Chapter 33: The Doll in the Secret Room (1)

(The maintenance worker's manual is very short and doesn't contain any strange or strict rules.)

(The hospital's HR department once mentioned that all maintenance workers[repairmen] are outsourced, so the hospital has the fewest rules for them.)

(Not only that, but this manual also provides information on the Dean's movement patterns.)

(On Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Dean will inevitably appear in the Dean's office.
Tomorrow happens to be Sunday, so the Dean will definitely be at the hospital.)

(You speculate that the Dean may always be hiding in a corner of the hospital because you have only seen the Dean's car enter the hospital but never leave.)

(Wearing the mask, you leave the office and walk straight down the stairs.)

(Your clothes effectively conceal your black fur, and no one questions why you're wandering around the hospital.)

(You arrive at the underground first floor and find the master key behind the crematorium.)

(The effect of the red pill is wearing off, so you take off the mask and find that it doesn't have much weight since you put it on.)

(Easily, you conceal the elephant mask inside your kangaroo pants.)

(You put on the deer-head mask, holding the key, and walk to the end of the second basement [level-2].)

(You stand at the entrance of the Dean's office.)

(Using the key, you unlock the golden lock at the entrance of the Dean's office, successfully opening the door.)

(A groan comes from inside the office.)

(With courage, you step into the room but see no one.)

(The office is arranged exactly like the one on the third floor, but there are no books on the surrounding bookshelves.)

(You take off the deer-head mask.)

(The scenery in the office immediately changes.)

(The bookshelves are now filled with many books, but all the book covers are made of human skin.)

(The floor is painted with fresh blood, the tables and chairs are made of human skeletons, and the walls are decorated with heads made from human remains.)

(You force yourself to remain calm, resisting the Unspeakable's mental assault.)

(You approach the desk.)

(The computer on the desk remains on, displaying several words in a blood-red font.)


(The keyboard's keycaps are all made of human teeth, and you dare not make any sudden movements.)

(Painful groans echo once again.)

(You follow the direction of the sound, which seems to be coming from behind the bookshelf.)

(You suppress your disgust and examine the bookshelf.)

(All the books are written in English, except for one book in Chinese.)

(You push that book.)

(The bookshelf opens to the sides.)

(A hidden room appears before you.)

(A woman is bound in the secret room, struggling incessantly.)

(The woman's eyes are empty, and she has no lower jaw.
She keeps her head lowered, with her snow-white hair dragging on the ground.)

(In front of the woman, there is a doll sitting obediently on her lap, and it's the doll that emits the painful groans.)

(Doll: Save me!)

(You: Who are you?)

(Doll: Save me!)

(You: Mother?)

(Upon hearing this title, the doll immediately closes its mouth.
The woman behind suddenly lifts her head and stares at you with her hollow eye sockets.)

(Doll: Are you Toto? No, you're not.)

(You: I'm a friend of Toto's.)

(Doll: How is Toto now?)

(You: Think about your current situation, and I believe you can easily guess how Toto is doing.)

(Doll: It's that man.
He ruined Toto and me!)

(The doll screams hysterically, and the woman behind her goes mad as well.
She tears out her own hair and throws it on the ground, but it quickly grows back.)

(You: I'm here to help you.)

(Doll: You can't help me.
You will only harm me and my daughter!)

(You: I can, as long as you can tell me the truth.)

(Doll: You must be the spy sent by that devil.
You want to continue harming us, mother and daughter, don't you?)

(The doll lets out a piercing scream, and you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your heart, as if you're about to die at any moment.
You quickly take out the deer-head mask from your pocket and put it on.)

(The screaming subsides.)

(You look up and see the empty secret room, with only a worn-out cloth doll on the floor.)

(You reach out and pick up the cloth doll.)

(You die.)

(The deduction is over!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and grimly clutched his heart.

Even though he had exited the deduction state, he still felt suffocated.

The power of the doll was no less potent than the unspeakable's mental contamination.
Even though he only glanced at the doll, he still couldn't calm down.

This death came too suddenly.

Gu Yi didn't even understand why he died.

“Another new puzzle?”

Gu Yi lay on the bed, calmly contemplating.

The second basement's Dean's office must be a reflection of the real office.

Inside the office's secret room was a strange woman who was clearly the mother of “I” and also clearly deceased.
Under the influence of the Unspeakable's force, she became a vengeful spirit, living in the second basement.

The mental contamination in the second basement was so severe, probably half of it was due to the mother.

Furthermore, only when he didn't wear a mask could he seethe mother of “I”.

If he wore the deer-head mask, he couldn't see the mother of “I”, but if he attempted to pick up the doll on the ground, it would immediately trigger a death flag.

Could it be that wearing different masks would trigger different outcomes?

Gu Yi pondered for a while.

He had just gained the ability to backtrack deductions, which provided an opportunity to experiment.

(Backtracking begins!)

(You stand at the entrance of the secret room.)

(You push open the door.)

(The doll is screaming hysterically.)

(You put on the bird beak mask.)

(Doll: Doctor? Are you Dr.

(You: Yes, ma'am.)

(Doll: How is my daughter? Is she okay?)

(You: Your daughter has a severe illness and psychological issues.
She needs immediate hospitalization for treatment.)

(Doll: Psychological issues? Hahaha…
You're lying to me, aren't you? You know what she is, you're lying to me.)

(You: I don't understand what you mean.
Could you be more clear?)

(Doll: She and us are different.
We are superior beings, she is an inhuman creature.
How could an animal get sick? And especially a psychological illness?)

(You: She's not human?)

(Doll: Of course, she's not human.
Why are you pretending to be confused with me? Where is that man? I want to see that man, I want to kill him!)

(The doll roars angrily, jumps down from the woman's thigh, and pounces on you.)

(You struggle with all your might.)

(The doll punches your ribs, crushing them, and digs out your heart.)

(Your vision turns blood red.)

(You died.)

(The deduction ends!)

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