“Why a color palette? What's the purpose of this thing?”

Gu Yi held the color palette and examined it closely.
The more he looked at it, the more it resembled the one the fortune teller had on his face.


Gu Yi touched his nose.

In the previous dungeon, the Host played the role of Fake Toto, and when he left in a rage, the color palette on his face turned red.

In this dungeon, the Host played the role of the fortune teller, and when he returned from the circus to the old house, the color palette on his face also turned red, but it turned blue during divination.

Could it be that different colors on the color palette would unleash different weird powers?

Red for spatial teleportation?

Blue for future foresight?

“Let's try if it works.”

(The deduction begins!)

(You hold the color palette and enter your sister's room.)

(You find some paint on your sister's desk.)

(You first apply the blue paint on the color palette.)

(The paint is absorbed by the color palette until it becomes pristine white.)

(The blue paint has no effect on the color palette.)

(You pick up the red paint and squeeze it onto the color palette.)

(The color palette starts to heat up and tremble violently.)

(You quickly drop the color palette.)

(A portal of void appears in front of you.)

(You step into the portal.)

(There's nothingness in front of you.)

(You stop the deduction!)

“It should work now.
The inability to deduce was probably due to leaving the inner world and entering a higher level.”

Gu Yi held the color palette and, along with all the other plot items he found, put them into his backpack.
He entered his sister's room, located the paint, and took out the red paint.

As soon as he unscrewed the lid, he heard a rustling sound around him.

Gu Yi's heart froze, and a cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

(Deduction begins!)

(There is nothingness in front of your eyes.)

(There is nothingness in front of your eyes.)

(There is nothingness in front of your eyes.)

(You died.)

(Deduction ends!)

Gu Yi quickly picked up the color palette and turned around to look.

His sister's room began to blur and distort, and pixel blocks were collapsing.
Gu Yi took a sip of almond water and indeed saw his sister floating in mid-air behind him.

She was the Unspeakable being from the surface world, which meant Gu Yi couldn't use his talent for deduction.

If he mishandled the situation, it might trigger an instant death.


His sister's hair floated, emitting blue sparks between the strands.
She slowly opened her eyes.

“Who are you?”

His sister didn't speak, but Gu Yi could hear her voice clearly.

Gu Yi's heart jumped to his throat, and he clenched his fist, his palms sweating.

“Don't you recognize me? I'm your brother…”

“No, you're not him.
Who are you?”

Gu Yi's feet dangled in air, and he lost control of his body, even breathing becoming difficult.

“Never mind who I am, what's important is that I can alleviate your pain.” Gu Yi squeezed out his words from his throat, “Don't do this…
I'm about to suffocate.”

“You? You know nothing.
It's you who killed my brother, it's you who killed him.”

“Your brother isn't dead; you've imprisoned him in the dream.
It's time to wake up, Gu Yao.”

“You're lying to me! I want to be with my parents and brother forever, If I kill you, I can bring my brother back.”

Gu Yi's eyes turned red, and stars flashed before his eyes.

are not your parents…
you fool!”

Upon hearing this, his sister froze for a moment.

The pressure on Gu Yi lessened, and he continued to push.

“If you want your brother to live, let me go.
They are currently doing all sorts of cruel things to him.
You don't want your brother to be treated the same way as you, do you? You want him to live freely with your parents, don't you?”

“What are you talking about? You know nothing!”

His sister didn't believe Gu Yi's nonsense at all.
Gu Yi felt intense pain throughout his body, and his fingertips gradually turned into pixel blocks.

“Dark Moon told me; he sent me to fulfill your final wish.”

“Uncle Dark Moon? He's a good person…
he even taught me how to blow a puppy balloon…
save me…
save me…”

His sister laughed and cried at the same time, her body gradually twisting and dissipating into a pile of pixel blocks in the air.

Cough, cough.

Gu Yi knelt on the ground, panting heavily.
The surroundings were gradually turning into blurry pixel blocks.

The world created by the sister was on the verge of collapse, and her mental state seemed abnormal.

Gu Yi had just been speaking nonsense until he mentioned the leader of the circus, Dark Moon, and then his sister finally let him go.

He could now confirm four conclusions:

The real “I” in the Surface world was either in a coma or asleep, causing the time flow to be asynchronous with the surface world, allowing his sister's dream power to take effect.

Before becoming Unspeakable, his sister had experienced abuse from their parents, which was evident from her diary.

The second half of both his and his sister's diary entries must have been describing their tragic past in the family and the gradual strangeness of their parents.

There might be no blood relation between him, his sister, and their parents.
Both siblings might have been kidnapped and brought to their parents, and this could be verified once he returns to the Surface world and investigates.

Based on his sister's behavior just now, Gu Yi's conclusions were mostly correct.

After the car accident, his sister thought that “I” had died, and “I” thought she had died, but in reality, neither of them had died.

Driven by her longing for her brother and fear of parental abuse, his sister became an unspeakable being after getting involved with the Dark Moon Circus.
His brother was affected by the unspeakable's power and remained trapped in this illusory island town.

Thinking of this, the real name of the island town should be “Illusion Island.”

Crack, crack…

The old house was gradually collapsing.

Gu Yi quickly took out the color palette and sprinkled red paint on it.

The color palette trembled violently, so Gu Yi immediately threw it away.

The color palette split open and turned into a void portal.
Gu Yi held his head and rushed into it.


Gu Yi took a deep breath as if a drowning person finally breathed air again.
He opened his eyes and found himself lying in a hospital bed.

Struggling, Gu Yi climbed up from the bed, feeling weak all over.

“Awake? My son, you're awake!”

His mother's voice came.

Gu Yi turned his head and saw his mother crying with joy, holding his hand.

“Just wait, I'll call the doctor.”

His mother rushed out in a hurry, forgetting even to take her phone, which she left on the bed.

Gu Yi picked up the phone and checked the date.

[June 11, 2021]

As he had suspected, he had spent a year in the inner world, but in the surface world, only a month had passed.
Gu Yi's head buzzed, and after a while, he realized that the buzzing sound was the system's prompt.

“You have escaped from the [Unspeakable's Illusion]!”

“Your plot exploration level has increased!”

“Current exploration progress is 70%!”

“Your spirit has become more resilient, and your mental power limit has increased to 90/90.”

“You have gained one opportunity to communicate with reality.
Please choose the communication object after finding a public telephone booth.”

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