Eyla and Ether visited my chambers early in the morning.
They had me enter the carriage alongside them.
As soon as I entered, a foreboding feeling swept through me; that I would soon regret my decision.

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Eyla and Ether visited my chambers early in the morning.
They had me enter the carriage alongside them.
As soon as I entered, a foreboding feeling swept through me; that I would soon regret my decision.

“Greetings, your Royal Highness.”

As expected, I regretted it deeply.

Kaylan bowed down, presenting impeccable manners.
Detheus approached him with a large smile.

“There isn’t a need to be so polite, between us.”

Between us?

Eyla and Ether exchanged glances.

Kaylan, were you out committing dirty deeds without our knowledge?

“I didn’t know that Your Highness cherished insignificant encounters held at common banquets, enough to say that we were close.”

Kaylan drew the line so that Ether and Eyla wouldn’t receive *the wrong end of the stick.

*TL/N: The wrong end of the stick in this context refers to an incorrect understanding of something.

“It depends on the person.
Wouldn’t others go as far as to pretend to be acquainted with a Cartina the moment they know of their presence?”

Detheus continuously poured his barbaric remarks.

“These are my siblings.”

Eyla, Ether, and I bobbed our knees as we introduced ourselves one after the other.
Detheus’s gaze naturally turned to the side, before sharply halting towards me.
His eyes narrowed.
They seemed to be conveying.

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He fell in love with me at first sight.

Oh, I’m screwed.

There’s something I need to point out here.
I’m not a *princess disease.
He’s just a quickie.
Detheus’s gaze remained on the beauty mark positioned near my eye.
If this were Korea, I would have headed straight to the dermatologist and made sure to remove this mole right here.

*TL/N: ‘공주 stands for princess, and 병 refers to disease.
‘공주병’ therefore refers to princess disease.
This slang expression is often used on girls/women who act as if she is as precious and pretty as a princess and often expect to be treated as one.
One with a ‘공주병’ complex are usually proud, arrogant and snobbish as they think of themselves as being special.’ – Source, lexisseoul


“This is Estiya of Cartina.”

I replied with such insensitivity that Detheus couldn’t find the time to feel offended.
I didn’t even want to tell him my name.
I very much detested Detheus.
It was described how harshly he treated women in the novel.
If Kaylan had told me in advance that we were going to meet Detheus, I wouldn’t have come here under the excuse of passing out.

“I can’t believe there existed such beauty amidst Cartina.
The young lady is very beautiful.”

Detheus advanced a step closer to me.
And snatched my hand.
The eyes of the Cartina’s, including Kaylan’s, widened considerably.
He lowered his upper body and proceeded to kiss the back of my hand.
The crown prince’s greeting that no one had expected.

It gave me goosebumps, to even imagine the plump lips of Detheus would succeed in touching my body.
I hated it.
When my mind occupied the horrifying thought, I moved reflexively.
I removed a tiny piece of diamond from the brooch inserted to secure the ribbon around my waist.
Then I flicked my finger.


Detheus stood up, shrieking.
He covered his face and stumbled backward.

“Your Royal Highness!”

Knights and servants approached at once as they observed his sudden state.
His right cheek presented a small-scaled puncture.
There was no blood, nevertheless, it was a wound that would cause one to feel a lingering, painful sensation.

So, who are you placing your hands on without permission?

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If he weren’t the Crown Prince, I would have already broken his wrist.
What a shame.

“It’s alright, I’m all right now.

“But Your Highness the Crown Prince…”

“That’s enough! It’s merely a bug bite.”

He wailed.

“There must be countless bees in the Imperial palace garden.”

I empowered Detheus’s remarks; not forgetting to present my worried expression.
The diamond piece had already been mixed amidst the grass and wouldn’t be found.
In addition to the fact, no one had seen it.
No one would think I attacked the Crown Prince; there would be no doubt.

I changed my expression and spoke kindly to Detheus.

“Your Highness, if you’re not feeling well, why don’t you head in and rest?”

“No, I’ve been making a large deal out of a bug bite.
There is no need for that.”

Detheus spoke rather calmly.

“Your Royal Highness, shall we call for a physician?”

The servants persistently attended for Detheus.

Detheus turned his gaze towards them.

“Didn’t I ask you all to step aside?”

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Even if he hadn’t ground his teeth, I could hear a sound akin to it somewhere near.
The servants and knights immediately fell from his side after.

“I’ve kept the ladies standing for so long.”

Detheus pretended to feel apologetic for everyone and only moved my chair.
While doing so, he leisurely swept my body up and down, as if appreciating a fine piece of art.

Is he crazy right now? Should I dispose of his eyesight to get his act together?

I fiddled with the poison bottle between my arms.

Ah, I can’t do that.
Because he’ll die the moment he consumes the liquid.
I couldn’t kill the Crown Prince in the Imperial Palace.

Detheus continued seeking to start a conversation with me.
From the look in his eyes, it was clear he fell in love with me.
Kaylan and Eyla let out a sigh.

Didn’t they anticipate it would turn out this way?

“It feels pleasing to have tea here with you.”

“Is that so.”

Kaylan’s reply somehow felt bitter.
I glanced at Kaylan.
It was still unknown to me why he, Ether, and Eyla brought me here.

Were Kaylan and Detheus originally close?

Detheus was gazing at me so blatantly that an ant passing by would be able to distinguish his rude behavior.
I wanted to dig out those eyes.
Unfortunately, I had to endure my feelings and raging emotions towards him.

Ugh, my hook is crying in my pocket, sob. (Note: It was too confusing for me to find out, sorry ):)

“Lady Estiya hasn’t touched any refreshments.
Do they not suit your taste?”

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Detheus turned to me altogether after his failed attempt of playing along with Kaylan’s rhythm.
The Crown Prince seemed as if he were ready to eat me with his ferocious gaze, his lips wet.
He’s out of his mind.

It was broad daylight and there were several people present from the Cartina family, so I wouldn’t be touched, but I lost my appetite when observing the crown prince’s head listing all kinds of things he wishes to do to me.

“It is nothing like that, Your Royal Highness.”

I quickly lifted the teacup, not holding the will to speak any longer.
The fragrant smell was delectable.

You use the finest tea leaves, just to be expected in the Imperial Palace.

Detheus’s gaze touched my lips.
He licked his lips as he set for his delusions.

Goosebumps sprang over my body.
I deliberately didn’t glance Detheus’s way.
I just hoped and prayed that this time would pass quickly.

It was then.

“Estiya, if you were visiting the Imperial Palace, you should have let me know in advance.
I would have sent a carriage.”

A cool, mellow tone penetrated my ears.
Someone called for me in a tender but cold voice.
I turned my head.
There existed a pleasant face.


Why is he here now? That too…

“*Oppa! Was there a guest?”

*TL/N: Oppa in Korean simply means brother.
I figured having the ‘younger princess’ calling her older brother ‘oppa’ would suit more!

With the Princess?

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