Chapter 1.
I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Villain Family

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In a flash, misfortune came. 

I, a 25-year-old flower, suddenly passed away and reincarnated. 

Death and birth were inseparable; however, I never thought I’d be reincarnated as soon as I died. 

I wonder how I passed away.
My life has always been rock bottom, but there was a fine line between good and bad.
Whatever, I’ll just move on.

What’s important is where I am now, and what kind of life I will strive to live from now on.

I was satisfied with the fact that I was reincarnated with memories of my previous life.

While I was struggling just trying to figure out how to make my useless legs work, I was treated as a precious toddler in my house.

A kind mom and dad, a big brother who had always been delighted to see me, and a twin sister who’d embrace me every day.

I was treated as a treasure in my house to the point where my legs were deemed useless. 

Kugh, I had been reincarnated to my own doom. 

I was happy.
I thought I was born with a golden spoon.

However, despair arrived far too quickly for me.

It was my 7th birthday. 

“It’s time for our Estiya to take classes.” 

I was excited. 

As I have seen in novels, it was a given I had to take nursery classes as a noble.

Elegantly drinking tea, arranging flowers, embroidery, dancing … However, everything was out of my expectations, and my predictions were completely wrong.
On the day of my birthday, I distinguished a collection of presents that had been prepared for me. 

“D-D-Dad, what is this?” 

The unoccupied warehouse was filled with gifts. 

Because of the light that penetrated through the small window, the jewels embedded on the gifts glistened and gleamed miraculously. 

One of them looked so expensive and colorful that I had to cover my eyes with the back of my hands.

However, these gifts weren’t appropriate to present a young aristocratic lady. 

Daggers, lengthy swords that weren’t covered with sheaths, a flail with sharp spikes, a small spear and short sword that was more than twice my height.
In addition to overly sized bows that were similar to the ones you would see in a fantasy game, what is it with that thorny iron ball?

The warehouse was full of dangerous weapons.
I blinked my eyes. 

“Oh my God, is there anything more adorable than Estiya’s stammering? Take a close look at this sword, Estiya.
These were weapons used by Count Kiskaya, one of the legendary figures from the Three Great Dynasties.
They smeared thousands of people’s blood.
Legend has come to say …” 

Her father’s explanation of the weapons was endless.

“Well, so, all these weapons gathered here are legendary?”

Furthermore, these weapons also slaughtered thousands of people.

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“Yes, Estiya.
What do you say? Isn’t it great?”

I couldn’t find the answer I wanted and thus was left completely speechless.

As an ordinary aristocrat who was only seven years old, I needed an explanation as to why you were giving such a gift to myself. 

I like to smash grass with rock while outside and throw pebbles. 

“You know what, honey? Estiya is more interested in conducting poison.
I’ve observed her studying poisonous plants.” 

No, Mom. 

That’s not it! I was playing house! 

“Oh, my … is it like that, Estiya? It seems this father didn’t know anything about our Estiya.
Then, I’ll construct a lab for poisonous plants right away.
The class is all about your effort and when you feel like it.
Isn’t that great?” 

Isn’t that great, isn’t that great, isn’t that great …

My father’s question, like an echo, striked my ears. 

“And this arsenal is also yours.
So whenever you feel like it, try it out.
If you need a practice partner …” 

My father’s eyes gleamed. 

“Just ask.” 

I realized that I should never ask. 

I wasn’t reincarnated to live free, I was possessed by an evil spirit.

I was the youngest member of the villain family, who couldn’t even find or feel any hope.

My family, Cartina, was a villainous one that contained no room for salvation.

Cartina (excluding me) didn’t perform small bad things in the social world, such as stealing drinks, accessories and treasury from nobles.

They commit crimes such as capturing people, torturing them until it becomes boring, then sell them to human traffickers …

They were like kings of the back alley. 

Like a mafia? No, a Triad in Hong Kong*? Anyway, They were terrible. 

*TL/N: The Hong Kong triad is distinct from mainland Chinese criminal organizations.
In ancient China, the triad was one of three major secret societies.

I’ve read the novel, and the writer’s objective was horrible! Since we were the villains, our relationship with the main character was also trash. 

Killing his parents, selling his sister as a slave to the human traffickers, destroying the family that helped the male lead, leading the women whom the male lead loved …

I’ll skip that part.

Revealing that this novel is a rated-19, hardcore novel from the male lead’s point of view, our family’s atrocities are to be left to your imagination. 

“Estiya, this is a creature I just caught.
Do you want it?”

“Estiya, this sister stole a book on how to make poison from the back alley that’s 100 years old.
It’s a gift.” 

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“It probably takes a long time to get to class.
Estiya, should I buy you some slaves from the Western Empire?” 

However, although they were psychopaths, the members of the villain family adored me.

Estiya, Estiya, Estiya … to the point where I started hearing voices during my sleep.
Their love for the youngest daughter was special. 

So naturally, I grew up in the residence as their youngest daughter, Estiya Cartina.

I lived as a Cartina for 17 years.

In that time period, I learned various skills that evil characters managed to pull off, such as swordsmanship, physical arts, bomb manufacturing, poisoned arrow shooting, archery, and mental endurance. 

“Our Estiya, I heard you failed the poison manufacturing promotion test.” 

“She can’t do it.
Should I steal the test papers?”

“You don’t have to.
I’ll have the test tube ready, Estiya.
Don’t worry.”

I smiled awkwardly, observing my brother and sisters who said they would do anything for me. 

The Cartina family had a thorough education curriculum. 

Only after I succeed in simple tasks could I be recognized as a Cartina.

The basics were to obtain 2nd grade in various subjects.
However, I’d been situated in the third grade for years.
My family’s worries were only increasing, but I didn’t care.

That was because I had been deliberately maintaining my third grade place.
In fact, Cartina presented red badges to those who show outstanding talent after completing the first grade if they decide to do so, and I don’t want that.

“Estiya, don’t worry.
You have your older sister.
You don’t even have to deal with the bad guys.” 

Eyla stroked my hair, assuming my awkward expression was a concern for the future.

Sister, we’re the bad guys. 

“I’m here too, Estiya.
Your brother will protect you.” 

Kaylan spoke with confidence and patted my shoulder.
My brother and sisters seemed to affirm that I was going to die without them.

Oh my god.
I’m sorry.
However, I just kept my mouth shut since my ability needed to be kept secret.
They’ll grow along with these seeds of misunderstanding and move on.
I’d still be a ‘delicate and weak Estiya’ in their eyes. 

“Pfft, brother? Not long ago, didn’t you fail to assassinate the eldest son of Belott?”

Among the twin sisters, the short-haired Ether opened her mouth. 

I held my breath.
My hand shook a bit, causing the liquid in my teacup to flutter. 

Do not be agitated. 

“What? Fuhaha.
You mean, Belott, who became a knight just a while ago? You couldn’t handle a single knight like that?” 

Eyla, with her long hair curled, laughed at Kaylan. 

The atmosphere became ugly.
Kaylan frowned as his pride had been scarred.

“He hired a great mercenary.
I’ve done everything I could, yet he blocked all my attacks.
He got an unusual talent, and it’s not easy.
The smoke bomb was successfully removed in a superior way.
I’m determined to catch that mercenary.” 

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Kaylan spoke with a grim face. 

I was so startled that I spit out the tea in my mouth.

“Oh, what’s wrong, Estiya?” 

My sisters looked at me anxiously.

“Th-Th-That man, Belott.
Is he a bad person, brother? Enough to kill?” 

I changed the subject in a hurry. 

“Of course not.
He just caught the deer I was attempting to capture.”

Oh …

The reason for killing a person was so clear and straightforward; I was speechless.

“I’ll take care of that Bellot.
I’ll pay a visit to his residence tonight.
Then, I’ll approach him in his sleep and slice his throat at once!”

“Hey, Ether!” 

Sister Eyla exclaimed. 

As expected, sister Eyla is the normal one here. 

I really wished for Eyla to stop Kaylan and Ether.

“Our Estiya’s listening.” 

Eyla covered my ears. 

After she had placed her hands over my ears, they proceeded, whispering above my head.

“In my room, there’s a drug that makes one feel pain.”


I heaved a great sigh and sat down. 

I don’t think I will be able to sleep early tonight. 

I have to hurry and rescue Belott before my siblings could perform their evil.

I’ll have to at least reduce the amount of pain from my siblings’ torment.

“I’ll have to deal with Belott and find out about the mercenary.” 

“The mercenary? Brother, there’s no need for that, is there? How could he block your attacks? It must have been a coincidence.”

I asked Eyla to remove her hands as I attempted to convince Kaylan to stop.

“No, it’s not normal.
I’m going to find out which organization he’s from.”

His eyes shone with determination.

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I swallowed my saliva. 

I lowered my head and stared at my reflection on the tea cup.
You should never be caught. 

Don’t let them know that the mercenary who served Belott was, in fact, Estiya.

I might not be able to deal with all my siblings at once if they ever attacked.

In fact, since I was 7 years old, I discovered I possessed such a talent.
I couldn’t understand why I was overly talented in mastering such dreadful techniques.

Maybe it was because I knew I was living inside a novel? 

From my point of view, it came naturally, but for the original owner, it was due to her hard work. 

In the novel, although Estiya does not show her abilities to the male protagonist, she dies in his hands … Her abilities were outstanding, despite her identity as a villain.

However, in a romance fantasy novel, the main focus wouldn’t be on the abilities of a villain.

Estiya was able to subdue knights with her bare hands, and a whole unit with only one sword.

She was one of the most influential successors of the Cartina family. 

However, I pretended that I was not talented all this time.
I pretended that I was weak.

This was because Cartina didn’t care about age or gender.
If I was recognized, I’d be immediately sent on missions.

I pretended to be tender-hearted, have no talent for bullying others, despise blood and perceive the world purely. 

It succeeded. 

Then, one day, I thought I could stop the Cartina family from the countless incidents they had been causing.

On my first attempt, I collapsed as I witnessed the scene where my siblings were abusing an innocent.

So my sisters and brother freed the victim.

I was proud.
I kept mother and father from committing multiple crimes, including my older brother and sisters.
There were already about fifty people I’ve deceitfully rescued. 

Ah, I’m going to heaven.

However, if I keep such a long tail, I’ll eventually get caught. 

I could imagine what would happen if I confessed that I had stopped my siblings from doing these things. 

What if they would become vex and pounce at me? 

I didn’t want my sisters and brother to be wounded, although it was wrong to go out and commit these crimes.

For the 17 years in this life, they have poured out their love and nourished me.

It was too bad, but I’ll have to protect Belott and try to keep the situation under control for the time being. 

Kaylan said he would catch me.
If my tail is long enough, everything would be revealed.

However, my decision completely became a waste, because of the male lead.

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