Chapter 4: Breakfast Terror (Part 1)

Contradictory hints have appeared again!

Prompt 6 requires ignoring others' pleas for help, but the back of the note suggests that failing to save someone will lead to a lifetime of regret.

Based on his first experience in the ward, Gu Yi speculated that both pieces of information could be correct!

The front of the note outlines what he needs to do in front of medical staff and personnel, while the back of the note details what he needs to do behind their backs.

Both rules are crucial and must be followed, otherwise, he will trigger the instant death flag.

Gu Yi stood in front of the price list, calculated in his mind, and finally ordered a portion of salted duck, a small pickled vegetable, and a steamed bun.

The Pig-headed chef did not give him any trouble.

Carrying his food, Gu Yi found a place to sit.

Several patients sat next to him, all eating quietly and not daring to speak.

“Hey, what kind of illness do you all have…”


The patient made a motion to silence him and continued eating.

Gu Yi quickly closed his mouth and couldn't help but furrow his brows.

-Is this really a hospital? Even a prison doesn't have such strict rules.


Just as Gu Yi picked up his spoon, he suddenly saw the patient next to him fall down, with his head smashing into his food tray.
The patient's pupils dilated and he looked at Gu Yi with a vacant expression.

“What's wrong with you?”

Gu Yi asked subconsciously but suddenly felt a pain in his foot.

It turned out that the patient opposite him had kicked him, reminding him not to talk too much.

The Pig-headed chef walked up to Gu Yi and held up a sign that read “No loud noises.”

Gu Yi sneered in disbelief.
He couldn't believe that simply speaking a few words would be interpreted as “making loud noises.”

The patient next to Gu Yi had dilated pupils and his face gradually turned pale.
His mouth opened and closed, clearly trying to say “Help me.”

Obviously, the pig-headed chef also had to abide by the cafeteria's rules.
Even when he saw the patient suddenly falling ill, he did not make any move.

Gu Yi immediately closed his eyes and began to deduce.

(Deduction begins.)

(You dare not directly help the patient because it conflicts with the cafeteria's rules, which would trigger an instant death flag.)

(You looked around and saw a doctor eating behind you.
They were wearing bird masks and didn't notice anyone fainting here.)

(You thought for a moment.)

(You couldn't speak and couldn't move around before finishing your meal.
Could you use other methods to get the doctor's attention?)

(You picked up your spoon and threw it towards the doctor behind you.)

(The doctor's mask was made of ceramics.
You threw the spoon too hard and it directly made a crack in the mask, making a loud noise.)

(The doctor noticed you and the patient who fainted.)

(He walked over and carried the patient away.)

(Just as you were relieved, the Pig-headed chef walked over and held up a “No loud noises” sign toward you.)

(The Pig-headed chef grabbed your collar and pulled you out, leaving you feeling powerless and unable to resist.)

(You were sent to a small dark room.)

(There are no windows here, and the space is narrow, only enough for one person to stand.)

(You knock on the door loudly, but no one answers.)

(You listen for a while and realize that the chef has left.)

(You look up and see a ventilation duct above you.
You're tall enough to reach it on tiptoe.)

(The grille on the duct is sturdy, so you take out a concealed fruit knife and slowly unscrew it.)

(It takes you ten minutes to finally pry open the grille above you.)

(You jump up and climb into the ventilation duct.)

(The duct is full of dust, and you curl up and crawl inside.)

(You find a suitable location and continue to pry open the next grille with the knife.)

(You jump down from the duct after opening the grille.)

(You're in the inpatient area, and next to you is the bathroom.)

(Most of the patients and doctors are in the cafeteria and no one pays attention to you.)

(Your hand is itching, and when you lift up your shirt, you find black fur growing on your wrist.)

(You start to panic.)

(You go down the lobby and find the hospital map)

(You jot down the location of the emergency room.)

(You avoid the doctors' gaze and successfully find the emergency room.)

(The emergency room is full of clanging sounds, and you even hear doctors using chainsaws and patients screaming in agony.)

(The black fur on your wrist begins to spread toward your elbow.)

(You search around and find a new clue on a bulletin board in the hallway.)

( [Doctor First Aid Handbook] )

Whenever you find a patient injured, unconscious, or having an episode, no matter what you are doing, please send them to the emergency room for rescue as soon as possible.

Doctors must wear bird beak masks throughout the emergency treatment.

If someone breaks into the ward during emergency treatment, please call the security department to send the intruder to Room 0.

If amputation cannot stop the deterioration of the patient's condition, please send the patient directly to the crematorium.)

(You flip the [First Aid Handbook] and find two lines of bloody words behind it.)

(“I'm not sick! I'm not sick! I'm not sick!”)

(“I am human! I am human! I am human!”)

(You feel shocked.)

(What kind of illness requires amputation treatment?)

(The door of the emergency room suddenly opened.)

(Two doctors wearing bird beak masks came out pushing a transfer bed, and a comatose patient was lying on it, murmuring and with all limbs completely amputated.)

(You question the doctor about what they are doing.)

(The doctor ignores you and pushes the bed into the elevator.)

(You follow into the elevator.)

(You: What happened to my friend?)

(Doctor: It's breakfast time now, you should be in the cafeteria.)

(You: Where are you taking my friend?)

(Doctor: It's none of your business.)

(No matter what you say next, the doctor ignores you.)

(The elevator stops in the basement, and as soon as the door opens, you can see the words “Crematorium” outside.)

(The doctor pushes the patient into the crematorium.)

(You want to stop them, but you can't beat the doctor.)

(You followed them, watching as the still-breathing person was pushed into the crematorium.)

(The sound of painful screams could be heard from inside the crematorium.)

(You felt very guilty, and your heart feels like being torn into pieces.)

(You notice that fur had grown all over your face.)

(You had become a monster.)

(You are no longer human.)

(You died.)

(The deduction ends.)


Gu Yi held his chest and let out a muffled groan.

When he saw his companion being killed before his very eyes, he felt like his heart had been pierced.

This time, his death was due to the guilt he felt after witnessing the killing of his comrade.
“Unspeakable” used its eerie power to turn him into a monster, ultimately leading to the failure of the deduction.

Gu Yi glanced at the patient next to him, who still looked painfully distressed.

To save or not to save, it was death either way.

Trying every possible means to save them, but still being unable to bring them back to life, was just as fatal.

Gu Yi felt a sense of despair. The game rules in this eerie world were unexpectedly difficult!

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