank you, Uncle Master.”

The other disciples were looking at him with sympathy or playfulness.
He gritted his teeth and stood up, but he was stopped again.

Li Ruchang sighed, “I still have some jade pill powder here.
You can use it.”

After that, he pulled out a large jade bottle in his palm.

“Although it can't repair his golden core, the jade pill powder is an essence of the spiritual material that mortals can eat.
Your brother can't eat a Bigu pill now, and he can't overcome the spiritual food that is too nourishing.
The jade pill powder is the most suitable.”

Lu Yizhou was immediately happy.

Now it is very difficult for his third senior brother even to swallow rice porridge.
If there is jade pill powder that can be eaten by dissolving it in water, it is the best.

“Uncle Master, are there more of these pills I can exchange in the sect?”

Li Ruchang smiled wryly, “No.
The raw material of this jade pill powder is a large amount of ordinary spirit valley grass, but the impurities in it have to be refined so that those who cannot cultivate can also absorb the essence of spiritual energy in it.
This thing has little effect on cultivators, so alchemists don't want to spend time refining it.
This is what my alchemist friend made for his daughter, who couldn't cultivate.
He gave me some along the way.”

Lu Yizhou was disappointed but quickly regained his spirit.

Since Uncle Master Li can get it, and ordinary spiritual grass is not expensive, if he becomes friends with an alchemist in the future, he can also increase the price and ask the other party to refine it for his third senior brother, right?

Thinking about it, Lu Yizhou said goodbye to his uncle master and left quickly.

At noon, in Zhiqiong Peak's small kitchen.

Su Yu was gnashing her teeth and looking at the cast iron pot where she cooked the spiritual rice porridge.

It is shining brightly, and the aura is going straight to the sky.

But in the pot, there is not a single grain of rice porridge that burst into bloom at this moment.

There is only a pile of jade white powder, glowing with a jade-like luster!

How can this be?

Su Yu collapsed and looked at her faintly hot dantian.

She saw a large and wide iron cauldron lying on her dantian.
The colorful radiance was shining brightly.

Su Yu: “…”

God is killing her.

“Second Senior Sister, are you there? Where is the Third Senior Brother's porridge?” Lu Yizhou rushed into the kitchen like a whirlwind.

Su Yu:


She only has powder…

Should she mix it with boiling water?

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