Chapter 11: The Second Person in the ICU

“It's here!”

Gu Yi found a trash can under the bed and pulled it out.
He found a folded cardboard box inside.

He quickly unfolded it and spread the cardboard box on the ground.

He heard footsteps behind him.

Gu Yi's heart was pounding, his throat was tight, and his palms were sweaty.

— Could the answer of the cardboard box be wrong too?

Gu Yi slowly turned his head, but there was nothing behind him.

He shuddered and sat on the ground, his back already soaked with cold sweat.

“I did it…”

Gu Yi shook his head and lay on the ground, gasping for breath.

At this moment, he heard the notification sound of the Weird World in his ear.

[You have solved the crisis with your own intelligence and strength, and your mental power has been exercised.]

[Your mental power recovery speed has increased.]

[You can terminate the deduction at any time now.]

Gu Yi smiled bitterly.
He covered his chest and climbed back onto the hospital bed.

The cleaning staff might have thrown the cardboard box into the trash can without his knowledge.
If he hadn't discovered this blind spot, he might have died.

Gu Yi's whole body was soaked with cold sweat, but instead of feeling scared, he felt an indescribable pleasure.

He slapped his face to calm himself down and analyzed the situation just now.

He should have realized earlier that the clothes were not the key.

When he first entered the instance, he had hidden his clothes, but it didn't trigger the “scared to death by doppelgänger” ending.
This already proved that the key to solving the problem was the cardboard box.

“So why the cardboard box?”

Gu Yi frowned and looked at the cardboard box.

In order not to violate the rule of “keeping the ward clean,” Gu Yi finished tidying up his clothes and put the cardboard box against the wall.

Gu Yi took out the first note and read the rules over and over again.

[There are always two people in the ICU, please keep this in mind.]

Therefore, according to this logic – is this cardboard box actually a person?

And this cardboard box must be taken out and placed on the ground, it cannot be placed under the bed or in the trash can, otherwise, it cannot be recognized as a “person”.

Gu Yi couldn't think of a second explanation.

After excluding all possibilities, the remaining answer, no matter how unbelievable, can only be the truth.

The cardboard box must have a special meaning in this world, so it is also considered a resident of the ward.

The ward was locked from the outside, and the knife that Gu Yi always carried for self-defense was also confiscated.
Gu Yi could only lie in the ward and rest, restoring his mental strength.

As he lay by the window, looking out.

There was no one in the square in front of the hospital, only the security personnel patrolling the square.

The owner of the store was playing solitaire with himself, leisurely and carefree.

Outside the hospital's high walls, there was a barren land, and a straight road not visible to the end extended northward.

-Even if he could successfully climb over the wall, it would not be easy to survive on this barren land.

“Woof woof woof–“

The barking sound echoed again in the square.

Gu Yi stuck his head out and leaned against the fence, searching for the source of the barking.

He saw a bus stop at the hospital gate, and the sound obviously came from the bus.

“So many people keep dogs in this world?”

Gu Yi wondered, as he patiently observed.

After a while, several “Deer-headed” people led their newly selected patients onto the bus.

Another round of barking erupted, apparently the dogs on the bus were welcoming their owners back.

The bus drove away.

At this moment, the broadcast sounded again.

“Today's treatment time is over.
Please help the patients to leave the treatment pods and send them back to their respective rooms.
It's dinner time now.
Patients, please do not run around, and don't forget to take your medication on time.”

Hearing this, Gu Yi sighed.

He had passed this treatment time, but what would he do if he was sent back to the treatment room after his injury had healed?

There was no time to waste.

He must come up with a plan to escape from the ward!

Gu Yi sat on the bed and pondered for a while.
Finally, the door of the ward was opened, and the nurse urged him to leave for the cafeteria.

Gu Yi nodded, picked up his 3D glasses, and hid them in his pocket.

He was lucky at dinner time today, and no patients suddenly fell ill.

But the night is long and full of terrors.
Gu Yi finished his dinner quickly and was the first to leave the cafeteria.
He casually stole a fork and put it in his pocket.

Sitting on a bench outside the cafeteria, Gu Yi closed his eyes.

(The deduction begins!)

(You decide to steal the keys from the nurse station to prepare for tonight's escape.)

(You walk to the nurse station.)

(The nurse immediately berates you loudly and even inspects your belongings after seeing you.)

(Your self-harm behavior in the treatment room has made the medical staff even more vigilant.)

(Nurse: It's dinner time now, why don't you go to the cafeteria?)

(You: I've already eaten.)

(Nurse: Then go sit outside the cafeteria and rest, or go to the security office to rest.)

(The nurse's attitude is hostile, and you no longer argue with her.)

(You avoid the nurse's gaze and come to the hospital map.)

(The locations of the [Archive Room] are not marked on the maps of the first three floors, so you guess that the [Archive Room] should be in the basement like the Crematorium.)

(Entering the basement requires an elevator.
Without a medical staff's access card, you will not be able to explore the basement.)

(You feel that you need a doctor's mask.)

(As long as you have a bird beak mask, you will be able to move around the hospital freely.)

(You think for a while and decide to steal a doctor's mask first.)

(To avoid surveillance, you choose to sneak into the locker room through the ventilation duct in the toilet.)

(You use a fork in your hand to pry open the grille of the pipe.)

(You successfully make it to the locker room.)

(You hide behind a locker and silently wait for an opportunity.)

(You see Dr.
Gui again, who is changing out of his work clothes.
It must be time for him to get off work.)

(You took the opportunity to run out while Dr.
Gui was in the shower.)

(The lock on the locker is old and broken, so you easily destroyed it with a fork.)

(You quickly took out the mask and access card.)

Gui: What's going on?)

(Your actions were too loud, causing Dr.
Gui to run out of the shower room.)

(You quickly hid in the locker again.)

Gui came to his locker and found that his mask was stolen.)

(He nervously yelled and randomly put on a piece of clothing before rushing out of the locker room to search for the mask.)

(You waited for a while before finally running out.)

(You turned around and found that Dr.
Gui was standing behind you.)

Gui: Why are you in the locker room?)

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