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Chapter 4: An Elixir That Encourage Promotion on the Spot?


In the small kitchen of Zhiqiong Peak.

Su Yu also wanted to understand her current situation.

Can't she cook with spiritual rice or vegetables in this Immortal Heroes world normally?

What is the probability of occurrence of jade white powder when she cooks porridge?

Is it possible to improve the taste of the jade white powder?

Su Yu, a retired head chef, found the fun and challenge of developing new dishes back then.
She immediately became serious.

To cook porridge, you have to start by sifting each grain of rice and picking out the slightly lower-quality grains.

After washing and soaking, throw into the pot and light the fire.

Cooking a bowl of porridge is also very particular.
You have to make it boil without overflowing, and the heat has to be just right.
You have to ensure that every rice grain and water rolls together and collides gently with the pot wall so that the rice grains will pop, gelatinize into a soft and thick texture, and will not become pulpy.1

There was an old diner who came to her store for three consecutive years and ordered a bowl of white porridge every day.

At this moment, Su Yu stood in front of the stove and closed her eyes.
She listened to the movement in the pot, constantly adjusted the fire, and once again entered a wonderful sensory experience.

When the rice grains are boiled, a green cloud of spiritual energy lingers in front of them…

Lu Yizhou, who was behind Su Yu, was stunned when he saw her pouring spiritual rice into the iron pot.

“Second Senior Sister, are you hungry?”

'But why don't you use a Bigu Pill?'

Lu Yizhou was full of doubts and called Su Yu a few times, but she didn't seem to hear it.

And just as he was about to leave, he felt that the spiritual aura of rice grains in the small kitchen gradually became clear, filled, and stable, which was a sign of the successful essence extraction.



Lu Yizhou froze in place, almost lost his mind.

This is the feeling.

It is the same feeling as when his third senior brother ate just now.
Actually, the aura is even purer.

When he looked at Su Yu again, he saw that she seemed to be suddenly awake.
She took a step forward and lifted the lid of the pot with her bare hands.
When the aura of the rice was at its peak, she shoveled out a moon-like luster with a sliding ladle into a porcelain bowl.

'So many actions in one go!'

In disbelief, Lu Yizhou took two steps back and looked at the blue and white porcelain bowl on the countertop.

For a while, he didn't know whether he had entered his own demonic dream or the illusion of an expert.

No wonder his third senior brother was full of praise for her jade pill powder.

Everything makes sense.


How can it make sense?

Lu Yizhou was shocked.

He heard that the most talented alchemists in the sect only used alchemy furnaces!

No, obviously, all alchemists only used alchemy furnaces.

Lu Yizhou didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

There is a magic spell engraved on every alchemy furnace, which helps alchemists to perceive spiritual energy in the ingredients better and transmit the spirit fire's heat.

Without these, you can't become an alchemist even if you have fire spirit power.

But he looked up sluggishly and watched Su Yu grabbing the next handful of spiritual rice.
She was sifting, cleaning, and pouring it into the pot…
Soon the essence of spiritual rice flowed out again.

Lu Yizhou gasped and looked at the second blue and white porcelain bowl.

'She made another one?'

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Half a year ago, he saw a sect elder do alchemy.
He was sweating profusely, looking tired and pale as if facing a great enemy.
In the end, from the three furnaces he started with, there was only one furnace left.

But the Second Senior Sister beside him moves with a smile on her lips.
Her apricot eyes were curled up, and her expression was like soaring in happiness.
She had made a total of two pots, but she was comfortable and relaxed.
How can it be?

Lu Yizhou didn't understand the way of alchemy, but he had heard more than once that making alchemy might prolong a cultivator's life, which was like walking against the sky.
Therefore, it was very difficult.

The alchemist must not only focus on forcing the spirit fire out of their body and control the alchemy furnace but also use their sea of ​​consciousness to perceive the changes in the herbs inside.
These two items alone made most alchemists feel haggard, and they failed frequently.

This is also why even though the raw materials of jade white powder are cheap, the finished products are so expensive.

However, Su Yu's face is getting more and more ruddy.
Her eyes are getting brighter and brighter.
She is obviously more energetic than before.

She is only at the fifth level of Qi refining!

Lu Yizhou felt that his sea of ​​consciousness was about to be shattered.


The brilliance of the colorful cauldron in Su Yu's dantian seemed to be a little wider.

The heat rose in her body and circulated along her meridians, making her every pore seem to be soaked in the hot spring, and someone gently rubbed her shoulder to make her relax.

Su Yu felt that she could cook until the end of the world.

So refreshing.

But when she boiled the seventh pot, her expression stopped strangely.

“Okay, let's finish here.”

Su Yu took out six small plates and kept a sample of each bowl for herself.
There were still six giant bowls of thin jade powder left on the countertop.

“Bring these to your third senior brother.
I have marked each bowl from one to six.
Ask him to taste each one, and give me a handwritten note of the effect and taste of each batch of jade pill powder.”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.

After Su Yu finished speaking, she waved him away with a ruddy face.
Your second senior sister has worked hard, and now I need to rest.”

Lu Yizhou originally thought she was in a very good state, and alchemy was so simple.
However, after hearing this, he immediately sighed in my heart.

The senior brother said that some strong people could look normal even if they go crazy.

It seems that the second sister is like this!

How could she not be tired after cooking six pots, no, and six batches of alchemy in a row?


She is only at the fifth level of Qi Refinement, so her sea of consciousness must be exhausted.

Lu Yizhou immediately took a deep look at Su Yu.

He just feels that his second senior sister seems to be a bit taller under the sunset.

After he left, Su Yu just stretched out her body and relaxed.

She opened the pot's lid and looked at the snow-colored white porridge with the rising steam and the tumbling rice grains in the pot.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
She looked inside the cauldron in her Dantian.

Sure enough, its multicolored luster had dimmed.

Therefore, she cannot extract the rice essence the whole day.
With her current condition, she can only do it about six times a day.

The five-colored light on the surface of this dantian's cauldron should be the five elements of the spiritual power of her waste five-spiritual roots.

Once exhausted, it is temporarily unavailable to use.

She just doesn't know how long it will take to recover her spiritual power.

Master Su touched her ruddy face.
Luckily, she drove that demon boy away.
Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to answer his questions.

She comfortably filled a bowl with rice porridge and returned to her room.

Her dantian's five elements pot seems like a production machine for molecular gastronomy.

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Before her body and spiritual power recovered, she could only do ordinary cooking.
Once her spiritual power is abundant, it is very easy to extract the essence of food.

But apart from the simple spirit valley grass, are other spiritual foods the same?

What else does this five-element pot do?

Master Su still needs to make more experimental samples and needs people to try her 'food.'

Su Yu leaned her forehead leisurely, and when the rice porridge was cool enough, she narrowed her eyes and slowly brought it to her red lips.



Experience the stickiness and softness of the rice porridge between her lips and teeth.

This is a beautiful, flawless art.

As she expected.

“What, she made all this?” Wei Zhao on the bed looked at all the jade white powder that Lu Yizhou could barely hold with both hands and almost lost his voice.

Six bowls.

“She is now…”

Lu Yizhou sighed, “Senior sister went back to her room to rest.
She said she was tired.”

Wei Zhao couldn't recover for a long time.

Immediately he imagined a slender figure that was sluggish.
Her sea of ​​consciousness was empty.

How could she do this for him?

“Third Senior Brother, do you think Second Senior Sister is actually a genius in alchemy?”

Lu Yizhou pondered and looked carefully at Wei Zhao.

“She can cook…refine jade pill powder.
After this, can Second Senior Sister make a third-grade Heavenly Replenishing Pill for you?”

Wei Zhao was shocked.

Heavenly Replenishing Pill is the elixir of repairing a golden core.
Even if the golden core is broken, it can be repaired as long as the fragments are intact.


If he takes one, not only can he protect the peak immediately, but he can also become a real golden core swordsman!

But is that the kind of elixir that can be refined by someone at the fifth level of Qi refining?

Last time, a cultivator from a first-class peak made a cross-step when he was refining a medicinal pill, and his sea of ​​consciousness was turbulent and made him unconscious.
He did not wake up for three days.

“You are confused.
You are not allowed to bring up this matter to her.”

Wei Zhao firmly vetoed his junior brother.

“By the way, is there any news from senior brother?”

Lu Yizhou's shoulders dropped instantly, and his expression was heavy.

“Three days ago, when you broke your golden core, sixth junior brother used his flying sword to pass a message to senior brother.
But his flying sword turned around Zhiqiong Peak and couldn't find the direction.
After two days of lingering, he came back.”

His tone was sad.

Senior Brother is at the peak of the golden core period.
Yuan Ying is just around the corner.
Not only is he very powerful, but he also usually teaches them like a father, giving them pointers in practice.

For many years, even when their master disappeared, they did not feel their group was leaderless.

Because big brother is their long-term support.

But now…

“Senior brother, it seems that the big brother has also disappeared.” Lu Yizhou said in pain.

Wei Zhao was shocked.

He fell down beside the bed, and his face was ashes.

In the Northern Glacier.

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On the top of the iceberg are three inches of silver frost on the ground.
Hailstorms are all over the sky, and no living things are seen anywhere.

Three thousand tons of water in the lake had condensed into mirror-like ice.

A snake-like crimson-violet thunderbolt landed on the lake, smashed the ice, and turned into ice mist.

In the fog, a black-haired man is carrying a broad sword.
He was immersed in the ice lake and meditating with his eyes closed.

Another crimson-violet thunderbolt flew down and poured into the top of his forehead.

He groaned.
A trace of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Master, your Dao has been completed.
It will be futile to suppress your cultivation base.”

An ice turtle with a frozen soul next to him talked in human words.

“Heavenly tribulation has landed.
It's time for you to cross the tribulation and ascend!”

If there are other people here, they will probably be shocked.

In the entire southern and northern borders, no one has ascended for a hundred years, but this black-haired man has about to transcend.

But he didn't say a word.
He took off his broad sword, inserted it into the lake, and actually erected a barrier, preventing several thunderbolts from falling on him.

The ice turtle was shocked, “Master, why would you do this?”

Every time he suppressed his realm, it would make the thunder stronger.
When it comes to transcending the calamity, it will be several times more terrifying.
If he is not careful, he might die and disappear.


The black-haired man sat upright in the ice fog.
His thin lips are overflowing with a hint of bitterness.

This is unexpected.
He had struggled to find Zhiqiong Peak, a place with weak spiritual energy.
He did not accept any cultivation magic weapon from the Nanxun academy and only took a minimum amount of spiritual stones.

Between heaven and earth, yin and yang intersect, and qi and luck are conserved.
He originally respected the way of heaven and did not intend to interfere in anyone's fate.
He was just waiting for ascension.

But recently, the fate of his younger brothers and sisters has suddenly become bleak.
The original luck of Zhiqiong Peak was originally sparse, and he suspected that it had been stolen, which made him very angry.

He was trying to regain their original luck, but the thunder tribulation showed signs of coming five days ago, so he could only come to the top of this iceberg to forcibly suppress it.

9981 heavenly thunders.

He could only escape for three hundred days in this icy and cold place that covers the sky and the sun.
Only then does this catastrophe dissipate automatically.

At that time, he will be able to return to the peak, change the life of his younger brothers and sisters, and find his master again!

After everything is done, flying to the upper realm is not too late then.


He did not resist the thunder tribulation but separated a spiritual sense and attached it to the ice.

Three thunder tribulations slashed down as soon as the ice glowed into a light curtain.

The broad floating sword remained motionless.

The thunder stayed for a while, then slowly dissipated.

The black-haired man looked at the light curtain.

He doesn't know what's going on on the peak and if his Second Junior Sister…
was reliable.

Thinking of this, he felt uneasy.

If he hadn't been in a hurry and the hexagram pointed directly at her, he really wouldn't put this burden on her.

'Third Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother may not be able to help us anymore.'

Xiao Muge in the ice lake looked at his fourth junior brother and the bedridden third junior brother projected in the light curtain, and his eyes were full of pain.

'Third Junior Brother, Fourth Junior Brother, and wait for your brother for three hundred days.
I will definitely come back to save you!'

'Let's find Second Senior Sister and let her try it out.
In the future, maybe she can refine a third-grade Heavenly Replenishing Pill and help you reshape your golden core?'

Xiao Muge's expression was somber, and he paused for a moment.

A crimson purple thunder robbery slammed into his broad sword without leaving a trace.

The thunder was too loud, and maybe he had heard it wrong.

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can do alchemy?

“Second Senior Sister, I'm sorry.
The written review of the effects and taste of the jade pill powder you want has not been completed yet.”

In the early morning of the second day, Lu Yizhou looked at Su Yu, who had walked to Wei Zhao's room to ask him for the review.

Wei Zhao on the bed pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Those are enough for ten days.
Senior Sister, please wait.” Lu Yizhou coughed lightly, “Third Senior Brother only ate the first bowl.”

Su Yu: “…”

This is inefficient.

Her addiction to innovating new dishes was hooked, but the food testers were far behind schedule.

“You can use six servings for one meal, one-sixth of a bowl each.”

Lu Yizhou didn't expect her to be so demanding.
He couldn't help laughing when he heard her words.
“Senior sister, every time you take out some powder from the spatial storage bag, the spiritual energy will dissipate a bit.
How can you use six serving at the same time?”


If they can't give her the difference between the samples, how can she improve the new dish immediately? How can she develop a new dish again?

The management of this kitchen has lost at the starting line!

Su Yu gave him a deep look, “Fourth Junior Brother, you thought that you had saved a small money of 500 spiritual stones, but in fact, it seriously delayed my big event.”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.

What's the big event?

“I, your Second Senior Sister, might have been able to develop a spiritual powder that would allow you to upgrade immediately, but as a result…”

Su Yu shook her head with disdain.

“Isn't this delayed by you?”

There were two shocked faces in the room.

In the sect exchange office, a first-grade spirit gathering powder that accelerates the absorption of aura is worth 1,000 spirit stones.
Some disciples on the first-class peaks have a lot of resources and no shortage of spirit stones.
They take one bottle every ten days, which is three bottles per month.
According to observation, they are indeed about 20% faster than ordinary cultivators in the foundation building stage.

She said it could allow them to upgrade immediately? This kind of Spirit Gathering Powder has never been heard of before and can't be developed so casually.

But Lu Yizhou was a little unsure when he thought of her ruddy expression in the small kitchen when cooking with the iron pot.

“Anyway, speed up your tasting.”

Su Yucai didn't care about their desire to save spirit stones.

Increase income and reduce expenditure.

But increasing income is the number one priority.

In total, the entire peak now only has 8,000 spirit stones.
Can you save the cost of hiring a calamity-transcending expert?

“Junior brother, don't delay the serious business.”

Su Yu tidied up her robes and turned around gracefully, leaving her two shocked junior brothers with a slender fluttering back.

But after two steps, she stopped.

“I saw that there are many spirit chickens in the back mountain.
Do they have a master? If not, Senior Sister will misappropriate them for the time being.”

It is early in the morning.
She hasn't had breakfast yet.

“This, this…
second senior sister, please use it to your heart's content.” What if the spirit chicken turns into jade powder?

No, it might become a spiritual gathering powder!

Lu Yizhou couldn't help but have a glimmer of anticipation.
He had never taken any spiritual gathering powder before, but he heard it had the best effect the first time taking it.

“Fourth Junior Brother, if you believe everything she says, how could you manage the entire mountain?” Wei Zhao couldn't stand it any longer.

“Spiritual gathering powder requires spiritual grass that aged more than 50 years old, not a normal spiritual valley grass that grows two seasons a year.”+

Lu Yizhou suddenly sobered up and couldn't help but feel lost.


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