Chapter 22: Exploration During the Day

(You: I'm sorry, I forgot to bring it.)

(You sneakily get off the bus.)

(The security guards at the entrance stare at you intently, and your actions have caught their attention.)

(You quickly cover your mask and leave.)

(You speculate that disguising yourself as a customer and taking the bus is likely one way to progress in the game, but you don't know how to obtain a bus ticket at the moment.)

(You consider whether you can acquire a deer-head mask, but you ultimately dismiss the idea.)

(You already have too many prohibited items, and adding such a large mask would make it difficult to hide things in the toilet.)

(You return to the hospital.)

(You arrive on the third floor.)

(You notice that the security personnel are having a meeting upstairs.)

(You turn around to leave and find a security guard standing in front of you.
He is the same guard who was stationed at the main entrance earlier.)

(Security Guard: Where's your access card?)

(You: I didn't bring it.)

(Security Guard: Come with me.
Your mask seems familiar.
It looks like one we lost before.)

(You: No, you've mistaken.)

(Security Guard: No, you're coming with us.)

(You attempt to escape.)

(The security guard catches up to you and grabs hold of you.)

(You end the deduction.)

Gu Yi opened his eyes.

This time, the only information I obtained from the deduction is that the bus might be a safe way to leave the hospital.

My next task is to figure out how to obtain a bus ticket.

“The Deer-Headed Person seems friendly.
Maybe I can extract some information from them?”

(Deduction begins!)

(You follow the same approach as the previous deduction and arrive in front of the treatment room.)

(This time, you try not to wander in front of the security guards.
You seize the right opportunity and strike up a conversation with a deer-headed person.)

(The deer-headed person is dressed in a sophisticated suit with a blue badge hanging from his chest.
Upon closer inspection, you notice it says “Chongshan Hospital Access Pass.”)

(This badge is something even the hospital staff, including doctors and nurses, don't have.
Could it be a bonus item given after purchasing a bus ticket?)

(The medical staff, like the patients, are unable to leave the influence of the hospital and reside in nearby dormitories.)

(You: Brother, I see you've been wandering around for quite some time.
Haven't found the right one yet?)

(Deer-headed person: The quality of ** these days is getting worse.
Last time I bought one and took it home, it got the plague and died within three days.
So now I only look for reputable hospitals.)

(You remain silent for a moment.)

(It seems that in the eyes of the natives, the hospital is a place specifically for buying and selling humans?)

(You imitate the accent of the deer-headed person and pronounce **.)

(You: Many people come to the hospital to buy Petz now, right?)

(Deer-headed person: Yes, it's quite popular.
Maybe because of that movie…
What was it called?)

(You: “Monster Siege”?)

(Deer-headed person: Exactly.)

(You: I think it's just a popcorn movie.)

(Deer-headed person: Are we talking about the same movie? It's actually an art film that has sparked widespread discussions.)

(You remain calm despite feeling shocked.)

(You: I must have remembered wrong.
Can you introduce it to me?)

(Deer-headed person: The movie explores the relationship between us and the Petz, and it's very thought-provoking.
That's why I decided to buy my own Petz.)

(You: By the way, how did you find out about our hospital?)

(The Pig-headed person also asks this question when striking up a conversation with customers, so you follow their lead.)

(Deer-headed person: Through TV commercials, of course.)

(You: And where did you buy your bus ticket?)

(Deer-headed person: Online shopping is convenient nowadays.
You can order it online.)

(You nod silently.)

(The hospital has an internal network, and you need to find a place where you can access the internet.)

(The dean's office has a computer, but you don't know how to unlock it, and you're unsure if it can even access the internet.)

(Deer-headed person: However, now the country has implemented real-name registration for internet access.
Without an ID card, you can't buy anything online.)

(You: Yeah, it can be inconvenient.)

(You feel quite frustrated.)

(Even if you know the ticket purchasing method, you currently have no way of obtaining an online shopping ID without an ID card.)

(The clues to pass through each stage are interconnected.
If you miss one step, knowing the answer won't help.)

(You continue chatting with the deer-headed person, even imitating the pig-headed person's mannerisms and enthusiastically recommending products.)

(Security personnel patrol the hallway.)

(You use the excuse of needing to use the toilet.)

(You hide in the square.)

(You notice a kangaroo-headed person parking their car at the entrance.
Two Kangaroo-headed individuals carry a large box of goods into the hospital building.)

(The Pig-headed chef leads the kangaroo-headed individuals to the basement to deliver the goods.)

(You feel that sneaking into the kangaroo-headed people's cargo box seems like another way to leave the hospital.)

(The kangaroo-headed driver is sleeping in the driver's seat.)

(You stealthily crawl into the bottom of the vehicle and hang upside down, surprisingly going unnoticed.)

(You feel a wave of excitement.)

(After a while, the kangaroo-headed individuals finish unloading the goods and drive away.)

(You successfully escape the hospital clinging to the underside of the vehicle.)

(Once the car stops, you seize the opportunity and jump off.)

(You are ecstatic.)

(You never expected it to be so easy to leave the hospital grounds.)

(But when you turn around, you see security personnel standing right behind you.)

(Although you've been traveling with the vehicle for over twenty minutes, the hospital gate is only ten meters away from you.)

(You: What?)

(Security personnel: Where is your entry and exit permit?)

(You: What permit?)

(Security personnel: Come with us!)

(The security personnel escorts you away.)

(You end the deduction.)

“Damn it, not a single loophole!”

Gu Yi opened his eyes and forcefully pounded on the bed frame beneath him.

There were almost no shortcuts to clearing this dungeon.

Using the delivery truck to leave seemed feasible, but it wasn't the case.

The hospital gate must have some “unspoken” rules protecting it.
Even if one manages to sneak out of the gate, they can only go a few meters at most without the so-called “permit.”

The passengers on the bus have pass, and Gu Yi speculates that only those who have purchased a ticket can obtain a permit.

Gu Yi feels an increasing itchiness on his wrist and rolls up his sleeves to examine the situation.

The black fur has become even denser.

there's no time to waste.
Let's see if I can find any clues about the password for the dean's office computer.”

After thinking for a moment, Gu Yi decided to proceed step by step, following the hints provided by the clues, in order to decrypt the password.

(Deduction begins!)

(You run out from the ward using the previous method.)

(You decide to search for Yao Yao and ask about the dean.)

(Sneakily, you arrive at the square.)

(Avoiding the security personnel's line of sight, you reach the small shop in the square.)

(When the Shop owner sees you, he retrieves a gun from under the table and aims it at you, pulling the trigger.)

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