Chapter 88: The Secret of the Number List (1)


“Can you see me? You Bastard! This is my answer!”

Gu Yi raised his middle finger towards the sky and walked forward with a cold smile.

It seemed that the host was determined to force him to surrender.

No wonder those enemies came out of nowhere; it must have been the host using his power to give them hints, exposing Gu Yi's location.

However, this also exposed the host's own weakness.

The host's power was undoubtedly at a demigod level.
He possessed the ability of prophecy, and his prophetic abilities far surpassed Gu Yi's, making it impossible for Gu Yi to deduce anything about him.

Furthermore, the host had the ability of spatial teleportation, giving him the strength to sneak up on Gu Yi from behind and kill him with one shot without anyone noticing.

But the host had never done so.

Just like in the previous dungeon, he used rhetoric to lead Gu Yi into a trap, and he would never personally kill Gu Yi.

This indicated that both the host and the director needed to abide by the basic rules of “The Weird World.” If the host wanted to threaten Gu Yi, he could only secretly increase the difficulty of the dungeon.

Clearly, Gu Yi's sister couldn't possibly be that powerful, and Cat and Rat couldn't have so many thugs.
It was all the host's doing behind the scenes.

—The more difficult the dungeon, the more it proved that the host was feeling guilty!

Gu Yi's phone rang again, and he opened it to see that his sister's diary entry from May 15th had been unlocked.

[May 15th, 2021, Light Rain]

[My head hurts terribly, and strange spots have appeared on my body.]

[I want Mom to take me to the hospital, but she disagrees, saying that I'll be fine after a good nap.]

[I took an afternoon nap.]

[I found that there were several potted plants in my bedroom.
They look very cute, and their flowers resemble stars in the sky.]

[I said to the potted plants, “I really want a bottle of almond water, the one that my brother often buys for me.”]

[Surprisingly, the potted plants really put the bottle of almond water by my bedside.]

[I said to the potted plants, “Can you make my headache go away?”]

[The potted plants said, “Yes, but you have to pay a price.”]

[I didn't understand what the price was.]

[The potted plants said, “You just need to go to sleep.”]

[I said, “Really? Just by sleeping?”]

[The potted plants said, “Yes, lie down and go to sleep.”]

[I was very happy, so I lay down on my bed and continued to sleep.
I felt that tomorrow I would be free from the pain of headaches.]

This diary entry is quite shocking.
From this day on, I's sister completely mastered the Weird power and became the Unspeakable in this world.
Her ability is to create something out of nothing, similar to a wish, but the price is falling into eternal slumber.

“Could it be…”

Gu Yi touched his nose, coming up with another possibility.

In fact, the ones who truly awakened his sister's power were not the circus but Cat and Rat couple.
They achieved this by abusing his sister, gradually awakening her power.

His own parents betrayed his sister by giving her to Cat and Rat couple while deceiving him into believing that his sister was already dead.

After Cat and Rat couple adopted his sister, they told her that her brother had already died, which further stimulated her.

'Bathing her in icy water and then in hot water,' wasn't abuse, but a way to train his sister's willpower.


The clown in the circus planted the seed, while Cat and Rat couple watered the tree.

“Based on the current clues I have, this is the most reasonable explanation.”

Gu Yi frowned, pinching the bridge of his nose, but he still felt that some doubts hadn't been explained adequately.

Was it really just a coincidence that our mother fell ill?

Why did “I's” parents sell his sister to Cat and Mouse couple?

Was it all just for money?

Why did his sister use her weird power to trap “I” in the island town?

[1 day, 23 hours, 07 minutes]

Gu Yi had only two days left.

In the real world.

Gu Yi's speech spread throughout the entire Dragon country, and his inspiring words motivated all the people of the country.

After the Weird world came, people were in dire straits.

No one wanted to be peacefully sleeping at home, only to be bitten to death by evil spirits.

The mastermind behind “The Weird World” was known as the director, but many also called him a god.

In the real world, there were even fanatical followers who believed in the director.
They sought out weird creatures in the real world and willingly became food for these creatures.
When adventurers returned to the real world, these fanatics would even plot to assassinate them.

When the news about Gu Yi investigating human trafficking cases spread, the entire nation responded actively.
People reported all the clues they knew to the nearest police station.

However, the police force was overwhelmed with such a massive amount of information.
Most of the clues were of no value, and only less than ten percent were genuinely worth considering.

In the Imperial Capital Police Department, all the detectives worked overtime.

They pulled out all the unsolved cases of missing women and children from the past two years and began to concentrate on handling them.

The Chief of the Police Bureau, Hu Chang, was working diligently at his desk when someone knocked on his office door.

“Who's there?”

“It's Qu Kangping.”

Upon hearing this, Hu Chang immediately stood up from his desk.

Qu Kangping, a legendary figure in the Dragon Country.

He had successfully cleared three dungeons in the Weird world, and one of those times, he even achieved a perfect clearance.
Due to severe mental damage that could not be healed, he chose to retire from being an adventurer and now serves as the leader of the Dragon Country's Strategy Team.

“Team Leader Qu, hello.”

“Have a seat.”

Hu Chang extended his hand to greet Qu Kangping.

However, Qu Kangping didn't respond and just sat down on a chair, “We can skip the useless formalities.
I'm here to ask about your progress.”

Hu Chang awkwardly withdrew his hand.

“We still have no leads at the moment.”

“Didn't I give you those numbers?”

“Team Leader Qu, those numbers are utterly useless.” Hu Chang shook his head, “They're all disconnected, and the only two numbers we managed to trace have no connection to our investigation targets.”

Qu Kangping closed his eyes and remained silent.

Hu Chang took a step forward, “Team Leader, is there an issue with the information provided by Gu Yi?”

“No, I believe in Gu Yi's judgment.
These phone numbers must have some significance.
We just don't know how to use them at the moment.”

“Could it be a code?”

“We've considered that possibility, but what could be the decryption key for the code? Do you know?”


Hu Chang was at a loss for words.

Qu Kangping sighed and shook his head, “Our Strategy Team has some free time recently.
Let's collaborate on the investigation.
There's been another weird creature named Bookworm that escaped from the Lighthouse Country.
They feed on documents, and currently, your police department has the most important files.
Without our protection, it would be challenging for you to handle them.”

“Thank you for your assistance.”


Qu Kangping nodded, turned around, and left.
Suddenly, he stood at the door, his palm hovering over the doorknob, motionless.

“What's wrong, Director Qu?”

“Did you hear anything strange?”

it seems to be….
the sound of small insects?”

“It's Bookworms!”

Qu Kangping exclaimed, kicked open the office door, and rushed out.

Hu Chang's mouth twitched slightly, “Team Leader if the door is damaged, will you reimburse us?”

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