Chapter 3: She is a Second Rank…
Alchemist? !

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 Zhiqiong Peak is a third-class peak.
However, among thirty-six third-class peaks in the Nanxun Academy, Zhiqiong Peak ranks at the bottom.

Their senior brother, Xiao Muge, is the only one at the late stage of Golden Core.
He can get a monthly allowance of a thousand spiritual stones from the sect.
Other core disciples, such as Wei Zhao, who is ranked third, can only get three to five hundred per month.

It sounds good, but they need to keep looking for refiners to refine their magic weapons.
They need at least 5,000 or 10,000 spirit stones each time they go.

They also have to fight to improve their cultivation, and injuries are commonplace.
The most common trauma medicine pill, Rongxue Pill, costs one thousand spirit stones per pill.
The price may be five or ten times higher if it involves meridian repair, etc.

Therefore, someone at the peak of the foundation building, like Wei Zhao, they don't have much spiritual stone savings at all.
Even the quilt on his bed has no additional defensive function.

After more than ten years in the Zhiqiong Peak, the only high-priced spiritual treasure he has is this red copper sword that he has been holding all year round.
It is only by saving money diligently he managed to take it to the sect's refiner to increase its strength twice.
Even then, the sword is barely ranked third-level.

“I said…
don't mind me.”

Wei Zhao turned his head away in embarrassment.

He simply can't afford to pay for the jade pill powder to keep his life over the years.

If it wasn't because he could only lie in bed and could not find a short-term solution, he despised this kind of tone.

But if he has to leech his junior brothers and sisters, he would rather die!

“Throw me to…
a secret realm…
if I can't find any herbs…
let me just die with the monsters…”

Wei Zhao roared, pounding the bed with his pale fist.

He can self-destruct his Dantian, taking a monster's life with him.
His sacrifice can also be exchanged for some spiritual stones, leaving some benefits for his junior brother!

“Third Senior Brother,” Lu Yizhou said hurriedly, “Don't worry.
We didn't spend any spiritual stones—”

Wei Zhao was stunned.

Su Yu's hand is still holding the porcelain bowl and feeling a little sore.

Immediately, she put it down.

Then she looked at Lu Yizhou.

“He doesn't want to try it.
Then you do it.”

The shame and anger in Wei Zhao's chest suddenly froze.

'Try what?'

“I don't know how to eat this.” Su Yu looked down at the porcelain bowl with a strange expression.

She really doesn't know.

Originally, when she was outside the door, she planned to dab a bit with her fingertips, but Lu Yizhou stopped her.

It is said that a bottle of jade white powder requires five hundred spirit stones.
Although the amount in this porcelain bowl is small, it looks like only a quarter of a bottle, but it is also worth one hundred spirit stones.

Wouldn't it waste at least ten spirit stones if she dipped a little?

So she can't taste it.

Su Yu had no choice but to give up and returned with Lu Yizhou to find Wei Zhao.

But she really has no confidence in this thing.

She has been cooking porridge for 20 years, but she had never come up with this.

“Fourth Junior Brother.”

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Su Yu looked at Lu Yizhou seriously.

“Rinse your mouth and try it.
Remember to tell me how are your five senses experience and what level changes there are.”

When people eat meals, they seem to only taste.
In fact, they also mobilize the five senses of the whole body – sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.

This also constitutes the five profound meanings of cooking: color, aroma, flavor, shape, and texture.

These five items complement and influence each other.

An excellent dish needs at least two to three layers of superposition and changes in these five profound meanings.

For example, rice porridge seems to have a single ingredient.

But the heat when it enters the mouth, the soft and glutinous texture, the smell of the grain, the light and slightly sweet taste…
Altogether, it has to achieve the maximum sensory enjoyment of a bowl of rice porridge.

This unknown powder must have many defects and needs to be inspected.

This requires feedback from the taste tester.

Su Yu looked at Lu Yizhou encouragingly.

Lu Yizhou was at a loss.
What level changes?

He only knew that as soon as he got closer to the bowl, he could feel the spiritual energy that filled it.
Although the spiritual energy was weak and insignificant for him, who had already built a foundation, it would be very beneficial to Third Senior Brother.

Why would he try it?

But just as he was hesitating whether to take this bowl of ten spirit stones, he heard a struggle on the bed.

I'll do it!” Wei Zhao clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, staring at Su Yu.

“If you want to test a poison, I can do it…
Anyway, I'm a waste…”

His meridians were damaged, and spiritual energy around his body was stagnant.
He could not feel the changes in the nearby spiritual energy at all.

So when he saw the powder in this bowl, he thought it was the same as the jade powder as just now, but it wasn't.

What kind of testing medicine? She brought it here especially to humiliate him.

She wants to poison him as well.

She hated him for ten years.
If now is she could vent her emotions, she might have a breakthrough in her state of mind.
Maybe, she would be able to hold up Zhiqiong Peak!

“Give it to me!” Wei Zhao welcomed death as if it was home.

Lu Yizhou was stunned and had to explain, but Su Yu had already handed Wei Zhao the porcelain bowl.

“Drink slowly.” Su Yu kindly advise this first person to try her 'dish.'

Wei Zhao sneered and refused to listen to her.
He raised his head and gulped it down.

Lu Yizhou didn't even have time to stop him.
He was heartbroken when he saw that some liquid came out of his third brother's mouth because he drank too quickly.

'That is at least fifteen spirit stones!'

“Cough cough…” Wei Zhao drank too fast and choked a little.


“How?” Su Yu looked expectantly.

Nothing happened.

Wei Zhao closed his eyes and waited for the pain.

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But a trace of pain didn't hit him.
Instead, a faint scent of rice grain was left behind in his mouth.
It was elegant and slightly sweet.
It lingered between his lips and teeth.

The liquid flowed down his throat as soon as he poured it in.
He didn't have time to taste it, but at this moment, he felt a trace of heat between his breaths.
The temperature was just right, neither burning him nor making him feel cold.
The slight warmth seemed to stretch his meridians that had been twitching for a while.

But he drank it too fast.
He wanted to savor the feeling, but he had already lost it.

Wei Zhao suddenly opened his eyes.

“How is it, Third Senior Brother?” Lu Yizhou also asked anxiously, “Is there any use in drinking this?”

Wei Zhao regained his senses.
The heat in his stomach lingered faintly in his dantian, which relieved him from the pain of broken golden core, which was densely packed with inhuman pain like a worm bite.

His face changed greatly.

Lu Yizhou had already seen his complexion improve significantly.
There was ruddiness on his face, and he was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

But he heard Wei Zhao yelling.


“I'm a piece of shit.
What can I do with this elixir?”

Wei Zhao looked at Lu Yizhou, his fourth junior brother, with disappointed eyes.

He has the kindness of a woman!

“Ordinary jade pill powder…
is already a waste for me…
But you asked a second-grade alchemist…
refine it for me…
You, you are so stupid…
Go away…”

Lu Yizhou was dumbfounded.

“Second, second, second, alchem…?”

He looked at Su Yu, who stepped forward and quickly removed the porcelain bowl from Wei Zhao's hand so as not to be smashed by him.
His sea of ​​consciousness almost became turbulent.

“Third Senior Brother, this was given to me by Second Senior Sister.
I didn't ask a second-grade alchemist!”

Wei Zhao's slap on the bed angrily stopped for a moment.

“Oh?” Su Yu was very interested.
“So, do you think this bowl is better than the first one you drank just now?”

She immediately regained the excitement of developing creative dishes.
She also cooks a special 'spiritual food' for the first time.

She took out a jade slip and was ready to record.

“Is it the difference in texture or taste? How smooth is it? Is there any sweet aftertaste? Tell me about your experience.”

Wei Zhao was dumbfounded.
For the first time after being injured, he raised his pale face to look up.
He used his pair of purple gem-like eyes to look at her.

'What is she saying?'

He thought she would mock him and be happy because of his serious injury, but she didn't.

He only saw her calm but bright, focused eyes at this time.

He had never seen her look at him like that before.

“Why, Did you drink it too fast and didn't experience it properly? Do you want to drink some again?”

She asked with a smile at him, holding a porcelain bowl.


Wei Zhao was stunned.

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Lu Yizhou has already rushed over, “Second Senior Sister, Third Senior Brother, you can't use anymore.
It will not be too late to keep it until tonight.
Save money, save money!”

This mouthful will cost fifty spirit stones, but only small supplementary for spiritual energy.
It is more important to make up Third Senior Brother's wounds first.

Wei Zhao regained his senses and turned his face away.

“Second Senior Sister, where did you get these jade powder?” Lu Yizhou finally asked the question that haunted him.

One more portion means one more meal.

He really cares too much about how to get it.

“Did you meet a second-grade alchemist before?”

Wei Zhao turned a bit and raised his ears silently.

If the price is too high, he would rather die than eat it.

As a result, in the room, a beautiful voice sounded gentle but no less shocking than thunder.

I don't know any alchemist.”

“Just a mere jade white powder.
It's so simple.
It was just what your second senior sister made casually and accidentally.”



Wei Zhao's hand, which rested on the bed, momentarily weakened, and his body swayed.

Lu Yizhou snorted softly and then slammed his hand into the wooden table behind him.

'This is not true.'

'How can that be?'

'This must be the nonsense of second sister, right?'

The two junior brothers in the room are experiencing three consecutive shocks in their sea of ​​​​knowledge.

In the whole Nanxun sect, who does not know that ten years ago, the second senior sister of the Zhiqiong Peak turned from a genius with a single spiritual root of the wind element into waste with five spiritual roots? The five spiritual roots were mixed and chaotic.
Her cultivation speed was not only ten times slower than others, but also collided with each other, causing her cultivation base to stagnate at the fifth level of Qi refining.
She could not advance an inch for five years.

Because of this, their master, Taoist Mu, went down the mountain two years ago.
She was looking for a way to purify her spiritual roots but disappeared into a deep cave in the secret realm.

From then on, Second Senior Sister developed a perverse character and gave up on herself.

But don't talk about the way she is now.
Even ten years ago, when she was still an amazing cultivation genius, she also had a wind element root, which couldn't make alchemy!

Alchemy requires a fire spirit root to perceive, control, and output the intensity of the fire.
Generally, only pure fire spirit root or double spirit root of wood and fire can do it.

“Second Senior Sister did…”

Lu Yizhou swallowed and looked at Su Yu, who was already holding a bowl and was about to turn around and go out.

Because Wei Zhao couldn't tell her the result, she was going to make another one and try it for herself.

The second senior sister, how much can you do?” Lu Yizhou almost bit his tongue when he said this.

'How much what? Do you think she can really refine things?'

Such an indecent and vulgar use of words, if any alchemist who passes by hears it, he could never ask any elixir from them in this life.

His senior sister really misled him.

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But before he could correct his words, Su Yu gave him a complicated look.

In fact, she doesn't know whether she would produce any powder if she cooked a porridge again.

“Junior brother, because it's too easy, senior sister doesn't know if it can be reproduced.
After all, I, your senior sister, am someone who does big things.”

Lu Yizhou was dumbfounded.

'What big things?'

'Is 500 spirit stones a bottle of jade white powder, not a big deal?'

Second senior sister has been hiding in the room every day for the past few years, unwilling to see people.
Was she cultivating a big move?

Wei Zhao turned his face away.
He was unwilling to see his somewhat overly stupid fourth junior brother with a foolish look on his face when he was being deceived.

Obviously, Su Yu's words were untrue.

Only his fourth junior brother will believe her.

At this moment, Su Yu was also very embarrassed.
However, she looked inside her dantian and found that the big iron pot with colorful lights was still there, and she felt a little more confident in herself.

Immediately, she raised her head and raised her chest.

“Hey, although this powder is unbearably simple, for you, your senior sister will reluctantly study it a little bit.”

After talking for a long time, she was also hungry.
She had to fill herself up even if she didn't make any jade powder.

“Senior sister, you will try again?”

Lu Yizhou was immediately excited and looking forward to it.

Wei Zhao also turned his pale face back down again.
His expression was constantly changing.

The three of them reached an agreement, so Su Yu let go of her courage and decided to try again.
She immediately walked towards the small kitchen with mighty steps.

“Senior sister, wait.”

Lu Yizhou followed behind her while being dumbfounded.

This direction is not the way to Master's room at all.

In the Zhiqiong Peak, none of the brothers and sisters could control the fire and make pills.

So a few years ago, when their master, Taoist Mu, obtained a third-grade pill furnace from the secret realm, she kept it in her room.
It is ready to be used by any new disciples who could learn pill alchemy in the future.

Lu Yizhou hurriedly stopped Su Yu.

“Where is Second Senior Sister going? Don't you want to go to the master's room?”

Su Yu didn't turn back and walked neatly to the small kitchen.

He scooped up a scoop of spiritual rice, rinsed it with spiritual water, and threw it neatly into the large iron pot on the stove.

Lu Yizhou: ?

“You usually cook in Master's room?”

Lu Yizhou: “???”

'What, what?'

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