ll be an alchemist willing to refine it.”

'It turned out this powder is really to be mixed with water?'

Su Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Lu Yizhou quickly put the powder into Wei Zhao's mouth, who was still unconscious.

It didn't take long for Su Yu to see her third junior brother, who had closed eyes and a pale face, really look better.

“Jade white powder can make Third Senior Brother absorb a little spiritual energy.
Otherwise, his meridians will be dry and stagnant, and it will be very painful.”

Lu Yizhou picked up the porridge on the bed and tried to scoop some into his mouth.
After all, the jade white powder is scarce.
It is still necessary to mix it with some rice porridge.

But just after one mouthful of porridge was delivered, the person on the bed coughed in pain and vomited the porridge.

“Third Senior Brother!”

Su Yu hurriedly took the porridge from Lu Yizhou's hand.

She knew that this porridge was unpalatable.

Lu Yizhou's face was ugly, but it happened that the jade slip on his waist lit up.

He lowered his head and swiped it, and a message appeared on the jade slip.
He was overjoyed as soon as he read it.

“Someone sells jade pill powder!”

But as he continued to read, his voice gradually softened.

“A bottle…
is 500 spirit stones…”

Lu Yizhou was instantly shocked.

Just now, he only fed his senior brother one-sixth of the jade bottle.
Even if he saved as much as possible, the bottle would last for two days at most, equivalent to fifteen bottles per month, 7500 spirit stones!

Before big brother left, he told him they had left 8,000 spirit stones in his room and set up restrictions.
If anyone wants to use it, they need the consent of more than three people.
Either him, second senior sister, or other junior brothers and sisters.

But this is only enough for a month!

Lu Yizhou was dumbfounded.

“Second Senior Sister,” Lu Yizhou gritted his teeth, “Can we use a thousand spirit stones first and buy two bottles for Third Senior Brother?”

Su Yu was about to speak when she heard a struggle and panting on the bed.

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At some point, Wei Zhao on the bed opened his eyes.
The corners of his dry mouth pursed tightly.

“I'm a waste…
don't waste spirit stone…!”

He had already woken up and listened to their words.



When he saw her, Wei Zhao turned his face away and didn't even want to look at her.

When Su Yu saw his eyes, they were slightly purple and shone like gems.
She suddenly remembered an image in her memory when the original owner had ridiculed him countless times.

She blamed this third junior brother, who entered the mountain a year later than her, for her stagnant cultivation.
She tried every means to drive him away.

Later, Wei Zhao surpassed her, and she hated him even more.
Every time he went on a mission, she laughed and said she hoped he would never return.

Su Yu coughed lightly.

'Well, as long as I'm not embarrassed, it's others who will get embarrassed.'

“That, Fourth Junior Brother, I'll be waiting for you outside.
I have something to tell you.”

After she said this, she turned around gracefully.

If the seriously ill patient doesn't want to see her, she will leave quickly to avoid getting him angry.

Su Yu ran faster than Wei Zhao thought, making him clench his hands.

“Second Senior Brother, in fact, Second Senior Sister is much kinder today.” Lu Yizhou wanted to ease the relationship between the two.

But Wei Zhao interrupted him with a snap.

He struggled to push the copper sword he had been holding onto the ground.

“Take it, sell it.”

“Third Senior Brother!”

For a swordsman, they love their swords like they love their life.

Lu Yizhou's heart palpitated, and he said, “You can definitely recover.”

Wei Zhao closed his eyes.
Like a fish thrown ashore, he gasped for breath and continued to be silent after a long time.

“Now, on the peak…
the one with the highest cultivation base is you…
improve your strength, protect…
junior brothers and sisters…”

When he was in the secret realm, he should have obeyed his big brother's instructions and not condensed a golden core.

But for some reason, a voice in his mind told him that if he didn't condense a golden core this time, there would be no better time in the future.

He actually believed this intuition and was confused for a while.
Under that impulsive decision, he has now become a waste.

In pain, Wei Zhao gritted his teeth.
“Take it to get a third-grade crested qin.
In the thirty-six peaks competition…
You will lead the team.
Don't buy any medicine for a waste!”

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Lu Yizhou's face changed suddenly.

Wei Zhao stopped looking at him, turned his head with difficulty, and looked out the wooden window at his senior sister, who had never smiled at him in his memory.

Now, everything is as her wish.

After a cup of tea, Su Yu, who was waiting outside the room, finally saw Lu Yizhou walking out with a depressed face and heavy steps.

“Fourth Senior Brother.”

Lu Yizhou raised his head, and only then did he get rid of his worries about how to protect the mountain and how to make money to buy jade powder.

His face was full of sorrow, “Senior sister, what's your order?”

He was not in the mood to listen to his second senior sister complaining about his third senior brother's rudeness to her.

“Junior brother, you can identify this powder for your senior sister?”

What powder? He only wants jade white powder now.
He doesn't care about any rouge or gouache powder.
How can a cultivator pay attention to these menial things!

How could he know about these things? How could he identify it?

Lu Yizhou felt uncomfortable and just wanted to refuse.

As a result, as soon as he opened his mouth and lowered his head to speak, he saw an ordinary blue-and-white porcelain bowl in Su Yu's hands.

Sure enough, some powder was lying inside.
It has a delicate snow-white color and is a little glossy.
He didn't know this powder…

Wait, he knows this powder!

Senior Sister, what is this!?”

Lu Yizhou held the copper sword with his right arm, and it couldn't help but shake.

Su Yu blinked.

'This child not only has a heart demon but is also myopic.'

So she got a little closer.

Lu Yizhou took a step back, not daring to speak too loudly and blow into the bowl.

He looked at his storage bag quickly.

The small jade bottle given by Uncle Master Li is still in his bag, and its position has not moved!

Wei Zhao was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, mentally preparing the fact that he would be a waste and bring down his junior brothers and sisters.

As a result, two figures walked inside the room again.

Only this time, Su Yu was in the front, and Lu Yizhou was behind.

Wei Zhao frowned and opened his eyes, “Didn't I say no…”

But the blue and white porcelain bowl, held by a slender white hand, was brought to him, interrupting his words.

“Third Junior Brother, it's shameful to waste food.”

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