kitchen will be in chaos.

“How do you take elixirs normally? You can do the same.”

Su Yu glanced at him, not looking guilty at all.

“Cautiousness is always good.”

Lu Yizhou blushed immediately.

“What Senior sister said is right.” How could he bother Second Senior Sister with such trivial matters?

In the past, when Senior Brother was here, he would never make such a foolish mistake.

Immediately, he lifted up his white robe and sat cross-legged beside his second senior sister.

He quietly felt his sea of ​​​​consciousness, and he found that the gray fog that made him very disturbed was no longer covering him.

He carefully took out the large plate of 'elixir' from his spatial storage bag with both hands to bring it out smoothly.

Wei Zhao, who was on the bed, finally regained his composure.
But when he saw this elixir, he sat up in a panic.

“What is this?”

'Why is it so big!'

'Is this even an elixir?'

'Isn't this a meal?!'

Why is it in the shape of a spirit cormorant?

“What kind of elixir is this?!”

He had never seen an elixir that wasn't in the form of a pill.

'Will it be okay to take it?'

“This elixir,” Su Yu looked into the distance with calm eyes, “is called Seven Relish.”

Wei Zhao was speechless.

'Why Seven Relish?'

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Su Yu did not explain immediately.


Because at this time, Lu Yizhou, who was sitting on the ground, had finished adjusting his breath.
He took out the chopsticks from his storage bag, and carefully poked at the snow-colored 'spirit cormorant'.

Wei Zhao: “???”

'What is this pose?'

Su Yu interrupted Lu Yizhou, who was trying to put his chopsticks on the cormorant's beak first.

“When taking this pill, first open the back of the cormorant's body and take one mouthful.
Then try the next layer of spirit river duck and take one bite.
Next, go into the next layer of water-pulling pigeon.
Then, combine the first two and eat them, and then the last two.
At last, take three layers together.”

“A total of seven flavors, seven layers, and seven changes, hence the name Seven Relish.”

Wei Zhao: “…???”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.
He had never heard of this way of taking elixir, “Second Senior Sister, this…
How to distinguish the seven layers?”

Su Yu calmly said, “Cut it open.”

Lu Yizhou did not dare to do it, but Su Yu took out the original owner's water-breaking sword from her spatial storage bag.

After sterilizing the sword with spirit fire, she slashed the bird on the plate with this sword.

They saw the 'spirit cormorant' elixir was instantly divided from top to back.
The incision was smooth.

Su Yu held the hilt of the sword and flicked it lightly, revealing the vertical section of this pill.

They saw the outermost layer of snow-colored spirit cormorant, the next layer of a pale red spirit river duck, and then in the middle was a vermilion water-pulling pigeon.
It was actually three layers of elixir!

These three layers have different colors and outlines, but they are clear and distinct.

Wei Zhao almost thought it was an illusion.

Lu Yizhou didn't dare to move his chopsticks.

But when everything was opened, the spiritual energy from the elixir began to dissipate.
He could only bite the bullet and destroy this shocking elixir.

According to Su Yu's instructions, his chopstick first picked up the outermost layer, but he was still a little apprehensive.

But as soon as it entered his mouth, he felt a firmness in the texture, accompanied by the fresh and delicious taste of spirit cormorant, full of salty fragrance…
In an instant, he recognized the figure of a large agile bird in the sea, flapping its wings, gliding rapidly, and breaking the water!

The bursts of cries that resounded through the heavens and the earth echoed in his ears!

Lu Yizhou was shocked all the way into his sea of ​​consciousness, and his complexion changed.

“Fourth Junior Brother?” Wei Zhao saw that his expression was wrong and regretted it too late.

Generally, when taking a strong elixir, you must find someone to protect the Dharma to avoid the medicine being too strong and accidents happening.
But he previously thought that Su Yu only had the fifth level of Qi Refining, so there should be no accident.

But when he was about to ask Su Yu to call someone, he saw Lu Yizhou's face suddenly stretched out with a smile, as if he had successfully entered a meditation state.

Wei Zhao was stunned.

Su Yu saw that it seemed that this would take a while, so she simply walked to a chair in the room and sat down comfortably.

After a stick of incense, Lu Yizhou opened his eyes.

'So fast? It seems that although there is some effect, it is not that strong.'

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Wei Zhao breathed a sigh of relief.

This is also good, so it will not be easy to get into trouble and hurt his root.

“Third Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister,” Lu Yizhou opened his eyes to feel his dantian, and said excitedly, “I feel that my Hundreds of Bird Facing the Phoenix have already broken through 30% of the cultivation realm and are approaching 40%!”

Just now, he still felt that he knew his sea of consciousness was covered by clouds, and the sun was hidden.
Forcibly comprehending the song must lead to madness, but now…
he actually did it so easily.
He even faintly uncovered the true meaning of other birds!

Wei Zhao on the bed opened his mouth: “?”1

In the Huoling Peak of Tiansheng Academy.

Mei Zhen'er smiled lightly while instructing her junior brothers and sisters to share the herbs, but a few anxious figures flew over to her.

“Second Senior Sister, Fourth Senior Brother failed to comprehend the sword move and was attacked by the spirit fire! Now he is unconscious.
His sea of ​​consciousness is seriously injured.
Please go and see him!”

Mei Zhen'er suddenly stopped her smile.

'How come?'

On her wrist, the white moonlight beads seemed to lose some of its lustrous color.
The light has also faded a bit.

Soon after, Lu Yizhou took the second bite of the bird elixir with great interest, the pale red spirit river duck.

After the softer texture and delicious taste lingered in his mouth, another teal figure was swimming in his sea of ​​consciousness.

“Second Senior Brother, Third Senior Sister, I realized something again.”


After taking the innermost layer of the water-pulling pigeon, the taste is delicate and tender, almost melting in the mouth, and the umami taste is stronger than the other two birds.

“Third Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister, I'm…”

Then, combining the two and two layers, and all three layers together…

After another incense stick, Lu Yizhou opened his closed eyes for the seventh time, “Third Senior Brother…”

Wei Zhao: “!”


He is tired of listening!

After Su Yu saw that he had finally finished taking the whole thing, she looked at him with great interest, “How is it? How are the specific taste, enjoyment level, and the overall effect.”

Lu Yizhou opened his eyes and said excitedly, “Second Senior Sister, there are indeed seven layers.
After taking one layer each time, my understanding of the qin art is even better.”

When one is stepping into the threshold of the realm of perfection, each layer is ten times more difficult than the last.
Not only does it take longer and longer to comprehend, but it also depends on comprehension and opportunities.
Not everyone can comprehend the Dao.
If you go in the wrong direction, your cultivation will be stagnant in best case scenario, but worse case, your sea of ​​consciousness will get backlash.

For ordinary qin cultivators who learn ordinary qin skills, it is already very good if they can master three forms to the point of transformation.

“I feel that if I play Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix again, the power will be twice as strong as yesterday.”

Wei Zhao leaned against the bed.
He was already numb.


Su Yu coughed on the spot.

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