Chapter 51: The Final Battle (2)

(You walk into the freezer room.)

(You hold the bone-cutting knife and slide it randomly on the wall.)

(The blade passes through the wall like a ghost.)

(When you slide it against the wall facing the door, the blade suddenly gets stuck.)

(You pull out the bone-cutting knife and fiercely strike the wall in front of you.)

(The wall cracks open.)

(Inside is a huge ice chamber, and in the center of the chamber is a crystal coffin where the Dean's wife's body lies.)

(You use the bone-cutting knife to split open the crystal coffin.)

(The body turns into snowflakes and merges into your bone-cutting knife.)

(You hear a chaotic sound of footsteps behind you.)

(The security team has arrived at the entrance of the cafeteria.)

(The first person to rush into the cafeteria is tripped by the trap.)

(You take out the toad and smash it onto the spider egg.)

(The giant spider hatch from the eggs and cause massive carnage.)

(The security team members scatter and flee.)

(You blow the whistle.)

(All the security team members are frozen in place, suffering heavy casualties.)

(The Dean emerges from the back of the group and directly summons the Unspeakable.)

(Dean: You're seeking death.)

(You feel surprised.)

(Your actions completely enraged the Dean, and he immediately used his most powerful skill as soon as he appeared.)

(The Unspeakable rushes towards you.)

(You swing the bone-cutting knife in your hand.)

(The bone-cutting knife can cause damage to the Unspeakable, but it quickly regenerates.)

(The Unspeakable points at you.)

(You quickly dodge aside.)

(The Unspeakable pounces and grabs your neck.)

(Unspeakable: Can you escape?)

(Everything turns pitch black before your eyes.)

(You fall into emptiness.)

(You vigorously swing the bone-cutting knife, trying to resist the invasion of void, but with little effect.)

(Your consciousness gradually fades away.)

(You died.)

(Deduction ends!)


Gu Yi took a deep breath, calming his excited emotions.

“Why did it turn out like this? Is it because I did evil?”

Gu Yi didn't feel despair despite losing all the deduction opportunities.

On the contrary, he became even more focused and calm than usual.

After using “Memory” and finding Dean's wife's body, the Dean indeed appeared immediately.

That guy was very cunning, making the security team members step on the landmines first.

The traps he set up were useless.

“Good deeds are rewarded and evil deeds have consequences…
I only see the retribution you brought upon me, but where is my reward for doing good?”

Gu Yi clenched the knife handle in anger.

He used the giant spider to kill the security team, and as soon as the Dean appeared, he immediately used his strongest skill without any buffer.

According to “I.”

The dog whistle was already the strongest tool to deal with the security team, so there was no need to kill them.

Although the Elephant Repairman had high attack power, his movements were not as quick as Gu Yi's, so there was no need to kill him either.

There was only one person in the Chongshan Hospital who deserved to die, and that was the Dean.

All of Gu Yi's attacking methods could only be used against the Dean alone.

“Think carefully…
think carefully…”

Gu Yi squinted his eyes, recalling every detail from his previous deduction.

The security team dispatched over thirty people at once.

Last time, he had already deduced that the entire security team inside the hospital consisted of only fifteen to twenty people.

This meant that in order to capture him, the Dean even mobilized the security team stationed at the hospital entrance.

The power of the Unspeakable was confined within the hospital, and as long as Gu Yi could leave the hospital, the power of the Unspeakable would be greatly reduced, and his chances of survival would increase.

“Yes, that's right.
The correct way to clear the dungeon should be to escape the hospital first and find a way to kill the Dean outside the hospital.”

Gu Yi opened his eyes, understanding everything.

He took a deep breath, walked into the freezer, and swung the bone-cutting knife to break the wall in front of him.

The coffin of the Dean's wife appeared before Gu Yi.

A chilling cold air blew out from the ice chamber, causing Gu Yi to shiver.
He swallowed a red pill and put on the Elephant mask before entering the ice chamber.

“Let's do it.”

Gu Yi raised his knife and split open the crystal coffin.

The Dean's wife's body came into contact with the blade, turning into a blue flash that merged with the bone-cutting knife.

A sound of footsteps came from behind him, and Gu Yi quickly took out the dog whistle and blew it with force.

The security team members were blocked at the door, unable to enter or exit.

“What are you doing here? Go inside and capture him!”

Dean Chongshan's voice came from behind.

Gu Yi held the bone-cutting knife and leaped over the heads of the security team members, running outside.

“You bastard! What have you done?”

Chongshan cursed loudly as he chased after Gu Yi.

Gu Yi looked back and saw that Chongshan was running at a considerable speed.
The commotion in the corridor attracted the attention of all the medical staff.

When they saw Gu Yi coming out, the medical staff all moved aside.

“Thank you!”

Gu Yi nodded toward the medical staff and continued running forward without hesitation.

Chongshan was shocked and cursed, “Why didn't you stop him?”

“We don't have that responsibility,” Dr.
Li stepped forward and said, “We are only responsible for treating patients.”

“You Son of a Bitch…”

Chongshan took out a pen and paper from his pocket, preparing to write something.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from behind Chongshan and snatched the pen and paper from his hand.


Chongshan screamed in surprise and turned his head to look.

Xu Nian snapped Chongshan's pen in half and at the same time swallowed the piece of paper in Chongshan's hand.

Chongshan kicked Xu Nian in the head.

Xu Nian's head split open, blood flowing, and he fell to the ground.

“Quick, take him to the emergency room!”

Seeing Xu Nian fall to the ground, all the doctors present hurriedly rushed over, lifting Xu Nian and running towards the emergency room.

Chongshan was momentarily stunned and angrily shouted, “Forget about the patient for now, go catch that patient who was trying to escape!”

The doctors completely ignored Chongshan.

The Unspeakable entity approached Chongshan's ear and whispered, “If you see a patient injured or falling ill, you must set aside your work and provide treatment.
This is a rule written in the Doctor's First Aid manual.”

“Damn it, I'll change the rules!”

Chongshan screamed loudly, running to the nurse station of the hospital and picking up a pen casually.


A nurse suddenly reached out and grabbed Chongshan's wrist.

“What are you doing?”

“This pen is for filling out forms.
As you said, each pen has its designated purpose.
Dean, you can't be the one to break the rules.”

“Damn you!”

Chongshan cursed as he shook off the nurse's grasp and picked up a piece of paper to write the rules.

However, the pen completely refused to obey his command and couldn't write anything on the paper.

“Damn it, you're all useless!”

Chongshan forcefully broke the pen.

He originally created the rule of “each pen has its designated purpose” to prevent medical staff from writing random things and spreading the hospital's secrets.
Who would have thought that it would now become a constraint on himself?

Chongshan turned his head and looked into the distance.
Gu Yi had already passed through the corridor and was about to run out of the hospital building.

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