Chapter 16 Angel? Devil? (1)

I can't play hide-and-seek with the little girl.

At the same time, I can't refuse any request from the little girl?

What if the little girl asks me to play hide-and-seek with her?

After seeing the nanny handbook, Gu Yi immediately realized the trap in it.

It was obvious.

What he needs to do in this mission is to try his best not to let the little girl feel bored and not to let her ask to play hide-and-seek.

The bloody words on the back of the paper can no longer provide any information.

Gu Yi found that the bloody words found on the square in front of the hospital were all in this strange style, and it was impossible to believe.

Seeing Gu Yi falling into silence, the shop owner spoke up, “So, will you accept this mission or not?”

Isn't this point like an opportunity for him to save his progress?

Gu Yi didn't answer but closed his eyes and began to deduce.

(Deduction begins!)

(You accept the shop owner's task.)

(The shop owner sneers and hands the little girl in his arms to you.)

(The shop owner points to the backyard of the shop and asks you to accompany the little girl to play there.)

(You carry the little girl to the backyard.)

(The little girl points to the doll on the ground.)

(Little girl: Brother, play dolls with me.)

(You: Okay.)

(You think playing dolls won't be a problem.)

(You play house with the little girl holding the doll.)

(The little girl suddenly tilts her head and points to a tree, saying: Brother, I want you to get me the bird's nest on that tree.)

(You don't refuse and climb up immediately.)

(The little girl plays happily with the bird's nest in her arms.)

(The shop owner brings out a plate of stir-fried pork liver and places it in front of the little girl.)

(The little girl loves pork liver and finished it in just a few bites.)

(Little girl: Not enough to eat.)

(You: I'll call the shop owner to make another plate.)

(Little girl: No, I want to eat yours.)

(You: What?)

(Little girl: I want to eat your liver.)

(You shudder and sweat drip from your forehead.)

(Little girl: I want to eat your liver!)

(Dark shadows appear on the little girl's head, and her white teeth turn into crimson fangs.)

(Little girl: I want to eat your liver!)

(You: Impossible.)

(The little girl reaches into your stomach with her hand.)

(You see a blood-red scene before your eyes.)

(You died.)

(Deduction ends!)

Gu Yi returned to reality, a cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

Just because she ate a plate of stir-fried pork liver, she wanted to eat human liver?

Who could bear it?

Gu Yi still didn't immediately agree to the shop owner's request but continued the deduction.

He had to find a perfect way to complete the task before he could accept the shop owner's request.

(Deduction begins!)

(You don't immediately agree to the shop owner's request.)

(You go to the kitchen and throw all the pork liver prepared by the shop owner into the trash can.)

(The shop owner is furious.)

(You take out the remaining two hundred yuan and ask the shop owner to buy other food, preferably vegetables.)

(The shop owner is puzzled but still did as you asked.)

(You breathe a sigh of relief, as long as you gave enough money, the shop owner can satisfy some of your small requests.)

(You officially accept the shop owner's task.)

(You walk with the little girl to the backyard.)

(You continue to play with dolls with the little girl.)

(The little girl gets tired of playing with dolls and points to a big tree, asking you to find a bird's nest for her.)

(You fulfill the little girl's request.)

(The owner of the shop fries a plate of vegetables and places it in front of the little girl.)

(The little girl takes a few bites but doesn’t want to eat anymore.)

(Little girl: It's not tasty, throw it away!)

(You: Okay.)

(You pour the vegetables into the garbage can.)

(The shop owner scolds you: The little girl only likes to eat offal, she won't eat vegetables.)

(You ignore the owner.)

(You turn back and continue to play with the little girl.)

(Little girl: I want to ride a big horse, come over here and be my horse.)

(You lie down on the ground and carry the little girl on your back for a walk.)

(The little girl jumps off your back and picks up a stick, saying to you: You're a bad horse, I'm going to hit you.)

(You: Go ahead and hit me.)

(The little girl hit your face hard with the stick.)

(Your face is covered in blood and you almost faint from the pain.)

(A smell of barbecue come from outside the wall.)

(Little girl: I want to eat lamb kidneys.)

(You break out in a cold sweat.)

(You can't climb over the wall to buy the offal for the little girl, and you don't understand why there was someone selling offal in this remote area.)

(You: Sister, we can't leave the hospital.
How about you change your request?)

(You try to negotiate with the little girl.)

(Little girl: No way! I want to eat lamb kidneys!)

(Black lines start appearing on the little girl's head, revealing her crimson teeth.)

(You know that if you don't satisfy this little girl before she says her request three times in a row, you will die.)

(You: Don't get upset.
I'm not saying I won't satisfy you, but can we change it? Can you not eat lamb kidneys anymore? It's not good for you and can cause acne on your face.)

(The little girl touches her cheek and reverts back to her human form.)

(Little girl: Eating lamb kidneys causes acne?)

(You: Yes.)

(Little girl: Then I won't eat lamb kidneys.)

(You breathe a sigh of relief.)

(Little girl: I want to eat your kidneys.)

(You: What?)

(Little girl: I want to eat your kidneys!)

(You: Hold on, let's talk about it.
I'm not refusing you, I just want to discuss it with you…)

(Little girl: Give me your kidneys!)

(The little girl transforms into a monster.)

(You end the deduction.)

Gu Yi's eyebrows furrowed and his body trembled uncontrollably.

In the last deduction, the little girl's form became even larger and her teeth became jagged like a shark.

Although both deductions ultimately failed, Gu Yi also concluded a few rules.

After the little girl makes a request, she will repeat it three times.
If you don't agree by the third time, she will force you to “agree”.

The little girl is not unconvincing.
As long as you provide enough reasons, you can change her mind.

The little girl is really greedy.
You must find a way to stop her from wanting to eat offal, otherwise, she will eat your internal organs if she doesn't get enough to eat.

Gu Yi closed his eyes tightly and entered the third deduction.

(Deduction begins!)

(You, like last time, go to the kitchen and put away all the internal organs, and ask the shop owner to wait at the door.
If someone sells barbecue, buy as many lamb kidneys as possible.)

(The shop owner agrees.)

(You accept the task and take the little girl to play in the backyard.)

(Just like last time, the little girl points to the treetop.)

(Before the little girl could speak, you climb up the tree and take down the bird's nest.)

(You: You want to play with the bird's nest, right?)

(The little girl sniffs and points outside the wall.)

(Before she could speak again, the shop owner comes over with a string of lamb kidneys.)

(You take the lamb kidneys and hand them to the little girl: You want to eat lamb kidneys, right?)

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