Chapter 10 – Part 1

Rizbeth was more concerned about Eden’s sleep than anything else.

“… Are you here alone in the middle of the night?”

“You can’t bring anyone else here.”

One of Elysia’s eyebrows lifted upward as if wondering why he would ask.

Despite the change in Elysia’s expression, Rizbeth still seemed to have a lot to say.

“If you want to say something, say it.”

With Elysia’s permission, Rizbeth did not delay and immediately asked.

“It is dangerous to go alone when the sun is setting.
Aren’t you still too young?”

“Even if it’s gloomy, I must visit here.”

It was dangerous, and there was nothing to do about it.

As Rizbeth insisted, Elysia was still young.

Considering her age, he was worried that the road at night was dangerous, but it was nothing to worry about.

A deceived adult, Elysia was not so young as to fear the darkness around her house.

Of course, it was surprising to be worried over by an unexpected person.

“Most young ladies always take their escorts into dark places, even within the mansion.”

“I don’t have an escort.”

I never thought it was necessary.

Elysia shrugged her shoulders with a playful gesture and answered.

The Duke of Valtine did not assign an escort to Elysia and Ariel.

Since he was the Duke of Valtine, he raised his children almost unattended, he may not have realized that his daughters should have an escort.

It had been a long time since Elysia stopped expecting that the Duke of Valtine would take care of her and Ariel’s well-being.

In particular, the Duke of Valtine mistreated Ariel, who was prone to accidents and skipped her classes, as if she was not his own blood.

Elysia was assigned troublesome tasks, such as giving her work when he needed her, and then he would disappear afterwards.

It had been over a week since Rizbeth had been to the mansion, and he found his answer just by looking at Elysia and Ariel without ever looking for them.

For Duke Valtine, children were also men.

‘Because they’re both daughters, they’re humans who acted indifferently.’

It was not enough that she did not inherit Isabella’s mana, and she was born as a girl within an ambiguous family.

It was close to a miracle that Elysia’s position had risen this much.

Even looking at the fact that she took a political class from last year, it seemed that Duke Valtine’s expectations for Elysia had risen even more.

‘Someone will be the heir to this family.’

Even as she listened in the class without saying a word, Elysia repeated only complicated thoughts every time.

All Elysia’s thoughts were focused on saving her own life and killing Duke Valtine as Eden will ruin her family.

Therefore, the title of the Duke of Valtine was beyond Elysia’s interest.

“In the first place, there is no need to leave the mansion, what do I need for an escort?”

Elysia, who had been measuring her position inwardly, closed her eyes and smiled while continuing.

“You are the daughter of the Duke of Valtine.
Considering your position and age, an escort must accompany you.”

Rizbeth emphasized Elysia’s position and age.

At this point, Elysia also noticed that Rizbeth was still focused on her age.


Again, this is right.

It was safe to say that there were very few people in the mansion who treated Elysia as a child.

Elysia also realized through years of experience that she would only lose money if she pretended to be stupid here.

That was why Elysia didn’t have to pretend to be a child.

Because of Elysia’s attitude, the only people who treated her as her age were the butler, Edick and the maid, Rachel.

But to hear from an unexpected person that you are still young.

Elysia widened her eyes, unable to even manage her expression.

When do you get fed up with threatening your brother?

No, is it because he has a younger brother?

So maybe he cares about a child who is older than Elysia.

Even in the end, Elysia spit out contradictory words out of anger.

Being good is also bad.

Elysia knew she had attracted Rizbeth’s attention.

Knowing this well, Elysia was willing to understand him even if she was more cruel to him.

Only if you keep your promises to me.

“Because it’s not up to me to decide what the knights want.”

“…If you ask one of us…”

“I’m done.
Open the door.”

I mean, I asked Duke Valtine because there was no one to ask.

Elysia didn’t want to be nervous about Rizbeth, who had been worried about her, and forcibly touched her brow that was about to wrinkle.

Speaking of Duke Valtine, Elysia knocked on the door as if to open it.

Only then did Rizbeth sigh as Elysia came forward and opened the door.

It was night, so it was much darker inside than during the day.
It was too dark inside, so Elysia was hesitant to step in.

Reluctantly, Elysia fumbled through the wall next to the door, looking for the switch to turn on the light.

Something caught in her hand.

Thinking it was a light switch, Elysia pressed the one in her hand.

The interior lit up with a click.

“Eden? I hope you haven’t slept yet.”

As Elysia entered, Eden jumped out of bed.
A creaking sound was heard at his feet.

When the iron sound was noticeably heard, not only Elysia but also Rizbeth hardened their faces.

Soon, Elysia pretended not to notice and spoke to Eden.

“I’ll keep the lights on.”

Elysia strode closer to Eden’s side.

“I brought you something to eat.”

She held out the fruits she had brought to the annex in front of Eden.

Eden looked down at the fruit blankly.

One of the fruits he was familiar with was in the basket.

“Do you dislike fruit?”

Elysia took a seat on the bed where Eden was sitting.
Feeling the Matrix disengage, she placed a basket on her thigh.

“You should sit down, too.”

Why do you keep standing?

When I tapped him and motioned that he sit down next to me, Eden sat on the bed instead of answering.

Rizbeth looked at the two without leaving.

“What? Aren’t you going?”

Elysia felt Rizbeth’s gaze on her and asked with a puzzled face.

Rizbeth replied harshly.

“You can’t leave a man and a woman who are still minors in the same room late at night.”


“And I want you two to refrain from sitting in bed together as much as possible.”

He was referring to nine and twelve year olds.
Even though one is an insane boy with shackles on his feet.

“He looked at me earlier and said I was still a child.”

So you are a minor.”

“… Ah.”

As Rizbeth said, they are still minors.

“It’s not even eight yet.”

“At your age, 8 o’clock is late.”

She couldn’t keep up with her thoughts, to the point of being frustrated.

Elysia let out a smirk without realizing it.
Whether she refuted him or not, Rizbeth stood firm.

Well, I don’t plan on staying too long… I’ll just watch what Eden eats and return.”

If it had been anyone else, Elysia would have ordered him to leave.

It was because she knew that Rizbeth was not acting to ignore her.

Even so, she quietly ignored the advice not to sit on the bed together with Eden.

“Do you really hate fruit? I’ll have to bring other food next time.”


When asked if he disliked fruit, Eden kept his mouth shut without answering.

Two thin lips pressed together tightly.

“I should have asked him first what he would like to eat.”

Blaming herself for not asking first without considering Eden’s eating habits, Elysia got up lightly.

Eden looked at Elysia and the fruit alternately with a bewildered face.

“I can’t.
I will come back tomorrow.”

Elysia patted Eden’s head and wondered if she was sorry for giving food he couldn’t eat to a hungry person.

He hadn’t been washed for a week already, and his white, almost-silver hair stuck out between Elysia’s fingers.

Still, she didn’t think he was dirty.


The warmth that touched his head embarrassed Eden again in a different way.

While he panicked, the warmth that was holding his head disappeared.

Are shower supplies and extra clothes provided here?”


Rizbeth answered without hesitation.

Not knowing anything else, all the conditions for Eden to live his life were met.

One of Rizbeth’s duties was to deliver the used towels or clothes to the maid.

Do you know how to wash yourself?”

When she combed the bangs that were covering his eyebrows, Eden answered ‘yes’ in a quiet voice.

“Then let’s shower and sleep well today.”

When Elysia pointed to the room that was supposed to be the bathroom, Eden moved slowly.

The heavy footsteps represented Eden’s desire to die because he didn’t want to go to the washroom.

Still, he could not disobey Elysia, who came to see him, so he did not stop walking.

Then, halfway through, he turned around and checked where Elysia was.

It was because he was concerned that Elysia might go away while he was washing.

Elysia did not know Eden’s inner feelings and smiled widely as if asking what’s the matter.

When her kind smile beamed at him, only then did Eden enter the bathroom.

Due to the shackles on Eden’s feet, the bathroom door couldn’t close fully, leaving a small gap.

“I think you’ve just become friends.”

With the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Rizbeth noted.

“I am trying to be friendly.”

Elysia answered with a playful voice.

“…Do you feel sympathy?”

Enough to try to make friends with a boy of unknown origin?

Rizbeth, who did not know Eden’s identity, asked.

To answer his question, Elysia answered in a monotone.

“Don’t you?”

You sympathize with him, too.

Eden’s situation was one that would arouse sympathy in anyone looking at it.

Elysia, who knew Eden’s situation, and Rizbeth, who wasn’t aware, each felt their stomachs pounding at the leash around Eden’s neck and the shackles on his ankles.

There were no more words between the two of them.

Only the sound of water coming from the bathroom echoed in the air.

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