Elysia thought it was still annoying even though his mind returned to normal and spoke in a sullen tone.

“If someone talks, you have to respond.”

Elysia’s expression also changed bluntly.

Thanks to this, Eden, who was mesmerized, replied urgently with a frightened face.

“Yes, yes.”

“Do you like sweets?”

Even though she knew that he would answer her, Elysia rambled and opened the candy bag.

The hand that opened the bag was full of will for Eden to gain weight in his skinny body.

Originally skinny or was it because he was starved for a week because of Duke Valtine, Eden’s body was not suitable for a growing child.

So I thought I would feel a little less guilty if I were to help him gain weight.

“Here you go.”

Elysia did not like sweet foods that much.

Even so, she always kept candy in case Ariel would come to her room to play.

The same was true for fairy tales.

The Duke Valtine’s study room was lined with countless books from the Empire.

Except for one kind, children’s story books.

Elysia filled the empty side of the study room with children’s books.
It was done in the consideration of Ariel’s emotional development.

Elysia, the one who bought the children’s book, didn’t expect that it would someday be useful here.

It would be useless if Eden was not interested in the book.

“…can I eat it?”

“I brought this for you.”

Why else would I have done this if it wasn’t for you.

“…Are you going to leave me if I eat this?”

“Huh..? W-Would you like me to go?”

As in the original, she left him alone and he struggled not to get sick.

Elysia, who had no such assumptions in her mind, asked with a shocked face.
She didn’t know his question would bother her this much.

Then, as if more surprised than before, Eden closed his eyes tightly and shook his head rapidly from side to side.

“T-that’s not it.”

He seemed sincere as he clasped his hands together neatly.

If I were to express it exaggeratedly, he seemed desperate.

“I’m afraid I’ll die if I eat it all… I’m afraid of being alone…”

Eden lowered his clasping hands and wiggled his fingers while looking directly into Elysia’s eyes.

His pronunciation was slurry and his speech was slow, but every word that Eden uttered was embedded clearly in Elysia’s ear.

“…I’ll leave when it’s time for you to sleep.”

Elysia picked up a round candy with her index finger and ate it while replying with a bitter face.

I can’t believe I left such a child unattended for a year in the original.

The child’s fear of being alone might sound like a usual childhood complaint, but for Elysia, she interpreted Eden’s fear differently.

In a situation where memories are all gone, nothing is scarier than being alone.

If Elysia was in the same situation as Eden, it was obvious that she would go crazy in less than a month, let alone a year.

When I just read it as a novel, I took it lightly because I had never thought about it from Eden’s point of view, but he was also great that he managed to endure it for a year.

“When it’s time for me to sleep…?”

His eyes, which were often lifeless, became clear and showed life again.

“Then I won’t sleep…”

That’s a bit difficult.

After hearing Eden’s pledge, Elysia’s face loosened helplessly.

His declaration was cute, but she was convinced he wouldn’t be able to endure it without sleeping.

“You have to eat and sleep well to grow well.”

‘I don’t know if that’ll be covered by sweet treats.’

Even with that thought, Elysia’s mouth began to nag, one after another, one that is not expected for her age.

Immediately, she pushed the candy still in her hand close to Eden’s lips.

Only then did he open his mouth and eat it.

One of Eden’s cheeks became full.

“Want some more?”

Without waiting for Eden’s answer, Elysia rummaged through both pockets with an excited face.

How much she had brought, Elysia took out a handful of colorful sweets from both her pockets and showed it to him

The candies squeezed between her fingers popped out because her small hands couldn’t hold it all.

“Is it delicious?”

Elysia asked, looking satisfied at Eden, who diligently rolled his tongue and ate the candy.


Eden’s pronunciation was muffled as his tongue was busy with the candy.

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you finish eating.”

Next to the book tossed on the bed, Elysia put it down as if she was pouring out the candy.

“But it’s not healthy for you to just eat snacks.
Even if you don’t want to eat, let’s eat some vegetables or fruits.”

Elysia, who thought that Eden didn’t like fruit, spoke while sneakily looking into his eyes.

Naturally, Eden and Elysia’s eyes met.

‘Why do I continuously find him looking at me?’

Elysia habitually looked at Eden and raised the corners of her mouth.

“I don’t dislike it.”

There was a sound of crunching in Eden’s mouth.
Thanks to this, his pronunciation improved a little.


As the sweetness spread through his mouth, Eden knew that he liked sweets quite a bit.

Eden didn’t know much about his tastes, apart from having general knowledge.

Nevertheless, he had no particular objection to the vegetables and fruits that Elysia spoke of.

Eden vaguely concluded that he wouldn’t hate it.

“Do you dislike fruit?”

Elysia remembered the fruit Eden didn’t eat yesterday.

If he didn’t dislike it, why didn’t he eat it.

For a moment, Elysia remembered what Eden had said earlier.

– I’m afraid I’ll die if I eat it all… I’m afraid of being alone…

So that was why he didn’t eat it yesterday.’

However, Elysia hadn’t had a clue about it and just immediately returned to her room as soon Eden entered the bathroom.

Realizing that she had acted tactlessly, Elysia soon covered her mouth with a sorry face.

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