Chapter 29: The Flaw in the Rules (2)

(A monster burst out of the screen, instantly killing the Deer-headed Man.)

(You quickly take off your bird beak mask.)

(The monster glances around and targets three doctors who are performing surgery.
In less than three seconds, all three doctors turn into corpses.)

(You turn off the projector.)

(The monster disappears.)

(As you expected, no one from the security department barged into the emergency room.)

(The emergency room has regulations that prohibit anyone from intruding during emergency procedures, so naturally, the security department would not forcefully enter the emergency room to save people.)

(Xu Nian climbs off the bed and excitedly grabs your hand.)

(You reassure Xu Nian's excited emotions and have him lie down on the operating table.
You pack away the projector and videotape, and also took off the Deer-headed Man's mask, hiding it in your pocket.)

(You lie down on the operating table next to Xu Nian.)

(The cries for help in the emergency room caught the attention of the doctors.
They push open the doors to the emergency room and see four bodies lying on the ground.)

(The doctor turns off the emergency lights with a remote control outside the door.)

(You roll up your sleeves, revealing sparse black hair on your wrist, pretending to be in a state of illness.)

(Seeing this, the doctors quickly proceed with surgery on you and Xu Nian.)

(Fortunately, your infection area was not large, and the doctors did not resort to amputation.
They just used an exaggerated shaver to shave off your hair.)

(The shaver almost scraped off a layer of your skin, but you forced yourself to endure the pain.)

(You can't reveal any flaws at this moment.)

(After bandaging, you are sent out of the ward.)

(According to your judgment, even if four people died in the emergency room, the security department would not investigate.)

(The manual of the security department does not include the duty to investigate the perpetrator.)

(As long as they don't catch someone red-handed, they simply don't care.)

(Just like when Gu Yi stole the bird beak mask and access card, as long as he didn't flaunt it in front of them, they wouldn't pay any attention.)

(The manual even contains sentences like “You need to protect the security of all hospital property, it is even more important than your own life.”)

(In this case, these people simply do not care about human life, not even the lives of hospital staff.)

(You and Xu Nian return to your own ward.)

(It is now evening, and nothing dangerous has happened.)

(You successfully obtained the third mask.)

(You terminate the deduction!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and walked straight to Xu Nian's side, gently waking up his fellow patient.

Xu Nian opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Gu Yi, bewildered.

“Xu Nian, do you want to regain your freedom?”

Xu Nian furrowed his brows, completely unable to understand what Gu Yi was saying.

Gu Yi sighed sadly and picked up a pen and paper, drawing and writing to finally make Xu Nian understand his plan.

Xu Nian's mouth kept opening and closing, but Gu Yi couldn't understand him at all.

Gu Yi held Xu Nian's wrist and said earnestly, “Believe me, we can do it! Do you want to stay in this prison forever? As long as we cooperate, we can overcome any problem.”

Xu Nian's emotions finally stabilized.

Although he couldn't understand what Gu Yi was saying, he believed in Gu Yi's character.
Without Gu Yi, he would probably have died in the cafeteria long ago.

Moreover, Gu Yi only asked him to pretend to be sick.

What's so difficult about that?

Gu Yi changed into the attire of a doctor in front of Xu Nian.

Xu Nian was no longer surprised.
He had long realized that Gu Yi was not an ordinary person.

Following the deduction from last time, Gu Yi arranged the emergency room and then left to find the Deer-headed Man on the second floor.

“You're interested in Number 1557? I don't recommend you buy it.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I can tell that you're someone who pursues a high quality of life and has a unique taste.
The goods here are all very ordinary.
Would you like to see some truly exquisite ones?”

The Deer-headed Man looked at Gu Yi curiously.

He had encountered countless salespeople in his life, but Gu Yi was the first one he had seen who was so confident.

While leading the Deer-headed Man toward the emergency room, Gu Yi avoided the security department's patrol route.

After many deductions, Gu Yi's eloquence had been thoroughly honed.

The Deer-headed Man remained immersed in conversation with Gu Yi and didn't pay any attention to him leading him in circles.

Gu Yi brought him into the emergency room.

The Deer-headed Man looked at the appearance of the emergency room and immediately expressed his confusion, “Isn't this the operating table? Where can I see Petz?”

“Don't worry, don't you trust me?”

Gu Yi patted his chest, exuding a confident demeanor.

The Deer-headed Man didn't have much doubt.

He had been to this hospital before and always had to abide by some strange rules, so when Gu Yi did all these bizarre things, he didn't raise much guard.

He thought it was just part of the hospital's strange regulations.

Xu Nian arrived at the ward on time.

Gu Yi immediately put glasses on the Deer-headed Man and pressed the play button on the projector.

Gu Yi took off the bird beak mask and once again witnessed the scene of the monster killing the doctors and the Deer-headed Man.

Watching it, in reality, was much more thrilling than in deduction.
Gu Yi could even clearly hear the sound of the four people's necks being twisted.


Xu Nian excitedly muttered meaningless words on the hospital bed.

Seeing this, Gu Yi quickly turned off the projector and comforted Xu Nian, “Lie down and continue pretending to be sick.”

After arranging Xu Nian, Gu Yi skillfully took off the Deer-headed Man's mask.

As he put the Deer-headed Man's mask into his pocket, the voice of the system suddenly sounded.

“You have collected three special plot props in the scenario: Bird Beak Mask, Kangaroo Mask, and Deer-head Mask.”

“Your plot exploration degree has increased.”

“Current exploration progress is 17%.”

“You can choose one reward from the following three options.”

Your mental recovery speed increases by 10%.”

Your resistance to mental contamination increases by 10%.”

Your sensitivity to paranormal events increases by 10%.”

Gu Yi looked at the three options and fell into contemplation.

In his previous deductions, he hadn't anticipated the prompt voice of the system regarding talents.
Obviously, the system's level was slightly higher than his talent, so he couldn't calculate the system prompts during deductions.

A chaotic sound of footsteps came from outside the door, indicating that the doctors were coming to inspect the emergency room.

Gu Yi didn't rush to claim the system reward.
He turned around and lay down on the operating table, closing his eyes.

“What happened? Are they all dead?”

“Don't worry, turn off the emergency light first before entering, or else it will violate the rules.”

“Is it off? Hurry up and go in to save people.”

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